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  • 2L4 1/7 19:30 Lazne III Cinema
    6N5 5/7 19:00 Národní dům Cinema
    721 6/7 09:30 Small Hall
    Makala Makala
    Directed by: Emmanuel Gras
    France, 2017, 96min.
    Section: Horizons

    Congo. A villager named Kabwita dreams of a better future for himself and his family. His greatest, his only hope is the strength of his arms and his indomitable will. This documentary-inflected movie, which pulls the viewer into the everyday life of a simple person, was awarded the main prize during Cannes’ Critics’ Week.

  • 1P3 30/6 16:00 Pupp Cinema
    2L3 1/7 16:30 Lazne III Cinema
    6P3 5/7 16:00 Pupp Cinema
    8C3 7/7 12:30 Čas Cinema
    A Man of Integrity Lerd
    Directed by: Mohammad Rasoulof
    Iran, 2017, 117min.
    Section: Horizons

    An archetypal story about the last honest man (charismatic thirtysomething Reza), who stands up to local corruption (a mob corporation in the remote northern Iranian countryside) even at the cost of endangering his own family. This original and engrossing drama by a respected Iranian filmmaker won the main prize in Un Certain Regard at this year’s Cannes fest.

  • 7D5 6/7 18:30 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    8L3 7/7 16:30 Lazne III Cinema
    The Man Who Looks Like Me Minu näoga onu
    Directed by: Katrin Maimik, Andres Maimik
    Estonia, 2017, 100min.
    Section: East of the West - Competition

    Music critic Hugo is going through a post-divorce crisis and just wants some peace to finish writing his book. When his bohemian father suddenly appears on his doorstep, it becomes clear that the new life he has chosen for himself is about to go in quite a different direction. A tragicomic tale about parents and children and their shared mistakes and complexes.

  • 5D5 4/7 18:30 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    6L3 5/7 16:30 Lazne III Cinema
    Mariţa Mariţa
    Directed by: Cristi Iftime
    Romania, 2017, 100min.
    Section: East of the West - Competition

    Thirty-year-old Costi decides to spend a few days with his family. His parents have long since divorced, but Costi thinks it would be a great idea to arrange a surprise reunion, and he persuades his father to travel with him to meet up with his mother and siblings. Taking the old family car, affectionately known as Mariţa, they head out on a journey that will ultimately help to heal past wounds and allow Costi to finally understand not only his parents, but also himself.

  • 229 1/7 23:59 Small Hall
    6C7 5/7 23:59 Čas Cinema
    8C7 7/7 23:59 Čas Cinema
    Meatball Machine Kodoku Kodoku: Mîtobôru mashin
    Directed by: Yoshihiro Nishimura
    Japan, 2017, 108min.
    Section: Midnight Screenings

    A fifty-year-old debt collector learns that he has cancer and only three months to live. But then there are those pesky aliens, who might shorten the time even more by turning him into a cyborg, and he’s not the only one. The ensuing battle – a regular cyborg melee – generates myriad prolapsed entrails and buckets of blood. According to the director of this comedic splatter flick, four tons of the (fake) red stuff were spilled.

  • 6C5 5/7 18:30 Čas Cinema
    7K4 6/7 14:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    A Memory in Khaki A Memory in Khaki
    Directed by: Alfoz Tanjour
    Qatar, 2016, 108min.
    Section: Documentary Films - Competition

    A Syrian director dusts off memories of the past, when people were persecuted for their political beliefs. A poetic portrait of people whose homes have been turned to rubble, and a story that tells us that a free life can never be monochromatic, let alone khaki.

  • 4P4 3/7 19:00 Pupp Cinema
    513 4/7 14:00 Grand Hall
    9N6 8/7 22:00 Národní dům Cinema
    Menashe Menashe
    Directed by: Joshua Z Weinstein
    USA / Israel, 2017, 81min.
    Section: Another View

    Likeable loser Menashe, a widower employed at a kosher supermarket who lives in Brooklyn’s rule-based community of ultra-Orthodox Jews, is trying to gain the right to raise his own son. This gentle, deeply-human drama graced with humorous moments was a hit at this year’s Sundance.

  • 215 1/7 17:00 Grand Hall
    3P1 2/7 10:00 Pupp Cinema
    5K1 4/7 09:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    Men Don’t Cry Muškarci ne plaču
    Directed by: Alen Drljević
    Bosnia and Herzegovina / Slovenia / Croatia / Germany, 2017, 98min.
    Section: Official Selection - Competition

    When, less than two decades since the war ended in Yugoslavia, a diverse group of veterans gathers at a remote mountain hotel to undergo days of therapy, it’s hard to expect absolute harmony. This brilliantly directed drama, about the ability to forgive others only after we have forgiven ourselves, presents the pinnacle of the Balkan male acting scene.

  • 2H2 1/7 10:30 Husovka Theatre
    4H4 3/7 16:30 Husovka Theatre
    733 6/7 13:00 Congress Hall
    8C4 7/7 15:30 Čas Cinema
    Merry Christmas Mr. Mo Merry Christmas Mr. Mo
    Directed by: Lim Dae-hyung
    South Korea, 2016, 101min.
    Section: Variety Critics’ Choice

    A droll comic drama filmed in glorious widescreen black-and-white, this lovely tale follows a terminally ill barber (Gi Ju-bong) whose dying wish is to make a short film directed by his distant son. The offbeat crowd-pleaser will move many viewers to tears by the time Mr. Mo’s task is completed.

  • 321 2/7 09:30 Small Hall
    822 7/7 12:30 Small Hall
    This film will be screened with films: Love and the Zeppelin, The Badly-Drawn Hen, The Forester’s Song, Revenge, There Was Once a Miller on the River, The Face, The Miner’s Rose, Prince Měděnec’s Secret Chamber
    Metamorpheus Metamorfeus
    Directed by: Jiří Brdečka
    Czechoslovakia, 1969, 13min.
    Section: Out of the Past

    Another Brdečka masterpiece, this film is based on the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, which the author used as a parable for the immortality of culture and art. In the context of the occupation of Czechoslovakia the previous year, the work’s underlying message is clear. Visually, the film is inspired by the Pompeii frescos and, from a literary perspective, by Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

  • 321 2/7 09:30 Small Hall
    822 7/7 12:30 Small Hall
    This film will be screened with films: Love and the Zeppelin, The Badly-Drawn Hen, The Forester’s Song, Revenge, Metamorpheus, There Was Once a Miller on the River, The Face, Prince Měděnec’s Secret Chamber
    The Miner’s Rose Horníkova růže
    Directed by: Jiří Brdečka
    Czechoslovakia, 1974, 12min.
    Section: Out of the Past

    Adapting a 1930s song, Brdečka presents a ballad of true love between a miner and his sweetheart in a tale that ends in tragedy. This first collaboration between the filmmaker and the distinctive artist Jitka Walterová is an authentic tribute to proletarian poetry, but without the period lip service paid to contemporary ideology.

  • 522 4/7 12:30 Small Hall
    8D3 7/7 13:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    The Mirror Zerkalo
    Directed by: Andrey Tarkovsky
    USSR, 1975, 108min.
    Section: Six Close Encounters

    My first proper teaching post, in 2001, was in Prague. I would frequent the screening room of a tatty little video rental store on Dlouhá Street to watch old movies. I saw Tarkovsky’s Mirror there one winter afternoon, discovering the most intuitive, poetic sequences ever made. The sincerely spiritual might be out of fashion, but Tarkovsky’s fierce commitment to his creative vision rests on the kind of integrity cinema must never lose.

    Carmen Gray

  • 2H6 1/7 22:30 Husovka Theatre
    539 4/7 22:00 Congress Hall
    857 7/7 22:30 Cinema B
    The Misandrists The Misandrists
    Directed by: Bruce LaBruce
    Germany, 2017, 91min.
    Section: Another View

    A feminist terrorist cell is plotting a revolution. But the rigid order of the women living at a remote convent school is endangered by the arrival of a young man who accepts refuge from one of the girls. Provocateur Bruce LaBruce has returned with a radical utopian vision of the world that combines a B-movie esthetic with leftist ideals.

  • 2D6 1/7 21:30 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    7D6 6/7 21:30 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    Miss Oyu Oyû-sama
    Directed by: Kenji Mizoguchi
    Japan, 1951, 95min.
    Section: Tribute to Kenji Mizoguchi

    Oyu is a young widow with a child, flattered by attention from Shinnosuke but unable to marry him because social propriety dictates that she should remain faithful to her late husband. So Shinnosuke seeks out and marries Oyu’s sister Oshizu instead and the three begin living together. The scandalous ménage à trois of Tanizaki’s celebrated novel Ashikari brings a certain wit to its account of the emotional manoeuvring between the three main characters.

  • 1L3 30/6 16:30 Lazne III Cinema
    2H3 1/7 13:30 Husovka Theatre
    624 5/7 18:30 Small Hall
    9K6 8/7 20:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    Monte Monte
    Directed by: Amir Naderi
    Italy / USA / France, 2016, 95min.
    Section: Horizons

    An irrepressible villager decides to defeat a massive mountain in order to allow life into his inhospitable valley and to fight against a merciless fate. Monumentally told, this myth of the medieval Alps summons today’s life warriors through the immediate and highly visual energy of the Iranian globetrotter’s cinematic imagery.

  • 3N4 2/7 16:00 Národní dům Cinema
    656 5/7 20:00 Cinema B
    9C3 8/7 12:30 Čas Cinema
    Montparnasse Bienvenue Jeune femme
    Directed by: Léonor Serraille
    France, 2017, 97min.
    Section: Horizons

    Thirty-something Paula has been dumped by her boyfriend after ten years together. Refusing to accept the role of the passive victim, the embittered woman suddenly finds herself on the street. Her odyssey through Paris to recapture her independence and composure – a journey filled with bizarre encounters – is just beginning. An enchanting drama with comedic touches, the film received the Caméra d’Or at this year’s Cannes festival.

  • 415 3/7 17:00 Grand Hall
    5P1 4/7 10:00 Pupp Cinema
    7K1 6/7 09:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    More Daha
    Directed by: Onur Saylak
    Turkey, 2017, 115min.
    Section: Official Selection - Competition

    Fourteen-year-old Gaza lives with his father Ahad on the shores of the Aegean Sea. The intelligent kid would like to continue his studies, but Ahad sees his son’s future differently. He gets Gaza to help with his side business – smuggling refugees from the Mideast. A directing tour de force, this disturbing psychological study of an adolescent boy’s transformation under the influence of those around him bears dark tidings about the contemporary world.

  • 3N1 2/7 10:00 Národní dům Cinema
    454 3/7 14:00 Cinema B
    7C2 6/7 10:00 Čas Cinema
    My Happy Family Chemi Bednieri Ojakhi
    Directed by: Nana Ekvtimishvili, Simon Gross
    Germany / Georgia / France, 2016, 119min.
    Section: Horizons

    Three generations squeezed into one flat in Tbilisi. On her 52nd birthday Manana decides to up sticks in order to go and live somewhere quiet by herself; in the conservative minds of her family and friends, this is unthinkable. This realistic study of traditional Georgian values provides perfect fodder for a wealth of caustically comic situations.

  • 6C4 5/7 15:30 Čas Cinema
    7K5 6/7 17:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    My Life without Air Moj život bez zraka
    Directed by: Bojana Burnać
    Croatia, 2017, 72min.
    Section: Documentary Films - Competition

    The most important moments in the life of Goran, a Croatian free diving record-holder, take place exclusively under water. This portrait of an extreme athlete features intentional dramatic minimalism in order to guide the viewer toward a shared physical experience of performances that push the boundaries of what is humanly possible. Between each inhalation and exhalation we experience an endless emotional fall into the depths of the deep blue sea.

  • 221 1/7 09:30 Small Hall
    7D2 6/7 10:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    My Love Has Been Burning Waga koi wa moenu
    Directed by: Kenji Mizoguchi
    Japan, 1949, 84min.
    Section: Tribute to Kenji Mizoguchi

    Inspired by the autobiography of Kageyama Hideko, a late 19th-century feminist pioneer, the picture follows a young woman who rebels against her parents and begins to work for a fledgling political party in Tokyo. There are scenes of astonishing violence but the film’s real power lies in its political analysis and fiery performances.


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