L´ amour, l´argent, l´amour

L´ amour, l´argent, l´amour

L´ amour, l´argent, l´amour
L´ amour, l´argent, l´amour
L´ amour, l´argent, l´amour

Colour, 35mm
Germany, 2000, 134 min
Section: Horizons - Awarded Films

Directed by: Philip Gröning
Script: Philip Gröning, Michael Busch
Dir. of Photography: Sophie Maintignieux, Max Jonathan Silberstein, André Bonzel
Editor: Max J. Silberstein, Vladis Oskarsdottir
Producer: Philip Gröning
Production: Philip Gröning Filmproduktion
Sales: Bavaria Film International
Contakt: Bavaria Film International
Starring: Sabine Timoteo, Florian Stetter, Michael Schech, Dierk Prawdzik, Marquardt Bohm

About the film

David and Marie meet for the first time on a cold winter night in Berlin. They’re both out on the streets – she’s a prostitute and he’s been fired from his job at a junkyard for having a broken arm. One evening David ends up at Marie’s small, messy flat. In the morning he asks her to stay with him, hoping they can run away together. Even though at first she gets rid of David, Marie thinks it over and decides to go away with him. David, Marie and her dog Kurt set out on a trip marked by cheap hotels, David’s attempts to find work, and Marie’s occasional turning tricks. The bitter winter cold contrasts with their efforts to find at least some taste of happiness and the kind of home they imagine. The world, however, seems to be against them. . . .

About the director

Philip Gröning (b. 1959, Düsseldorf) studied medicine and psychology before turning to filmmaking in 1982 when he enrolled in the Munich Academy for Film and Television. Prior to this he gained some experience in film as a technical crew member and as first assistant director under Peter Keglevic. While in school, Gröning developed a taste for screenwriting and also began working as an actor for Keglevic and Nicolas Humbert. His film credits include several industry videos, award winning short films (Stachoviak won the 1989 Silver Hugo at Chicago for Best Short Film), and the feature films Summer and The Terrorists (1993 Bronze Leopard at Locarno). L’amour, l’argent, l’amour is Gröning latest film, but another feature and a silent documentary are already in the works.

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