Beneath Her Window

Pod njenim oknom

Colour, 35 mm
Slovenia, 2003, 90 min
Section: Out of competition

Directed by: Metod Pevec
Script: Metod Pevec
Dir. of Photography: Žiga Koritnik
Music: Aldo Kumar
Designer: Katja Šoltes
Editor: Janez Bricelj
Producer: Danijel Hočevar
Production: E-motion Film, koprodukce / co-production: RTV Slovenia
Sales: MDC International Media Distribution
Contakt: Slovenian Film Fund
Starring: Polona Juh, Marijana Brecelj, Saša Tabaković, Robert Prebil, Zlatko Šugman, Tijana Zinajič, Jožica Avbelj, Andrej Nahtigal, Primož Petkovšek

About the film

Dusha is a ballroom dance instructor who is nearing thirty. The seemingly independent young woman, motivated by the ticking of her biological clock, has been searching for a footing in life. Her inability has clearly been influenced by the absence of a father and by a mother incapable of competently advising her. Her married lover Boris can’t offer her much of anything either, as the time he has set aside for Dusha is increasingly limited. Dusha tries to drive away a growing sense of loneliness, but is unable to do so. She also becomes certain that someone is following her and is even able to enter her apartment. She catches the intruder and discovers that he, a mere boy, is like a being from another world...

About the director

Metod Pevec (b. 1958, Ljubljana) graduated in philosophy and comparative literature from the School of Art in his home town. At that time he was already known as an actor (cast several times by the renowned Žika Pavlović). As a writer he has tried radio play, screenplay, story, and novel. One of these lent itself to the creation of his feature debut as a director, Carmen (1995). He wrote as well the script for his second feature, Beneath Her Window. In addition, he shoots shorts and documentaries for Ljubljana Television.

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