Black & white, 35 mm
Latvia, Germany, 2005, 90 min
Section: East of the West - competitive
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Directed by: Fred Kelemen
Script: Fred Kelemen
Dir. of Photography: Fred Kelemen
Designer: Lasma Lagzdina
Editor: Fred Kelemen, Franka Pohl, Klaus Charbonnier
Producer: Fred Kelemen
Production: Kino Kombat Filmproduction
Contakt: Kino Kombat Filmproduction
Starring: Egons Dombrovskis, Nikolaj Korobov, Vigo Roga, Aija Dzērve

About the film

Riga, Latvia. During a late night walk, archivist Matiss Zelcs meets an unknown young woman on a bridge. In a fateful moment their eyes meet – and he passes her by. Later, the man realizes that the woman wanted to end her life by jumping into the depths below.... He calls the police but they don’t discover anything, so Matiss decides to find out who she was by himself. The unknown woman, Alina, becomes his obsession: one lead is an elegant purse left at a nearby bar, another is the drafts of a letter desperately blaming someone named Alexei. Matiss finds out that Alina left everything for her lover, everything she’d ever had in her life, including her husband and son. But this is just the beginning of a journey that the hero must undergo to find out the truth about himself. The cruelty of love, the barbs of unfulfilled desire, guilt, passion and redemption – these are the motifs which tumble together in director Fred Kelemen’s black-andwhite cinematic vision

About the director

Fred Kelemen (b. 1964, West Berlin) studied music, painting, philosophy, religion and theatre science before moving on to Berlin’s German Film and Television Academy (dffb). He worked as an assistant director at various theatres and later directed productions (e.g. an adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 at the Schauspielhaus in Hanover) before moving on to camerawork. He also teaches. Filmography: Kalyi — Age of Darkness (Kalyi — Zeit der Finsternis, 1991-93), Fate (Verhängnis, 1994; FIPRESCI Prize at the Toronto IFF, Golden Precolumbian Circle for Best Director at the Bogotá IFF, Main Prize at the Max Ophüls Festival), Frost (1997; FIPRESCI Prize at Rotterdam), Nightfall (Abendland, 1999; Grand Prix Asturias for Best Feature and the Audience Award at the Gijón IFF, FIPRESCI Prize at the festival in Thessalonica), Krišana (Fallen, 2005; FIPRESCI Prize, Best Cinematography and a Special Jury Prize for Best Director at Lecca’s EFF).

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