Industry Events

The Film Industry Days are 3-6 July, 2016.

All events are in English unless stated otherwise.


Frank Daniel Day: Frank Daniel Analysis

Sunday 3 July, 10 am, Cinema C, Hotel Thermal

KVIFF will honor the widely respected screenwriter, producer, director and outstanding film teacher of Czech origin František (Frank) Daniel with an art workshop where his teaching methods will be presented by analyzing the film Some Like It Hot. Introduced by: Ted Braun (director, screenwriter, teacher and a pupil of Frank Daniel)

Frank Daniel was the producer of the Oscar-winning The Shop on Main Street (1965), dean of FAMU, the first dean of the American Film Institute in L.A. (his student David Lynch calls him his mentor and the best teacher in history), first artistic director of the Sundance Institute, and a personal consultant to David Rockefeller.

The workshop will be followed by the screening of This Year in September with an introductory talk with Martin Daniel, Michal Daniel, Ivan Passer, Veronika Bednářová.

Film Education - why a necessity in Europe? State-of-play and perspectives.

Sunday 3 July, 3:30–5:30 pm, Industry Pool, Hotel Thermal CZ/EN

An open panel on current and future Film Education approaches in Europe. Less than half of educators use audiovisual works in schools, although they acknowledge that it stimulates creativity and critical thinking. Is there a political and economic necessity for a coherent European Film Education policy? What are the challenges associated with forming the audience of tomorrow at the European level? Organised by the LUX Film Prize and Creative Europe Desk CZ – MEDIA, in partnership with Europa Distribution and KVIFF.

These and other topics would be discussed by Michaela Sojdrova, Vice-Chair of the Committee on Culture and Education of the European Parliament and Julie Ward, Member of the Committee on Culture and Education, Mark Reid, British Film Institute, Claus Hjorth, Working group on education in EFADs, Dag Asbjornsen, European Commission, Nuria Fernandez from the University of Barcelona, and representatives of Europa Cinemas and Europa Distribution.

In conversation with Ted Hope: On-demand Platforms and Distribution of Independent Art House Film

Sunday 3 July, 6–7:30 pm, La Belle Epoque, Grandhotel Pupp

KVIFF is excited to welcome back Ted Hope, a renowned producer of independent films who is now representing Amazon Studios as Head of Motion Picture Production. Amazon has vigorously entered the film market with a new strategy for film production and distribution through its VoD platform, while at the same time focusing on theatrical releases of independent art house films. Ted Hope will explain his fresh vision for film in the years to come.

LUX Film Prize Unveils the Top 10 Films

Sunday 3 July, 7:30-8:30 pm, Grandhotel Pupp, Malá dvorana

In the framework of Karlovy Vary IFF and the LUX 10th anniversary, the European Parliament will unveil the 10 films of the 2016 Official Selection, which have been nominated for the 2016 LUX Film Prize. On this occasion, the Audience Mention from the last edition will be announced. Out of the 10 films of the Official Selection, 3 will be subtitled into 24 official EU languages and travel across Europe during the LUX Film Days. The unveiling ceremony is organised by the LUX Film Prize in partnership with KVIFF. Invitation only, more information at


AB…D? Where is Cinema in todays’ European Education and how to develop the Millennials' taste for the Silver Screen

Monday 4 July, 10 am–12 pm, Barrandov Studio’s Villa

This open panel, organised by Europa Distribution in partnership with Lux Film Prize and KVIFF, will be entirely devoted to exploring this theme with distributors and experts from the field: What is the general framework for Film Education in Europe today? What is happening in other countries and what best practices might be “exported”? Is there a possibility for a European model?

Panelists: Linda Arbanova (Aerosol, CZ), Claus Hjorth (With the School in the Cinema, DK), Michael Jahn (SchulKinoWoche, DE), Federico Spoletti (Fred@School, UK), Mark Higham (Film Literacy Europe, UK) and Matteo Solaro (Head of sector, TV, Audience and Innovation, EACEA, EU). The panel will be moderated by Michael Gubbins (SampoMedia, UK) and a keynote speech will be given by member of European Parliament Bogdan Wenta, while the Coordinator of the LUX Film Prize Doris Pack will give the final summary note.

Inside the Czech Republic’s Production Benefits: Why Facilities, Locations, Incentives & Skills Make for an Unmatchable Combination

Monday 4 July, 11 am–12 pm, Industry Pool, Hotel Thermal

This panel discussion, moderated by Variety’s Managing Editor of Features, Peter Caranicas, introduces the many resources and incentives available to producers in the Czech Republic as they decide where to shoot their next project. Representatives from Hollywood studios as well as diverse film professions (such as location managers, cinematographers, production designers and technical crew) will discuss the opportunities that local talent can provide in light of new incentives. In partnership with: Variety, Sponsored by: Barrandov Studio

Panelists: Rick Smotkin, Senior Vice President, COMCAST; Ludmila Claussová, Czech Film Commission; Lubomír Konečný, Head of Co-production and Development, Barrandov Studio; Sean Ellis, film director, producer of Anthropoid; Jindřich Kočí, production design; Jaromír Šedina, cinematographer

Works in Progress @KVIFF and Eurimages Lab Project Award @KVIFF

Monday 4 July, 1:30–5 pm, Congress Hall, Hotel Thermal

A presentation of eight selected films from Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Turkey and the former Soviet Union that are currently in post-production and will have their official premiere after the KVIFF. The films lack International Sales. The best project will receive an award of EUR 100,000. Works in Progress 2016

We will also show another eight projects from Eurimages countries that are in production or post-production, made outside the traditional filmmaking framework and involving international co-operation. The best project will receive an award of EUR 50,000. Eurimage Lab Project Award

Accelerating Filmmakers’ Vision: Introducing Training Opportunities in Europe

Monday 4 July, 5:30–7 pm, Industry Pool, Hotel Thermal

How do creators benefit from platforms which boost the development of new projects? Find out at this presentation. Matthieu Darras describes training, development, funding and distribution support opportunities offered by the TorinoFilmLab. Pavel Jech introduces MIDPOINT, which provides expert mentoring and inspired networking for writers, directors and producers. Nikolaj Nikitin presents SOFA – the School of Film Agents, a training program that helps participants develop their ideas into finalized project packages. Riina Sildos presents how EAVE increases producers’ creative, managerial and entrepreneurial capacities.


Pitch & Feedback @KVIFF

Tuesday 5 July, 10 am–1 pm, Industry Pool, Hotel Thermal

Pitch & Feedback is the annual presentation of selected Czech and Slovak film projects in development organized by Czech Film Center, Slovak Film Institute and Karlovy Vary IFF in co-operation with MIDPOINT International Script Development Program. Projects with the potential for international success will be pitched to important representatives from various areas of the international film industry. The experts will provide direct feedback and advice for each project.

More information about: Pitch & Feedback

Docu Talents @KVIFF

Tuesday 5 July, 2–4 pm, Congress Hall, Hotel Thermal

A presentation of the finest Central and Eastern European creative documentary projects in the stages of production or post-production.
Organized and curated by the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival in cooperation with the Karlovy Vary IFF, this prominent event hosts twelve carefully selected feature-length documentaries that are planned for theatrical release between August 2016 and July 2017.

More information can be found at: Docu Talents @KVIFF

An Introduction to Sundance Institute's Feature Film Program.
Case Study: Tramontane

Tuesday 5 July, 6-8 pm, Industry Pool, Hotel Thermal

Sundance Institute’s FFP International Director, Paul Federbush, will introduce FFP Lab, which has supported an extensive list of groundbreaking films and filmmakers over its 30-year history. Together with the Lebanese director Vatche Boulghourjian, whose film Tramontane recently premiered in Cannes, he will discuss the types of support Vatche received from the Sundance Institute, and the importance of investing in artists early, continuously and strategically. We recommend that you see the film before atttending our Case Study.


Barrandov Studio - Producer & Co-producer & Service Company

Thursday 7 July, 11 am – 12 pm Industry Pool, Hotel Thermal

A presentation of the new projects by Barrandov Studio introduced by Head of Co-production and Development Lubomír Konečný.

Contemporary Czech Cinema

Thursday 7 July, 1:30 pm, Industry Pool, Thermal Hotel

What is the state of contemporary Czech cinema? Is there any chance of another Czech New Wave? What kind of domestic films are the most positively received and most popular among Czech audiences? Film critic Kamil Fila will try to answer these questions by looking at various films made in recent years. His main thesis is that at no point in the past 25 years has Czech film experienced as many changes as during the past two seasons, and that we are currently witnessing an exciting transformation of local uninteresting culture into something that might show the world the Czech cinema is coming back to life. And producer´s point of view will be represent by Pavel Strnad, producer and co-founder of production company Negativ.

Frank: A Comedy Scriptwriting Analysis, MIDPOINT Masterclass

Thursday 7 July, 3:30-6:30 pm, Industry Pool, Hotel Thermal

How does a film involve the audience as an “active participant” in the storytelling process, making us imagine and get emotionally involved with possible outcomes? How are comedic and emotional effects achieved?
Martin Daniel will present his introduction to the “sequence approach” and a commented analysis of the dramaturgy in the comedy FRANK by Lenny Abrahamson.

Comedies Crossing Borders

Friday 8 July, 2:30–4:30 pm, Industry Pool, Hotel Thermal

A conversation with producer Eilon Ratzkovsky (July - August Productions) about his perspective on comic content that travels well internationally. The TorinoFilmLab Alumnus will present his experiences from producing, among others, THE BAND’S VISIT by Eran Kolirin and ZERO MOTIVATION by Talya Lavie.
The talk will be followed by the screening of one episode of the comedy TV series MILK & HONEY, co-created by TFL FrameWork 2016 participant Tom Shoval.

Respekt Madam’s guided tour of the hotel Thermal

Friday 8 July, 3–4:30 pm, meet in front of the main box office, Hotel Thermal

Are you perplexed when walking through the Hotel Thermal complex? Do you find yourself wondering about the strange combination of raw concrete and ’90s interior design? When the hotel was being planned in the 1960s, the ideas behind the project were very different from what we can see now. In the “Respekt Madam” project, the grandchildren of the Thermal’s architects are offer a guided walks where they will tell you the behind-the-scenes story of the Hotel Thermal and introduce the architects, whose promising careers came to a sudden stop after the Soviet occupation in 1968. The walk has limited capacity, please register at


10th Annual Conference of Europa Distribution @KVIFF

3-6 July,2016

The common thread of the event will be Film Education and Audience Development. On Monday 4 July an open panel, organised in partnership with the LUX Prize and KVIFF, will be entirely devoted to exploring this theme with distributors and experts from the field: What is the general framework for Film Education in Europe today? What is happening in other countries and what are the best practices that might be “exported”? Is there a possibility for a European model?

The annual conference will also be the occasion for distributors to discuss current hot topics for their sector, such as VPF & digital roll out, piracy and legal offer, cross-border access, mutualisation between distributors, Creative Europe Media schemes, case studies of films releases & more.

Europa Distribution’s members will also take part to an open talk with Amazon’s Ted Hope to discuss the digital market in the context of the new strategies coming from the USA.

TorinoFilmLab Alumni Meeting @KVIFF
"Challenges of writing comedy today"

6-9 July, 2016

TorinoFilmLab is a year-round, international lab supporting emerging talents worldwide through training, development, funding and distribution activities, with a special attention to first- and second-time feature filmmakers.

The Alumni Meeting is the annual TorinoFilmLab networking event conceived as a moment for all former participants to join together and exchange ideas and views on filmmaking, as well as on their upcoming projects. For the third consecutive year it will take place at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, on 6-9 July 2016.

This year’s topic will be “Challenges of writing comedy today”: a seemingly light-hearted genre, but one that demands a lot of hard work. The issue will be discussed on the basis of case studies brought by alumni and guest filmmakers alike.

The participants will have a chance to meet various experts from the main areas of the industry – scriptwriting, directing, production and more – so that the topic can be tackled in an effective and multidisciplinary manner. The diversity of guests guarantees a lively approach to the subject, and encourages discussions and an exchange of thoughts and experiences.


5-8 July, 2016

KVIFF is pleased to welcome on board the MIDPOINT screenwriting platform, which will be organizing an intensive programme in Karlovy Vary in cooperation with experts from the Sundance Institute.

MIDPOINT Intensive @KVIFF with Sundance Institute experts Paul Federbush (International Director, Feature Film Programme) and Gyula Gazdag (Artistic Director, Sundance Filmmakers Lab) offers unique individual script consultations for feature film projects in early development.

The workshop is aimed at experienced teams of writers and producers from Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Turkey and the countries of the former Soviet Union.

The workshop will run for four days. The opening day features a case study master class by Paul Federbush and Gyula Gazdag, followed by three days of individual consultations, two per project. For more information and an application, see:


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