Beyond Public Film Funding – Private Equity and Loans

Wednesday 5 July, 1:30–3pm / Industry Pool, Hotel Thermal

Financing a film is a complex and risky process that usually relies heavily on financial contributions from state institutions. However, with a limited pie to share, other options need attention as well. How can you involve other players in your budgeting and what special approach should you take when reaching out to banks and private equity investors? What are their expectations, what precautions do they take and how can you best deliver what they want? This panel discussion with representatives from banks, film funds and private donors will provide better insight into these questions. Hosted by Barrandov Studio.


Michel Merkt Michel Merkt is a multi awards entertainment entrepreneur and creative producer based in the Principality of Monaco with a financial background in private equity. He focuses on international feature films with independent production companies and co productions for cinema in the aim of reaching a global audience and achieving festival as well as commercial success. Furthermore Michel Merkt is a consultant for numerous festival, companies, private investors, foundations and philanthropic organizations.

Katriel Schory
Studied at the New York University Film School and returned to Israel in 1973 to join as the Head of Productions Kastel Films, based in Jerusalem, at that time the leading production company in Israel. In 1984, he formed his own company Belfilms and produced over 130 films including award winning feature films, documentaries, TV dramas and international co-productions. In 1999 he accepted the position of the executive director of the Israel Film Fund. In this position he has authorized the support to produce more than 230 new Israeli feature films. Since 1985 he lectures at the Tel Aviv University - Department of Film and Television. Katriel has worked as guest lecturer / trainer at leading training and workshop platforms, among them "Berlinale Talents", EAVE, MAIA, Torino Film Lab, Rotterdam Lab, EP2C, SOFA, MIDPOINT and others.

Jay Van Hoy - producer

Václav Štětina - Head of Corporate Sales Raiffeisenbank

Moderator: Alexander Michailidis

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