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  • 212 1/7 11:30 Grand Hall
    3C4 2/7 15:30 Čas Cinema
    712 6/7 11:30 Grand Hall
    I Am Heath Ledger I Am Heath Ledger
    Directed by: Derik Murray, Adrian Buitenhuis
    Canada, 2017, 91min.
    Section: Special Events

    The charismatic actor appearing in the iconic role of the Joker left us before he was able to completely fulfil his creative potential. Nine years after the star’s tragic death comes a documentary portrait which doesn’t merely focus on Ledger, it also conveys his perception of the world through his own personal archives.

  • 155 30/6 17:00 Cinema B
    4P3 3/7 16:00 Pupp Cinema
    7H2 6/7 10:30 Husovka Theatre
    Ice Mother Bába z ledu
    Directed by: Bohdan Sláma
    Czech Republic / Slovak Republic / France, 2017, 106min.
    Section: Czech Films 2016–2017

    Is there an age limit to changing your life? And once you decide to go ahead with it, will your nearest and dearest try to dissuade you? In Bohdan Sláma’s new tragicomedy a sixty-year-old widow finally manages to shake off the influence of her selfish sons in order to begin a new life with a hardy nonconformist. But any kind of change is going to cost something.

  • 2N1 1/7 10:00 Národní dům Cinema
    8K6 7/7 20:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    Imagine Imagine
    Directed by: Andrzej Jakimowski
    Poland / France / Portugal / United Kingdom, 2012, 105min.
    Section: People Next Door

    Sight-impaired instructor Ian arrives at a renowned boarding school to acquaint a group of similarly disabled students with the techniques of spatial orientation. The group is soon well-attuned to his unorthodox teaching methods; however, their increasing desire to learn more about their surroundings brings with it a painful discovery. A poetic film about the boundless imagination that awakens from a world of perpetual darkness.

  • 3K3 2/7 11:30 Drahomíra Cinema
    554 4/7 14:00 Cinema B
    8H5 7/7 19:30 Husovka Theatre
    This film will be screened with films: Extrapolate, FUDDY DUDDY, keep that dream burning, Urth, The Lost Object, Burning Mountains That Spew Flame, What Happens to the Mountain
    Impassenger Impassenger
    Directed by: Ben Pointeker
    Austria, 2017, 6min.
    Section: Imagina

    A cinematic poem shrouded in shadow and mist revealing an inner world, an inward dream landscape of anxiety, alienation, isolation, and desire. Entrancing poetry relies on a delicate grasp but it’s impossible to resist its inner magic.

  • 423 3/7 15:30 Small Hall
    8L4 7/7 19:30 Lazne III Cinema
    This film will be screened with films: Seven Awkward Sex Scenes. Part One, Schoolyard Blues
    Imprisoned Vězení
    Directed by: Damián Vondrášek
    Czech Republic, 2016, 27min.
    Section: Future Frames: Ten New Filmmakers To Follow

    An offer of a job as a prison educator could help unemployed teacher Jakub resolve a difficult family situation. His father-in-law exacerbates his already low self-confidence, and the man most certainly imagined a different kind of son-in-law. The claustrophobic feelings Jakub experiences at the prison, however, lead him to a single question: Does he want to control others the rest of his life or be controlled by them?

  • 3P5 2/7 22:00 Pupp Cinema
    4K5 3/7 17:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    713 6/7 14:00 Grand Hall
    9N3 8/7 13:00 Národní dům Cinema
    In the Fade Aus dem Nichts
    Directed by: Fatih Akin
    Germany / France, 2017, 106min.
    Section: Horizons

    Fatih Akin’s new thriller tells the story of Katja, whose happy family life is torn apart by sudden tragedy. Desperate, in a world full of unjustified hatred, she suppresses all her inhibitions in order to achieve justice. Diane Kruger gives an outstanding performance, for which she took away the Best Actress award at the recent Cannes film festival.

  • 1C4 30/6 15:30 Čas Cinema
    3H6 2/7 22:30 Husovka Theatre
    5N4 4/7 16:00 Národní dům Cinema
    7H5 6/7 19:30 Husovka Theatre
    This film will be screened with films: Who’s Who in Mycology, Red Light, Dadyaa: The Woodpeckers of Rotha, Chasse Royale
    In the Year of the Monkey Prenjak
    Directed by: Wregas Bhanuteja
    Indonesia, 2016, 13min.
    Section: Prague Short Film Festival Presents

    Lunch break in a small storage facility. A table with a plastic tablecloth, two chairs, she, he, and a box of matches. The rules are simple – 10,000 rupees per match.


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