Promotion and Visibility of European Audiovisual Works

Sunday 2 July, 4:30–6pm / Industry Pool, Hotel Thermal

A look at the promotion and visibility of European audiovisual works from a European perspective. Among other things, the LUX Film Prize and the Creative Europe programme strive to improve the visibility and circulation of European films throughout Europe. How should the promotion of European films be boosted? Is the first step to create a legal framework establishing a level playing field that would help to foster cultural diversity...? The panel is organised by the LUX Film Prize of the European Parliament and Creative Europe Desk CZ – MEDIA, in partnership with the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Registration at


Helga Trupel – Vice-chair of the CULT Committee, European Parliament
Bogdan Wenta - Member of the CULT Committee, European Parliament
Peter Dinges - President of the EFADs
Christian Grece – analyst, European Audiovisual Observatory

Moderator: Doris Pack, LUX Film Prize coordinator

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