The Goggles

Mool Ahn Kyung

The Goggles
The Goggles
The Goggles

Colour, 35mm
Korea, 2000, 34 min
Section: New Korean Cinema

Directed by: Lee Soo Youn
Script: Lee Soo Youn
Dir. of Photography: Chi Young Taek
Music: Kim Sun Hyun
Designer: Ahn Hye Kyung
Editor: Lee Soo Youn, Kyung Min Ho
Producer: Lee Soo Youn
Sales: Indiestory Inc.
Contakt: Korean Film Commission (KOFIC)
Starring: Kim Bang Sun, Noh Mi Ran, Lee Ji Young, Jung Jin Oh, Lee Kyung Joo

About the film

A young girl named Ji Young feels that swimming is essential for life. But in order to head straight towards her goal without becoming distracted, she must overcome her fear and open her eyes under water. In this way she’ll be better able to see her first love, though her beloved will soon meet an unexpected fate.

About the director

Lee Soo Youn (b. 1970) studied at the Women’s University in Ewha, at the Korean Film Academy and at university in Chung Ang. Goggles won the Main Prize at the festival of short film in Pusan 2000. She has also made Nobody Knows What Happend in the Beginning (1995), Survival Game (1995), Refrigerator Story (1996) and La (1998).

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