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  • 222 30/6 12:30 Small Hall
    4P5 2/7 19:00 Pupp Cinema
    939 7/7 22:00 Congress Hall
    Damsel Damsel
    Directed by: David Zellner, Nathan Zellner
    USA, 2018, 112min.
    Section: Horizons

    No one in this Western gets a fair shake. Young Samuel wanders the prairie in search of happiness and his beloved girl. But the American West isn’t for everyone, especially if you don’t know who it is you want to be. Someone ends up being the hero, someone the villain. But everyone just adores a damsel in distress.

  • 1L7 29/6 22:30 Lazne III Cinema
    4N2 2/7 13:00 Národní dům Cinema
    8P5 6/7 19:00 Pupp Cinema
    Daughter of Mine Figlia mia
    Directed by: Laura Bispuri
    Italy / Germany / Switzerland, 2018, 100min.
    Section: Horizons

    Vittoria’s world turns upside down when she finds out that her mother isn’t loving Tina but a debt-ridden lush named Angelica. How will the three of them come to terms with the situation? An Italian melodrama that asks a fundamental question: Is maternity determined by biological or cultural bonds?

  • 2C4 30/6 15:30 Čas Cinema
    4K6 2/7 20:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    655 4/7 20:00 Cinema B
    Dear Son Weldi
    Directed by: Mohamed Ben Attia
    Tunisia / Belgium / France / Qatar, 2018, 100min.
    Section: Horizons

    An elderly couple’s central focus in life is their son Sami, who is studying for his high school finals. Sami often suffers from migraines and depression, something his father takes especially hard. But one day Sami disappears… A story of parental love and the thin line between care and dependence.

  • 3K6 1/7 20:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    6H3 4/7 16:30 Husovka Theatre
    7H4 5/7 19:30 Husovka Theatre
    This film will be screened with films: Speed of Light, Fair Sisters, Mask of Sarnath, Leonardo, Jr., Invasion of the Aluminum People
    Death of a Rock Star Death of a Rock Star
    Directed by: Tom Huckabee, Will Van Overbeek
    USA, 1981, 12min.
    Section: Made in Texas: Tribute to Austin Film Society

    Death of a Rock Star is an homage to the late great singer of The Doors, Jim Morrison. It is an image-laden, almost surreal film, which integrates actual events from Morrison’s life into a patterned structure, held together by a new score by Adrian Quesada.

  • 5D4 3/7 16:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    6C3 4/7 12:30 Čas Cinema
    8H1 6/7 10:30 Husovka Theatre
    Deep Rivers Glubokie reki
    Directed by: Vladimir Bitokov
    Russia, 2018, 75min.
    Section: East of the West - Competition

    A stark landscape, unforgiving surroundings, gruelling work, and intense conflicts within the family circle – a vicious cycle, the burden of which is only accentuated by the return of the youngest brother, who is to take the place of his sick father in this family of lumberjacks. Under the watchful eye of Aleksandr Sokurov comes another searingly vivid and visually remarkable debut with profound humanistic appeal.

  • 4D8 2/7 21:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    936 7/7 18:30 Congress Hall
    The Deer Hunter The Deer Hunter
    Directed by: Michael Cimino
    USA / United Kingdom, 1978, 182min.
    Section: Seven Close Encounters

    Ivan Zachariáš presents

    Even 40 years after this intense drama took five Academy Awards including Best Picture, it remains one of the most powerful films made about the Vietnam War. But in fact the director took his own route to making an action spectacular: he devotes only the middle part of his epically complex portrayal to the inferno of war, while the film’s remaining footage is split between the three friends before they are called up to serve in Vietnam and after they return. And the psychological and moral trauma they endure is just as painful as the physical maiming suffered by one of them.

  • 537 3/7 19:00 Congress Hall
    9L7 7/7 22:30 Lazne III Cinema
    This film will be screened with films: Where the Summer Goes (chapters on youth), Warm Comedy about Depression, Madness and Unfulfilled Dreams
    Dialect Dialect
    Directed by: David Gurgulia
    Georgia, 2017, 29min.
    Section: Future Frames: Ten New Filmmakers To Follow

    The language of God can’t be learned if you can’t speak it already. Nor can it be recorded or reproduced. Despite this warning, Mithras, a sound engineer, heads out to a sacred reserve to spend a week trying to do just that. Armed with technical equipment, he disturbs a world of endless silence, a world permeated with mysticism and ritual. The seven days spent together with the community at the reserve, however, change not only Mithras but also those who speak the divine language.

  • 1N5 29/6 22:00 Národní dům Cinema
    2C7 30/6 21:30 Čas Cinema
    539 3/7 22:00 Congress Hall
    Diamantino Diamantino
    Directed by: Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt
    Portugal / France / Brazil, 2018, 92min.
    Section: Another View

    Diamantino is a Portuguese soccer player enjoying international stardom. When he fails to deliver the goods during an all-important championship cup final, he sets out on a delirious odyssey in search of talent and true love, during which he is confronted with the refugee crisis, genetic engineering, and neo-fascism. The piece earned a reputation as the most singular film at Cannes 2018 where it took the Critics’ Week Grand Prize.

  • 215 30/6 14:00 Grand Hall
    7L6 5/7 19:30 Lazne III Cinema
    Diamonds of the Night Démanty noci
    Directed by: Jan Němec
    Czechoslovakia, 1964, 68min.
    Section: Out of the Past

    Two boys hiding in the woods after escaping from a death transport during the war, their fear of capture, their hunger and cold, their increasing fatigue – the film mediates all these various states with a raw intensity and with great physical urgency. For his part, the director conveys their situation with strongly stylised film devices using a narrative form akin to a stream of consciousness.

  • 518 3/7 20:00 Grand Hall
    6P2 4/7 13:00 Pupp Cinema
    8K2 6/7 11:30 Drahomíra Cinema
    Domestique Domestik
    Directed by: Adam Sedlák
    Czech Republic / Slovak Republic, 2018, 116min.
    Section: Official Selection - Competition

    Top cyclist Roman has had enough of serving as a domestique, a bicycle racer who sacrifices for the team. And since strenuous training and a strict regimen don’t lead to the type of performance he longs for, he sets up an oxygen tent at home. His obsession with having a sports career, however, renders him oblivious to his wife Šarlota’s desire to have a baby. A claustrophobic drama on the utter breakdown of a marriage almost suffocated by a machine that oxygenates the blood.

  • 221 30/6 09:30 Small Hall
    722 5/7 12:30 Small Hall
    8D2 6/7 10:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    Donbass Donbass
    Directed by: Sergei Loznitsa
    Germany / Ukraine / France / Netherlands / Romania, 2018, 121min.
    Section: Another View

    Poignant fragments of the spectral existence of an eastern Ukrainian republic straddling the border between law and injustice, fantasy and reality, dreams and nightmares. The artistically treated documentary material provides disturbing evidence of the intense bifurcation of fact and fiction in today’s pseudo-reality of media images.

  • 1D4 29/6 16:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    3L1 1/7 10:30 Lazne III Cinema
    6N4 4/7 19:00 Národní dům Cinema
    Dovlatov Dovlatov
    Directed by: Alexey German Jr.
    Russia / Poland / Serbia, 2018, 126min.
    Section: Horizons

    A sketch on the life of the eminent Russian writer, prevented from realizing himself by the totalitarian regime and whose own stubbornness stopped him from selling out. Speaking with the same urgency about today as it does about the past, this artistically and emotionally compelling piece depicts an era brimming with the stymied lives of people who became dissidents or emigrated against their will.

  • 1H3 29/6 16:30 Husovka Theatre
    4L6 2/7 19:30 Lazne III Cinema
    653 4/7 14:00 Cinema B
    This film will be screened with films: Bo Hai, Partner, Atlantis, 2003, And So We Put Goldfish in the Pool
    Downside Up Downside Up
    Directed by: Peter Ghesquière
    Belgium, 2017, 14min.
    Section: Prague Short Film Festival Presents

    Downside Up reveals a world where everyone has Down syndrome. One day, Eric is born, a boy who’s different. Audience Award winner at the 2018 Prague Short Film Festival.

  • 323 1/7 15:30 Small Hall
    4K5 2/7 17:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    651 4/7 09:00 Cinema B
    Dream Away Dream Away
    Directed by: Marouan Omara, Johanna Domke
    Germany / Egypt, 2018, 86min.
    Section: Documentary Films - Competition

    It hasn’t been so very long since rich tourists from around the world came to stay in the luxury hotels of Sharm El Sheikh. But the Arab Spring and the confusion of the post revolutionary period quickly robbed the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula of its charm as a go-to summer resort. Saturated with elements of surreal fiction, the documentary takes us to a shimmering city of ghosts to visit its last inhabitants – resort employees who feverishly dream among the abandoned hotel suites.

  • 2H3 30/6 16:30 Husovka Theatre
    6L1 4/7 10:30 Lazne III Cinema
    837 6/7 19:00 Congress Hall
    This film will be screened with films: Pikk Street, Peasants, We Were at Our Own Field, In Memory of a Day Gone By
    The Dreams of the Centenarians Šimtamečių godos
    Directed by: Robertas Verba
    Lithuania, 1969, 17min.
    Section: Reflections of Time: Baltic Poetic Documentary

    Ironically, The Dreams of the Centenarians was submitted as a feature for the centenary of Lenin’s birth. It was the simplest way to secure authorization to film old Lithuanian people (some of whom were actually a hundred years old). The filmmaker also satisfied the Soviet censors’ requirement to focus on working-class people.

  • 2K3 30/6 14:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    8L3 6/7 13:30 Lazne III Cinema
    This film will be screened with films: Skunk, Rat Pack Rat, 1985, The Rabbit Hunt, Pioneer
    Dried Meat Carne Seca
    Directed by: Jazmin Diaz
    USA, 2015, 11min.
    Section: Made in Texas: Tribute to Austin Film Society

    Jazmin Diaz was an undergraduate student at the University of Texas at Austin when she made this short film, a stunningly effective naturalistic story of a struggling Texas family, and a rare window into Tex-Mex “border” culture.

  • 334 1/7 16:00 Congress Hall
    6L6 4/7 19:30 Lazne III Cinema
    Dukla 61 Dukla 61
    Directed by: David Ondříček
    Czech Republic, 2018, 150min.
    Section: Czech Films 2017–2018

    David Ondříček’s TV film looks back at one of the country's greatest mining tragedies. In 1961 a fire broke out in the Dukla mine near Ostrava and killed 108 miners. This rousing family drama heads slowly towards a needless and incomprehensible disaster that resonates in the harsh region to this very day.


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