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49th Karlovy Vary IFF 2014 together with offers you the possibility to watch films from the Official Selection - Competition and from East of the West - Films in Competition The Karlovy Vary online screening room opens on July 5. Buyers registered with Cinando can watch the films straight away. If you are a distributor or a festival programmer or another film professional, you will be asked to contact the owner of the film rights for permission.

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Fair Play / Fair Play

Official Selection - Competition
Fair Play

Directed by: Andrea Sedláčková

Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Germany, 2014, 100 min

Teenage Anna’s background may be altogether unsuitable for the communist regime, but her talent as a sprinter will help her into the state-run doping program regardless – and from there it’s on to the Olympics. Strange performance-enhancing drugs, however, are but one of the dilemmas heroes had to face in Czechoslovakia in the 1980s..


Paris of the North / París norðursins

Official Selection - Competition
Paris of the North

Directed by: Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson

celand, France, Denmark, 2014, 95 min

Told without emphasizing the dramatic conflict, the film relates the tale of a recovering alcoholic, his largely estranged father, and their incompatible cohabitation. The filmmakers were more interested in introducing a melancholy mood, which was generated, beyond the dialogue, by the story’s excellent cinematographic and musical components. A new offering from the director of the respected film Either Way..


Adventure / Priklyuchenie

Official Selection - Competition

Directed by: Nariman Turebayev

Kazakhstan, France, 2014, 78 min

This loose adaptation of Dostoyevsky’s White Nights is, in its sobriety, reminiscent more of Bresson’s Four Nights of a Dreamer than of Luchino Visconti’s film treating the same story. The contemporary tale of lonely Marat’s fascination for the complex Mariyam was shot on the streets of Almaty, while its melancholic ambience is enhanced by subtle artistic and acoustic details..


Rocks in My Pockets / Rocks in My Pockets

Official Selection - Competition
Rocks in My Pockets

Directed by: Signe Baumane

USA, Latvia, 2014, 88 min

This writer-director animated film by a Latvian director living in New York City serves up a highly personal statement of a woman struggling with an inherited illness. With humor and courage, the director sets out on a challenging journey to discover her family’s best-kept secret. Baumane is not only director, illustrator, and screenwriter, she also narrates this gutsy movie..


Corn Island / Simindis kundzuli

Official Selection - Competition
Corn Island

Directed by: George Ovashvili

Georgia, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, 2014, 100 min

Told through captivating imagery and visuals this long-awaited movie from a renowned Georgian filmmaker is an unusual psychological drama that demonstrates just how unnecessary dialogue can be for creating maximum audience effect. An old peasant and his innocent 16-year-old granddaughter sow corn on an island in the middle of the Inguri River dividing Georgia from Abkhazia. The intense bond between nature and the two individuals is disturbed, however, by the arrival of the border police..


La tirisia / La tirisia

Official Selection - Competition
La tirisia

Directed by: Jorge Pérez Solano

Mexico, 2014, 110 min

Cheba and Ángeles Miguel have become pregnant by the same man. However they decide to resolve the dilemma of unwelcome motherhood, their lives will always be marked by perpetual sorrow.... The second film by a talented director offers a suggestive tale reflecting the destinies of hundreds of Mexican village women who had to decide between their child and their partner..


Welkome Home / Welkome Home

Official Selection - Competition
Welkome Home

Directed by: Angelina Nikonova

Russia, 2014, 116 min

Former Russian model Sasha, Armenian actor and carpet salesman Babken, his cousin Hamlet, who wants to become a woman, and Russian pensioner Mari Vanna have all come to the promised land to find happiness and live the American dream. The ups and downs of their lives in modern-day New York are observed by Russian director Angelina Nikonova (Twilight Portrait) in an ironic comedy filled with intelligent humour and wonderful characters..


Patchwork Family / Du goudron et des plumes

Official Selection - Competition
Patchwork Family

Directed by: Pascal Rabaté

France, Germany, 2014, 92 min

The film’s original French title (Tar and Feathers) refers to a public punishment used in the Middle Ages and beyond: here protagonist Christian is figuratively punished for the swindles he perpetrated against his fellow citizens. An ironic morality tale that unfolds in a sleepy country town, whose rituals Pascal Rabaté captures just as faithfully as in his prior Holidays by the Sea (Best Director at KVIFF 2011)..


The Tree / Drevo

East of the West - Competition
The Tree

Directed by: Sonja Prosenc

Slovenia, 2014, 90 min

One story, three angles. In three chapters the debuting director gradually pieces together her narrative, revealing the tragic situation in which a family of three finds itself as the result of an accident. The nonlinear thread of the drama cleverly keeps the viewer in a state of tension, heightened by shots that are almost claustrophobic..


Kebab & Horoscope / Kebab & Horoscope

East of the West - Competition
Kebab & Horoscope

Directed by: Grzegorz Jaroszuk

Poland, 2014, 72 min

One day you read your horoscope in your favourite magazine The Secret World of Animals and the stars tell you to change your life and quit your job. Rather than risk the ire of higher spheres, you hand in your notice, throwing yourself into marketing instead. Increasing the marketability of carpets from a shop that hasn’t attracted a single customer, and whose eccentric staff show absolutely no appreciation for floor coverings, will be something of a challenge.....


Cherry Tobacco / Kirsitubakas

East of the West - Competition
Cherry Tobacco

Directed by: Katrin Maimik, Andres Maimik

Estonia, 2014, 93 min

By the end of vacation, 17-year-old Laura is bored off her rocker. Only an offer to spend a few days visiting a peat bog rouse her from her lethargy. At first she’s none too thrilled by the overabundance of nature, nor in like manner by Joseph, the rather roughneck leader of the adventure. The unconventional lover of pipe tobacco gradually piques Laura’s interest, and it seems like the attraction is mutual. First love can come unexpectedly and in a rather unusual form..


Norway / Norviyia

East of the West - Competition

Directed by: Yiannis Veslemes

Greece, 2014, 73 min

It’s 1984 and pleaure-seeking vampire Zano arrives in Athens. The party’s in full flow and things look promising but, as the evening wears on, Zano finds himself involved in an elaborate plot and ultimately has to make a tough decision: whether to compromise his ideals or risk his life. Using elements of steampunk in its artistic stylisation, the film could be taken as both a bizarre game or a scathing commentary on the situation in contemporary Greece..


Delight / Rozkoš

East of the West - Competition

Directed by: Jitka Rudolfová

Czech Republic, 2013, 110 min

Film editor Milena is in love with Vladimír but their shaky relationship is mainly based on texting. Although the protagonists’ daily lives have a certain flair, it’s more apt to speak of dislocated personalities that are seeking something, even if this proves to be a futile quest. This modern metropolitan drama is graced with Jana Plodková’s low-key performance..


Monument to Michael Jackson / Spomenik Majklu Džeksonu

East of the West - Competition
Monument to Michael Jackson

Directed by: Darko Lungulov

Serbia, Germany, Macedonia, Croatia, 2014, 95 min

Barber Marko decides to make a last desperate attempt to save his crumbling marriage. In order to impress his beloved wife Ljubinka, he comes up with an absurd idea for bringing his dying town back to life – his plan is to build a monument to Michael Jackson. In his bittersweet comedy, Darko Lungulov employs gentle detachment to touch on a number of social problems, thereby confirming his narrative skill and flair for creating an effective milieu..


Afterlife / Utóélet

East of the West - Competition

Directed by: Virág Zomborácz

Hungary, 2014, 90 min

After Mózes starts seeing the ghost of his authoritative, recently-deceased father, the diffident and insecure young man is forced to take matters into his own hands: he has to deal with the relationship with his father once and for all. An energetic debut from Virág Zomborácz in a refreshing blend of genres, combining humorous episodes verging on the bizarre with elements of high drama..


For Some Inexplicable Reason / VAN valami furcsa és megmagyarázhatatlan

East of the West - Competition
For Some Inexplicable Reason

Directed by: Gábor Reisz

Hungary, 2014, 96 min

Áron is pushing 30, he’s just finished university, his girlfriend has broken up with him, and his parents won’t stop meddling in his life. After a wild night celebrating his birthday, he wakes up in possession of a one way ticket to Lisbon – and decides to accept the challenge and head out into the unknown.… In his humorous indie film, debut director Gábor Reisz stands somewhat aloof as he explores the protagonist’s search for himself and his place in life..


Barbarians / Varvari

East of the West - Competition

Directed by: Ivan Ikić

Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, 2014, 87 min

Teenager Luka lives in the small Serbian town of Mladenovac with a mother who can’t handle him anymore, and his life is one scrape after another. He and his mate Flash lead the local football fans and spend most of their spare time rooting for their team and drinking beer. Through the destiny of one individual, Ivan Ikić presents a laconic, highly authentic account of the young Serbian generation who, in his words, are “growing up in a society of lost values, where corruption, immorality, crime and abuse of power only prosper.”.

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