John Malkovich returns to Karlovy Vary

June 15, 2011, 12:00 PM

American film and theater actor, director, and producer John Malkovich, holder of the Crystal Globe for Outstanding Artistic Contribution to World Cinema from the 44th Karlovy Vary IFF, to return this year.

John Malkovich will be a guest of this year’s Karlovy Vary festival in order to present another of his creative activities, this time from outside the film world. Malkovich will demonstrate his wide-ranging artistic versatility by means of a collection of nontraditional men’s clothing that he designed for Technobohemian, to be modeled at a fashion show during the festival by top Czech actors.

“Technobohemian is a phrase I read in a yet unpublished Italian novel. I lift it with the author´s permission and I will endeavor to use it well“, says John Malkovich about the origins of the title of his collection. Malkovich admits that he always cultivated interest in fashion and I always loved it and fashion is simply another form of his self-expression. “Sometimes I draw inspiration from the cinema, sometimes I look at people on the street. There is a strong correlation between the job of the designer and the actor who takes on different roles each time transforming itself. I like to experience the transformation even in the clothes we design, every transformation is basically a confirmation that we are constantly being born”, adds Malkovich.
“In the creation of my collections I am inspired by the appearance of a bohemian of the new millennium. I thought it was necessary to update the figure of the bohemian but not in the traditional way, it was necessary to make it a cosmopolitan present and fully engaged in the technological world we live in today.”, says Malkovich, whose collection is already being sold by boutiques in Holland, Italy, Germany, USA and China.

John Malkovich is among the most expressive acting personalities working today. He solidly launched his film career with his very first role, earning a 1984 Academy Award nomination as blind Mr. Will in the drama Places in the Heart (dir. R. Benton). He then gained international popularity with his powerful portrayal of the scheming Vicomte Valmont in the adaptation of Choderlos de Laclos’s Dangerous Liaisons (dir. Stephen Frears). His filmography continued to shine via work with other eminent directors: with Bernardo Bertolucci on the drama Sheltering Sky, Woody Allen on the comic mystery Shadows and Fog, the Coen brothers on the black comedy Burn after Reading, and Gary Sinise, his acting partner and director, on an adaptation of the novel Of Mice and Men. He also appeared as Clint Eastwood’s nemesis in the crime drama In the Line of Fire (dir. Wolgang Petersen), for which he received his second Oscar nomination. Perhaps screenwriter Charlie Kaufman and director Spike Jonze put the person of John Malkovich to his most original use in the comedy Being John Malkovich, in which the actor, of course, plays himself.

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