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  • 3K3 2/7 11:30 Drahomíra Cinema
    554 4/7 14:00 Cinema B
    8H5 7/7 19:30 Husovka Theatre
    This film will be screened with films: Extrapolate, FUDDY DUDDY, Urth, Impassenger, The Lost Object, Burning Mountains That Spew Flame, What Happens to the Mountain
    keep that dream burning keep that dream burning
    Directed by: Rainer Kohlberger
    Austria / Germany, 2017, 8min.
    Section: Imagina

    The black-and-white particles that constitute digital image noise – what sets them dancing? The rhythm of chaos or perhaps a secret algorithm? They are the means to give form to shapes, objects, and systems until they all dissolve back into a tumultuous expanse of particles. Or perhaps this isn’t the case? keep that dream burning reveals the elusiveness of our modern world’s digital esthetics.

  • 715 6/7 17:00 Grand Hall
    8P1 7/7 10:00 Pupp Cinema
    9K4 8/7 14:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    Keep the Change Keep the Change
    Directed by: Rachel Israel
    USA, 2017, 94min.
    Section: Official Selection - Competition

    Stylish but apathetic, David meets bundle of energy Sarah at a support group. While he’s just fulfilling a court-ordered obligation, she is thrilled to be there. But as they move past their initial conflicts, they become participants in an uncommon romance that won’t yield to convention. Keep the Change is a different kind of romantic comedy about people who are not the same – like most of us.

  • 521 4/7 09:30 Small Hall
    9D3 8/7 13:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    Kenji Mizoguchi: The Life of a Film Director Aru eiga-kantoku no shogai
    Directed by: Kaneto Shindo
    Japan, 1975, 132min.
    Section: Tribute to Kenji Mizoguchi

    This documentary (shot over two years) recounts the master’s life and career across some 36 interviews with actors, producers and crew members from the films. It describes the trajectory of Mizoguchi’s long career clearly and accurately, and provides a lot of anecdotal testimony about his aims and working methods.

  • 317 2/7 20:00 Grand Hall
    4P2 3/7 13:00 Pupp Cinema
    6K3 5/7 11:30 Drahomíra Cinema
    Khibula Khibula
    Directed by: George Ovashvili
    Georgia / Germany / France, 2017, 98min.
    Section: Official Selection - Competition

    Shortly after the first democratically elected president of Georgia came to power he was ousted in a military coup. He sets out for the mountains with a group of loyalists to regroup with his supporters. Set against an imposing Caucasus backdrop, we witness a man fighting for power while waging an internal struggle as he heads to meet his fate. The winner of KVIFF 2014 returns with an archetypal story told with light melancholy and an unmistakable visual poetic.

  • 257 1/7 22:30 Cinema B
    4K4 3/7 14:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    639 5/7 22:00 Congress Hall
    8K7 7/7 22:30 Drahomíra Cinema
    Kingdoms Reinos
    Directed by: Pelayo Lira
    Chile, 2017, 79min.
    Section: Another View

    A romance without romanticism. Alejandro is in his first year at university; Sofia is finishing her dissertation. With a cool, detached realism and sense for detail, Kingdoms exposes the anatomy of a university love affair. Besides the romantic storyline, which does not shy away from explicit erotic scenes, the film also engages in a subtle generational study.


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