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Official Selection - Competition

  • 217 1/7 20:00 Grand Hall
    3P2 2/7 13:00 Pupp Cinema
    5K3 4/7 11:30 Drahomíra Cinema
    Arrhythmia Aritmiya
    Directed by: Boris Khlebnikov
    Russia / Finland / Germany, 2017, 116min.

    Oleg is heading for his thirties. He works as a paramedic and, after a hard shift, he likes to take a few swigs. His wife Katya is also a doctor, working in the hospital’s emergency department. But her patience with Oleg is running thin, so she announces one day that she wants a divorce… One of the most intriguing filmmakers on the Russian scene today, Boris Khlebnikov returns to the big screen with a meticulous piece of direction. Along with precise performances from the cast, the film examines a relationship experiencing an arrhythmia similar to that affecting the hearts of the patients Oleg treats in his job as a paramedic.

  • 517 4/7 20:00 Grand Hall
    6P2 5/7 13:00 Pupp Cinema
    8K3 7/7 11:30 Drahomíra Cinema
    Birds Are Singing in Kigali Ptaki śpiewają w Kigali
    Directed by: Joanna Kos-Krauze, Krzysztof Krauze
    Poland, 2017, 113min.

    We meet ornithologist Anna in 1994 just as genocide is raging in Rwanda, perpetrated by the majority Hutus against the Tutsis. Anna manages to save the daughter of a colleague whose family has been murdered, and she takes her to Poland. But the woman returns to Rwanda to visit the graves of her loved ones. The director originally worked on the movie with her husband Krzysztof Krauze (My Nikifor – Crystal Globe, KVIFF 2005), but after his death in 2014 she eventually finished this challenging picture alone.

  • 615 5/7 17:00 Grand Hall
    7P1 6/7 10:00 Pupp Cinema
    9K1 8/7 09:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    Breaking News Breaking News
    Directed by: Iulia Rugină
    Romania, 2017, 81min.

    A difficult assignment awaits TV reporter Alex. He must film a memorial portrait for a coworker who died in a tragic accident they both experienced but that only he survived. His colleague’s daughter becomes his guide, although her relationship to her father was more than complicated. Alex becomes an involuntary witness to the girl’s handling of her father’s death, and he also comes to believe that chronicling a person’s life involves more than just a short news report…

  • 515 4/7 17:00 Grand Hall
    6P1 5/7 10:00 Pupp Cinema
    8K1 7/7 09:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    The Cakemaker The Cakemaker
    Directed by: Ofir Raul Graizer
    Israel / Germany, 2017, 104min.

    After the death of his lover, Thomas heads to Israel – the birthplace of the man he adored. Despite prejudice at his German origins he becomes the pastry chef at a local café owned by the widow of the deceased Oran. Yet she hardly suspects that the unnamed sorrow that connects her to the stranger is for one and the same man.

  • 315 2/7 17:00 Grand Hall
    4P1 3/7 10:00 Pupp Cinema
    6K1 5/7 09:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    Corporate Corporate
    Directed by: Nicolas Silhol
    France, 2016, 95min.

    The life of an uncompromising HR manager named Emilie changes the instant she witnesses the suicide of one of the staff. The investigation of the case becomes a moral test for a woman whose actions, although motivated by her unlimited devotion to work, have caused grief for many an employee.

  • 715 6/7 17:00 Grand Hall
    8P1 7/7 10:00 Pupp Cinema
    9K4 8/7 14:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    Keep the Change Keep the Change
    Directed by: Rachel Israel
    USA, 2017, 94min.

    Stylish but apathetic, David meets bundle of energy Sarah at a support group. While he’s just fulfilling a court-ordered obligation, she is thrilled to be there. But as they move past their initial conflicts, they become participants in an uncommon romance that won’t yield to convention. Keep the Change is a different kind of romantic comedy about people who are not the same – like most of us.

  • 317 2/7 20:00 Grand Hall
    4P2 3/7 13:00 Pupp Cinema
    6K3 5/7 11:30 Drahomíra Cinema
    Khibula Khibula
    Directed by: George Ovashvili
    Georgia / Germany / France, 2017, 98min.

    Shortly after the first democratically elected president of Georgia came to power he was ousted in a military coup. He sets out for the mountains with a group of loyalists to regroup with his supporters. Set against an imposing Caucasus backdrop, we witness a man fighting for power while waging an internal struggle as he heads to meet his fate. The winner of KVIFF 2014 returns with an archetypal story told with light melancholy and an unmistakable visual poetic.

  • 417 3/7 20:00 Grand Hall
    5P2 4/7 13:00 Pupp Cinema
    7K3 6/7 11:30 Drahomíra Cinema
    The Line Čiara
    Directed by: Peter Bebjak
    Slovak Republic / Ukraine, 2017, 108min.

    Adam Krajňák is head of the family and also boss of a gang of criminals smuggling cigarettes across the Slovak-Ukrainian border. The failure of one of the transports triggers an avalanche of consequences that compels him to question his own boundaries, none of which he had planned on crossing until now.

  • 617 5/7 20:00 Grand Hall
    7P2 6/7 13:00 Pupp Cinema
    9K3 8/7 11:30 Drahomíra Cinema
    Little Crusader Křižáček
    Directed by: Václav Kadrnka
    Czech Republic / Slovak Republic / Italy, 2017, 90min.

    Little Jan, the only descendant of the knight Bořek (Karel Roden), has run away from home. His anxious father sets out to find him but his despair at the fruitless search gradually starts to overpower him. Václav Kadrnka has turned out a stylistically well-contoured adaptation of the poem by Jaroslav Vrchlický, where he employs a taciturn film form in order to encourage our imagination to engage in a poetic, cinematic pilgrimage.

  • 215 1/7 17:00 Grand Hall
    3P1 2/7 10:00 Pupp Cinema
    5K1 4/7 09:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    Men Don’t Cry Muškarci ne plaču
    Directed by: Alen Drljević
    Bosnia and Herzegovina / Slovenia / Croatia / Germany, 2017, 98min.

    When, less than two decades since the war ended in Yugoslavia, a diverse group of veterans gathers at a remote mountain hotel to undergo days of therapy, it’s hard to expect absolute harmony. This brilliantly directed drama, about the ability to forgive others only after we have forgiven ourselves, presents the pinnacle of the Balkan male acting scene.

  • 415 3/7 17:00 Grand Hall
    5P1 4/7 10:00 Pupp Cinema
    7K1 6/7 09:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    More Daha
    Directed by: Onur Saylak
    Turkey, 2017, 115min.

    Fourteen-year-old Gaza lives with his father Ahad on the shores of the Aegean Sea. The intelligent kid would like to continue his studies, but Ahad sees his son’s future differently. He gets Gaza to help with his side business – smuggling refugees from the Mideast. A directing tour de force, this disturbing psychological study of an adolescent boy’s transformation under the influence of those around him bears dark tidings about the contemporary world.

  • 717 6/7 20:00 Grand Hall
    8P2 7/7 13:00 Pupp Cinema
    9K5 8/7 17:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    Ralang Road Ralang Road
    Directed by: Karma Takapa
    India, 2017, 112min.

    The stories of four individuals intertwine in a maze of Himalayan countryside, village buildings, and the local social microcosm. With a captivating internal rhythm and the stylistic elements taken firmly in hand, the film presents a narratively courageous look at the region’s social web and the influence of cultural immigration on local life.

Official Selection - Out of Competition

  • 324 2/7 18:30 Small Hall
    4N4 3/7 16:00 Národní dům Cinema
    756 6/7 20:00 Cinema B
    9H5 8/7 19:30 Husovka Theatre
    Free and Easy Qing song jia yu kuai
    Directed by: Jun Geng
    Hong Kong, 2016, 98min.

    A door-to-door soap salesman comes to a sparsely populated village in northern China. With his arrival, however, the number of bizarre attacks on the local population increases. Laced with a considerable dose of black humor, the movie offers an unusually entertaining and uncompromising sketch of Chinese society today.

  • 3P3 2/7 16:00 Pupp Cinema
    4L5 3/7 22:30 Lazne III Cinema
    634 5/7 16:00 Congress Hall
    854 7/7 14:00 Cinema B
    Juze Juze
    Directed by: Miransha Naik
    India / United Kingdom / France / Netherlands, 2017, 93min.

    If gifted teenager Santosh is to achieve independence, finish school, and escape the trap of slave-like migrant field labor, he has to overcome one main obstacle: the cruel paymaster Juze. In uncompromising terms, the film unmasks the dire poverty hidden only a short distance from the tourist resorts of India’s Goa state.

  • 1C5 30/6 18:30 Čas Cinema
    5D6 4/7 21:30 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    7C3 6/7 12:30 Čas Cinema
    955 8/7 17:00 Cinema B
    November November
    Directed by: Rainer Sarnet
    Estonia / Netherlands / Poland, 2017, 115min.

    A young farm girl named Liina is hopelessly in love with Hans, and she’s willing to do anything to secure his affections… One of the most original cinematic achievements of the season, the film is set in a pagan Estonian community where werewolves roam, the greedy villagers steal whatever they can lay their hands on, they have to cope with the plague, and hovering over them all is an ensemble of kratts, peculiar creatures made of metal and wood. Best Cinematography at Tribeca.

  • 2P4 1/7 19:00 Pupp Cinema
    323 2/7 15:30 Small Hall
    755 6/7 17:00 Cinema B
    9H4 8/7 16:30 Husovka Theatre
    Song of Granite Song of Granite
    Directed by: Pat Collins
    Ireland / Canada, 2017, 97min.

    This visually meticulous and mesmerising film revolves around the life of the great traditional Irish singer, Joe Heaney. The power and magic of the songs provide the central motif threading its way through the film. Indeed, didn't the songs help the residents of this magnificent but desolate Irish landscape to survive and commune with God? And what part of his heart and soul must the artist sacrifice in order to satisfy his inner compulsions?

East of the West - Competition

  • 4D5 3/7 18:30 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    5L3 4/7 16:30 Lazne III Cinema
    Absence of Closeness Absence blízkosti
    Directed by: Josef Tuka
    Czech Republic, 2017, 65min.

    After another failed relationship Hedvika takes her three-month-old daughter Adélka and her dog to stay with her mother and her mum’s boyfriend. Hedvika doesn’t get on all that well with her mother, nor are her feelings towards Adélka as maternal as they could be. One day she finds some diaries that her late father left behind… This small-scale psychological drama by debutant Josef Tuka is shored up by its realistic characters, an understated performance from Jana Plodková, and perceptive, discreet lensing.

  • 6D4 5/7 16:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    7L3 6/7 16:30 Lazne III Cinema
    Blue Silence Blue Silence
    Directed by: Bülent Öztürk
    Turkey / Belgium, 2017, 93min.

    After his release from the military hospital where he was receiving treatment for a past trauma, Hakan tries to resume a normal life and form a proper relationship with his daughter. Excelling for its mature performances and its stylisation of image and sound, the film foregrounds Hakan’s wounded soul and underlines his vehement efforts to break free from his own private prison.

  • 3D4 2/7 16:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    4L2 3/7 13:30 Lazne III Cinema
    Dede Dede
    Directed by: Mariam Khatchvani
    Georgia / Qatar / Ireland / Netherlands / Croatia, 2017, 97min.

    It’s 1992. Young Dina lives in a remote mountain village where life is strictly governed by centuries of tradition. Is it possible to defy the firmly established order? And, if it is, what price must a person pay for doing so? Debut director Mariam Khatchvani set her first film in Svaneti, the stark mountainous region in northwestern Georgia where she herself was born, and she presents us with an authentic portrayal of a number of customs and traditions associated with this province.

  • 6D5 5/7 18:30 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    7L2 6/7 13:30 Lazne III Cinema
    The End of the Chain Keti lõpp
    Directed by: Priit Pääsuke
    Estonia, 2017, 81min.

    Have you ever had a bad day? Well, it would be difficult to top the catastrophe facing a waitress at a fast-food outlet, where people come not for a quick meal but simply to have a good cry. This high-spirited comedy, about the worst that can happen when you’re slaving from dawn to dusk, also examines existential dilemmas, unconcealed selfishness, and the essential desire for compassion.

  • 3D5 2/7 18:30 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    4L3 3/7 16:30 Lazne III Cinema
    Falling Strimholov
    Directed by: Marina Stepanska
    Ukraine, 2017, 105min.

    Anton and Katia happen upon one another in night-time Kiev. Both are trying to find their bearings in life, and their encounter changes everything… This psychological drama by debuting Marina Stepanska offers up both a fragile love story and a strong statement on the current young generation as it searches for its place in post-revolutionary Ukraine.

  • 7P3 6/7 16:00 Pupp Cinema
    8L2 7/7 13:30 Lazne III Cinema
    How Viktor “the Garlic” Took Alexey “the Stud” to the Nursing Home Kak Vitka Chesnok vez Lecha Shtyrya v dom invalidov
    Directed by: Alexander Hant
    Russia, 2017, 90min.

    This inventive road movie about a son and father finding their way to one another has none of the sentiment normally associated with this kind of subject matter. The film introduces an ensemble of wild characters from the lowest social strata, viewed through a lens that finds a balance between the work’s profoundly human dimension and its stylishly ironic commentary on contemporary society.

  • 7D5 6/7 18:30 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    8L3 7/7 16:30 Lazne III Cinema
    The Man Who Looks Like Me Minu näoga onu
    Directed by: Katrin Maimik, Andres Maimik
    Estonia, 2017, 100min.

    Music critic Hugo is going through a post-divorce crisis and just wants some peace to finish writing his book. When his bohemian father suddenly appears on his doorstep, it becomes clear that the new life he has chosen for himself is about to go in quite a different direction. A tragicomic tale about parents and children and their shared mistakes and complexes.

  • 5D5 4/7 18:30 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    6L3 5/7 16:30 Lazne III Cinema
    Mariţa Mariţa
    Directed by: Cristi Iftime
    Romania, 2017, 100min.

    Thirty-year-old Costi decides to spend a few days with his family. His parents have long since divorced, but Costi thinks it would be a great idea to arrange a surprise reunion, and he persuades his father to travel with him to meet up with his mother and siblings. Taking the old family car, affectionately known as Mariţa, they head out on a journey that will ultimately help to heal past wounds and allow Costi to finally understand not only his parents, but also himself.

  • 4D4 3/7 16:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    5L2 4/7 13:30 Lazne III Cinema
    Nina Nina
    Directed by: Juraj Lehotský
    Slovak Republic / Czech Republic, 2017, 82min.

    Nina is twelve years old and her world has just been shattered to smithereens: Her parents’ marriage has broken down and they are getting a divorce. After his internationally successful feature debut Miracle Juraj Lehotský now brings us an intimate drama in which the viewer looks upon the world and the selfish, visionless behaviour of adults through the eyes of a 12-year-old girl. A girl who is resilient and belligerent, but also vulnerable and just as fragile as the miniature world she creates for herself in the garden shed.

  • 2D5 1/7 18:30 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    3L4 2/7 19:30 Lazne III Cinema
    Pomegranate Orchard Nar baği
    Directed by: Ilgar Najaf
    Azerbaijan, 2017, 90min.

    Gabil returns home to the humble family farmstead, surrounded by an orchard of venerable pomegranate trees; since his sudden departure twelve years ago he was never once in contact. However, the deep emotional scars he left behind cannot be erased from one day to the next. A private drama set in a picturesque landscape which tells of wrongdoings simmering below the surface of seeming innocence.

  • 5D4 4/7 16:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    6L2 5/7 13:30 Lazne III Cinema
    The Stone Taş
    Directed by: Orhan Eskiköy
    Turkey, 2017, 96min.

    Emete would swear that the young man seeking refuge in her home is the son she lost long ago. But in her isolated, wasteland village it’s almost impossible to differentiate real hope from self-delusion. Especially since the only way to survive is to throw in with the collective myths and seek comfort in cold stone.

  • 2D4 1/7 16:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    3L3 2/7 16:30 Lazne III Cinema
    Unwanted T’padashtun
    Directed by: Edon Rizvanolli
    Kosovo / Netherlands, 2017, 85min.

    Teenager Alban lives in Amsterdam with his mother Zana, who left Kosovo during the war in the Balkans. When he starts going out with the sensitive Ana, neither of them has any idea that unresolved injustices and shadows from the past will make their way to the surface. This insightful, mature debut by a Kosovan director reminds us how difficult forgiveness and reconciliation can be.

Documentary Films - Competition

  • 5C5 4/7 18:30 Čas Cinema
    6K4 5/7 14:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    Another News Story Another News Story
    Directed by: Orban Wallace
    United Kingdom, 2017, 90min.

    In today’s chaotic era, what is the “who, how, and why” of news spewed forth on world conflicts and crises? A young British director turns his camera lens on the journalists sent by their employers to the Mediterranean to cover the unfolding humanitarian tragedy. When faced with immeasurable suffering, do they maintain a fundamental sensitivity or do they fall back on sensationalized treatments of human misfortune?

  • 723 6/7 15:30 Small Hall
    8K5 7/7 17:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    Atelier de conversation Atelier de conversation
    Directed by: Bernhard Braunstein
    Austria / France / Liechtenstein, 2017, 72min.

    One room, twelve red chairs, and a common language. Foreigners from all corners of the world meet each week for free lessons to hone their French. This formally minimalist documentary captures the fleeting moments in which grammatical fumblings and the painstaking search for the right word inadvertently open a window into the human soul.

  • 2C5 1/7 18:30 Čas Cinema
    3K4 2/7 14:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    Before Summer Ends Avant la fin de l’été
    Directed by: Maryam Goormaghtigh
    Switzerland / France, 2017, 80min.

    Even after studying in France for five years, Arash hasn’t completely gotten used to the place, so he decides to return home to Iran. But friends Hossein and Ashkan are determined not to accept the loss of their closest pal. This documentary comedy, about a goodbye road trip across France, boasts beer chugging and French girls, but it’s also about cultural differences and the natural need to find and hold onto kindred spirits when living in a foreign land.

  • 4C4 3/7 15:30 Čas Cinema
    5K5 4/7 17:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    A Campaign of Their Own A Campaign of Their Own
    Directed by: Lionel Rupp
    Switzerland, 2017, 74min.

    Partaking of the Direct Cinema documentary style, A Campaign of Their Own tells the story of the loyal supporters of democratic socialist Bernie Sanders, who lost to Clinton in the Democratic primaries. Subtly engagé and skillfully incorporated into a stylistic frame, the film lifts the lid on a newly-inflamed radical skepticism towards political representation in the United States and the general frustration at the breakdown of representative democracy itself.

  • 223 1/7 15:30 Small Hall
    3K5 2/7 17:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    Land of the Free Land of the Free
    Directed by: Camilla Magid
    Denmark / Finland, 2017, 95min.

    In the economically depressed neighborhoods of South Central Los Angeles it’s far too easy to get on the wrong side of the law. One fateful day 42-year-old Brian, who has just been released from serving a long prison sentence, experienced it firsthand. The vicious cycle of social determination, however, also begins to effect the lives of teenager Juan and seven-year-old Gianni. The debuting director immerses herself in the depths of human vulnerability in order to draw out fragments of hope.

  • 724 6/7 18:30 Small Hall
    8K4 7/7 14:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    Lots of Kids, a Monkey and a Castle Muchos hijos, un mono y un castillo
    Directed by: Gustavo Salmerón
    Spain, 2017, 90min.

    Julita always wanted lots of kids, a monkey, and a castle. After finally realizing these wishes, however, her family loses their property in the economic crisis. But they have not lost the disarming ease and kindheartedness that mark their domestic squabbling. A film chronicle with elements of absurd humor that serves as a madcap allegory for the contemporary situation in Spain.

  • 6C5 5/7 18:30 Čas Cinema
    7K4 6/7 14:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    A Memory in Khaki A Memory in Khaki
    Directed by: Alfoz Tanjour
    Qatar, 2016, 108min.

    A Syrian director dusts off memories of the past, when people were persecuted for their political beliefs. A poetic portrait of people whose homes have been turned to rubble, and a story that tells us that a free life can never be monochromatic, let alone khaki.

  • 6C4 5/7 15:30 Čas Cinema
    7K5 6/7 17:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    My Life without Air Moj život bez zraka
    Directed by: Bojana Burnać
    Croatia, 2017, 72min.

    The most important moments in the life of Goran, a Croatian free diving record-holder, take place exclusively under water. This portrait of an extreme athlete features intentional dramatic minimalism in order to guide the viewer toward a shared physical experience of performances that push the boundaries of what is humanly possible. Between each inhalation and exhalation we experience an endless emotional fall into the depths of the deep blue sea.

  • 4C5 3/7 18:30 Čas Cinema
    5K4 4/7 14:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    Tarzan’s Testicles Ouăle lui Tarzan
    Directed by: Alexandru Solomon
    Romania / France, 2017, 105min.

    A research center in Sukhumi, the capital of today’s Abkhazia. Legend has it that it was built at the end of the 1920s to create a hybrid between man and monkey. The hypothetical creature never saw the light of day, but people and primates, like sad relics of the past, live together in the derelict wings of the medical institute to this very day.

  • 5C6 4/7 21:30 Čas Cinema
    6K5 5/7 17:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    This Is Not Me Richard Müller: Nespoznaný
    Directed by: Miro Remo
    Slovak Republic / Czech Republic, 2016, 90min.

    This uncompromising, sometimes painfully revealing but always deeply insightful portrait presents the life of Richard Müller from a fresh perspective. We get to know the famous Slovak singer as a still uncommonly charismatic man who has become exhausted by his struggles with addiction, mental illness, and the demands of show business.

  • 319 2/7 22:30 Grand Hall
    4K3 3/7 11:30 Drahomíra Cinema
    The White World According to Daliborek Svět podle Daliborka
    Directed by: Vít Klusák
    Czech Republic / Slovak Republic / United Kingdom, 2017, 105min.

    A stylized portrait of an authentic Czech neo-Nazi, who hates his life but doesn’t know what to change. Corrosively absurd and starkly chilling in equal measure, this tragicomedy investigates the radical worldview of “decent, ordinary people.” And just when it seems that its message can’t get any more urgent, the film culminates in a totally uncompromising way.

Special Events

  • Arrival Arrival
    Directed by: Denis Villeneuve
    USA, 2016, 116min.

    When several giant ships of unknown origin appear at over a dozen locations on Earth, top teams of scientists set out to study them. The American team is headed by physicist Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner) and linguist Louise Banks (Amy Adams), who join forces in order to show that the extraterrestrial visitors are a threat to mankind only if we fail to communicate with them. One of the most original science fiction movies of recent years, Arrival cemented director Denis Villeneuve’s position as one the most closely watched directors working today.

  • 125 30/6 19:45 Small Hall
    138 30/6 20:00 Congress Hall
    816 7/7 19:00 Grand Hall
    The Big Sick The Big Sick
    Directed by: Michael Showalter
    USA, 2017, 119min.

    Kumail’s parents would rather see their son as a lawyer married to one of the Pakistani girls they keep trying to fix him up with. But Kumail drives a taxi, performs stand-up at a small club in Chicago, and is dating a young American woman called Emily. The question of whether to honour tradition or listen to his heart seriously complicates his life.

  • 313 2/7 14:00 Grand Hall
    5P4 4/7 19:00 Pupp Cinema
    8N5 7/7 19:00 Národní dům Cinema
    A Ghost Story A A Ghost Story
    Directed by: David Lowery
    USA, 2016, 93min.

    Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara star in a unique film meditation on love, coping with the loss of a loved one, and an ethereal denizen of the house who ranges across the centuries. The most original movie at this year’s Sundance festival comes from the creators of the lyrical crime romance Ain’t Them Bodies Saints (KVIFF 2013).

  • 224 1/7 18:30 Small Hall
    834 7/7 16:00 Congress Hall
    Growroom Pěstírna
    Directed by: Andy Fehu
    Czech Republic, 2017, 117min.

    Ondřej owes half a million crowns, and a three-month stint in an illegal underground cannabis growroom is the only way he’ll be able to pay back the money. All the same, he’s unaware that his sense of claustrophobia is going to be the least of his on-the-job problems. This first Czech internet thriller arouses feelings of both disgust and pleasure in viewers confronted with a vulgar and slimy world.

  • 212 1/7 11:30 Grand Hall
    3C4 2/7 15:30 Čas Cinema
    712 6/7 11:30 Grand Hall
    I Am Heath Ledger I Am Heath Ledger
    Directed by: Derik Murray, Adrian Buitenhuis
    Canada, 2017, 91min.

    The charismatic actor appearing in the iconic role of the Joker left us before he was able to completely fulfil his creative potential. Nine years after the star’s tragic death comes a documentary portrait which doesn’t merely focus on Ledger, it also conveys his perception of the world through his own personal archives.

  • 7D4 6/7 16:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    Who Wants to Kill Jessie? Kdo chce zabít Jessii?
    Directed by: Václav Vorlíček
    Czechoslovakia, 1966, 81min.

    Superheroes from Kája Saudek’s comic-book illustrations come to life in a comedy that still charms audiences fifty years after it first hit the big screen, not only for its bizarre theme, but also for the remarkable ideas coming from the director’s chair. Quips aimed at state bureaucracy and bovine-brained policemen never entirely lose their currency; moreover, the film can also be taken as an original critique of scientific arrogance.

  • 814 7/7 15:00 Grand Hall
    9N5 8/7 19:00 Národní dům Cinema
    Wind River Wind River
    Directed by: Taylor Sheridan
    USA, 2016, 111min.

    Game tracker Cory Lambert is out in the desolate snowy tundra of Wyoming when he discovers the body of a Native American woman. The investigation is led by newly qualified FBI agent Jane Banner, who asks Cory to help her get to the bottom of the mysterious death… A masterful directorial debut from successful screenwriter Taylor Sheridan (Sicario and Hell or High Water), in which Jeremy Renner in the role of Cory gives one of the most complex performances in recent times.


  • 41A 3/7 23:00 Grand Hall
    6P5 5/7 22:00 Pupp Cinema
    7N1 6/7 10:00 Národní dům Cinema
    The Beguiled The Beguiled
    Directed by: Sofia Coppola
    USA, 2017, 94min.

    It’s 1864 and a wounded soldier of the enemy Union Army finds himself ensconced in a closed community of pupils and supervisors at a young ladies’ seminary somewhere in Virginia. During his convalescence, the compassion evinced by the women who receive and care for him begins to warp into jealousy and rivalry for his favor. The outstanding Nicole Kidman shines in this remake of the 1971 morality play.

  • 1K5 30/6 17:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    613 5/7 14:00 Grand Hall
    7P5 6/7 22:00 Pupp Cinema
    A Ciambra A Ciambra
    Directed by: Jonas Carpignano
    Italy / USA / France / Sweden, 2017, 120min.

    Some movies are magical, and Jonas Carpignano’s A Ciambra is one of them. The movie screen disappears, and for two hours the viewer becomes part of Calabria’s effervescent Roma community, where 14-year-old Pio tries desperately to grow up and become the equal, for better or worse, of his older brother. Although his duel with the local underworld is mismatched, Pio is determined to become a man at any cost.

  • 1C2 30/6 10:00 Čas Cinema
    339 2/7 22:00 Congress Hall
    8C5 7/7 18:30 Čas Cinema
    The Day After Geu-hu
    Directed by: Hong Sang-soo
    South Korea, 2017, 92min.

    Areum is looking forward to her first day of work at a small publishing house, unaware that she’s replacing the boss’s lover who recently left him. She is therefore caught off-guard when the boss’s wife causes a scene in the belief that Areum was to be the recipient of a love letter the wife found in her husband’s correspondence. A low-key black-and-white drama of love, separation, and jealousy.

  • 2P5 1/7 22:00 Pupp Cinema
    456 3/7 20:00 Cinema B
    5N6 4/7 22:00 Národní dům Cinema
    818 7/7 22:00 Grand Hall
    The Double Lover L' amant double
    Directed by: François Ozon
    France / Belgium, 2017, 107min.

    Beautiful but unhinged Chloé falls for her psychotherapist, but complications arise when the young woman discovers that her lover has concealed the existence of a twin brother. This psychological thriller from François Ozon, with its highly provocative references to films treating psychoanalytical issues, grabs our attention through its clever use of the duplication principle.

  • 322 2/7 12:30 Small Hall
    455 3/7 17:00 Cinema B
    751 6/7 09:00 Cinema B
    832 7/7 10:30 Congress Hall
    Family Life Vida de familia
    Directed by: Alicia Scherson, Cristián Jiménez
    Chile, 2017, 81min.

    Loner Martín has been given the simple task of housesitting for his successful cousin, who left with his family on a long trip abroad. But then the mysterious environment starts to work its magic and Martín finds himself creating his own virtual family. But isn’t his fabrication, in fact, more real than the fragile illusion of the family nest temporarily vacated by its residents?

  • 1L2 30/6 13:30 Lazne III Cinema
    412 3/7 11:30 Grand Hall
    6K6 5/7 20:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    9N1 8/7 10:00 Národní dům Cinema
    Fortunata Fortunata
    Directed by: Sergio Castellitto
    Italy, 2017, 103min.

    Fortunata, a hairdresser from the outskirts of Rome and single mother devoted to her daughter, is determined to quit her arduous job traipsing round to the homes of her female clients so that she may fulfil her dream of opening up her own salon. An affecting melodrama awarded recently at this year’s Cannes festival.

  • 21A 1/7 23:00 Grand Hall
    439 3/7 22:00 Congress Hall
    6P4 5/7 19:00 Pupp Cinema
    71A 6/7 23:00 Grand Hall
    Good Time Good Time
    Directed by: Benny Safdie, Josh Safdie
    USA, 2017, 100min.

    Independent filmmakers Josh and Benny Safdie built their hard-edged, over-the-top crime drama on a base of brotherly love: feeling responsible, enterprising Connie tries to get his younger brother Nick out of jail. While co-director Benny Safdie plays Nick with gusto, Robert Pattinson pours charisma into the role of Connie.

  • 5K6 4/7 20:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    612 5/7 11:30 Grand Hall
    7C4 6/7 15:30 Čas Cinema
    939 8/7 22:00 Congress Hall
    Happy End Happy End
    Directed by: Michael Haneke
    France / Germany / Austria, 2017, 107min.

    In his new film screened in competition at Cannes, two-time Palme d’Or winner Michael Haneke returns to his regular focus on family, and even revisits two characters from his previous main screen offering Amour. While the earlier movie examines the bond between an elderly couple, viewers of Happy End observe the disintegration of a traditional middle-class family against the backdrop of the current refugee crisis.

  • 239 1/7 22:00 Congress Hall
    457 3/7 22:30 Cinema B
    611 5/7 09:00 Grand Hall
    937 8/7 19:00 Congress Hall
    How to Talk to Girls at Parties How to Talk to Girls at Parties
    Directed by: John Cameron Mitchell
    United Kingdom / USA, 2017, 103min.

    Punk devotee Enn would love to find a girl. And maybe he has after meeting the ethereal Zan (Elle Fanning), who considers punk to be “from another colony,” which isn’t the only indication that the pair hail from different planets... Based on the story of the same name by Neil Gaiman, John Cameron Mitchell’s intergalactic fusion of romcom and musical even sees Nicole Kidman passing as a rebel.

  • 3P5 2/7 22:00 Pupp Cinema
    4K5 3/7 17:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    713 6/7 14:00 Grand Hall
    9N3 8/7 13:00 Národní dům Cinema
    In the Fade Aus dem Nichts
    Directed by: Fatih Akin
    Germany / France, 2017, 106min.

    Fatih Akin’s new thriller tells the story of Katja, whose happy family life is torn apart by sudden tragedy. Desperate, in a world full of unjustified hatred, she suppresses all her inhibitions in order to achieve justice. Diane Kruger gives an outstanding performance, for which she took away the Best Actress award at the recent Cannes film festival.

  • 3N3 2/7 13:00 Národní dům Cinema
    4H5 3/7 19:30 Husovka Theatre
    6N1 5/7 10:00 Národní dům Cinema
    934 8/7 16:00 Congress Hall
    Jupiter’s Moon Jupiter holdja
    Directed by: Kornél Mundruczó
    Hungary / Germany, 2017, 123min.

    Syrian refugee Aryan’s attempt to cross the Hungarian border becomes an ill-fated journey. He is shot several times by the police during the incident but no one could foresee the consequences. The young man gains the ability to levitate... While also pointing out the corruption of Hungarian society, Jupiter’s Moon provides a surreal, visually breathtaking gloss on the brutal reality of the current refugee crisis.

  • 1P1 30/6 10:00 Pupp Cinema
    4P5 3/7 22:00 Pupp Cinema
    824 7/7 18:30 Small Hall
    Let the Sunshine In Un beau soleil intérieur
    Directed by: Claire Denis
    France, 2017, 94min.

    Divorced artist Isabelle, played by the captivating Juliette Binoche, is determined to find the love of her life and, convinced that he exists, she has no intention of backing down. Four years on, Claire Denis returned to Cannes with a film that might have been described as a melodrama or romantic comedy if she hadn’t, of course, deftly overturned everything we could conceivably associate with these genres.

  • 133 30/6 13:00 Congress Hall
    2H5 1/7 19:30 Husovka Theatre
    5N3 4/7 13:00 Národní dům Cinema
    823 7/7 15:30 Small Hall
    Libera Nos Liberami
    Directed by: Federica Di Giacomo
    Italy / France, 2016, 90min.

    Europe is not only a perfectly bureaucratized secular society – in the rush for a quick solution to the ills plaguing civilization, many return to the tradition of Catholic mysticism. This intriguing observational documentary demonstrates that exorcism isn’t merely a curiosity of the pop-culture canon but a service demanded by the masses.

  • 2L4 1/7 19:30 Lazne III Cinema
    6N5 5/7 19:00 Národní dům Cinema
    721 6/7 09:30 Small Hall
    Makala Makala
    Directed by: Emmanuel Gras
    France, 2017, 96min.

    Congo. A villager named Kabwita dreams of a better future for himself and his family. His greatest, his only hope is the strength of his arms and his indomitable will. This documentary-inflected movie, which pulls the viewer into the everyday life of a simple person, was awarded the main prize during Cannes’ Critics’ Week.

  • 1P3 30/6 16:00 Pupp Cinema
    2L3 1/7 16:30 Lazne III Cinema
    6P3 5/7 16:00 Pupp Cinema
    8C3 7/7 12:30 Čas Cinema
    A Man of Integrity Lerd
    Directed by: Mohammad Rasoulof
    Iran, 2017, 117min.

    An archetypal story about the last honest man (charismatic thirtysomething Reza), who stands up to local corruption (a mob corporation in the remote northern Iranian countryside) even at the cost of endangering his own family. This original and engrossing drama by a respected Iranian filmmaker won the main prize in Un Certain Regard at this year’s Cannes fest.

  • 1L3 30/6 16:30 Lazne III Cinema
    2H3 1/7 13:30 Husovka Theatre
    624 5/7 18:30 Small Hall
    9K6 8/7 20:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    Monte Monte
    Directed by: Amir Naderi
    Italy / USA / France, 2016, 95min.

    An irrepressible villager decides to defeat a massive mountain in order to allow life into his inhospitable valley and to fight against a merciless fate. Monumentally told, this myth of the medieval Alps summons today’s life warriors through the immediate and highly visual energy of the Iranian globetrotter’s cinematic imagery.

  • 3N4 2/7 16:00 Národní dům Cinema
    656 5/7 20:00 Cinema B
    9C3 8/7 12:30 Čas Cinema
    Montparnasse Bienvenue Jeune femme
    Directed by: Léonor Serraille
    France, 2017, 97min.

    Thirty-something Paula has been dumped by her boyfriend after ten years together. Refusing to accept the role of the passive victim, the embittered woman suddenly finds herself on the street. Her odyssey through Paris to recapture her independence and composure – a journey filled with bizarre encounters – is just beginning. An enchanting drama with comedic touches, the film received the Caméra d’Or at this year’s Cannes festival.

  • 3N1 2/7 10:00 Národní dům Cinema
    454 3/7 14:00 Cinema B
    7C2 6/7 10:00 Čas Cinema
    My Happy Family Chemi Bednieri Ojakhi
    Directed by: Nana Ekvtimishvili, Simon Gross
    Germany / Georgia / France, 2016, 119min.

    Three generations squeezed into one flat in Tbilisi. On her 52nd birthday Manana decides to up sticks in order to go and live somewhere quiet by herself; in the conservative minds of her family and friends, this is unthinkable. This realistic study of traditional Georgian values provides perfect fodder for a wealth of caustically comic situations.

  • 1P2 30/6 13:00 Pupp Cinema
    211 1/7 09:00 Grand Hall
    5L5 4/7 22:30 Lazne III Cinema
    757 6/7 22:30 Cinema B
    The Nile Hilton Incident The Nile Hilton Incident
    Directed by: Tarik Saleh
    Sweden / Germany / Denmark, 2016, 109min.

    While investigating the murder of a beautiful singer, Detective Naredin becomes enmeshed in a game played out at the highest levels of Egyptian politics. Neither old nor new alliances can be trusted, and as the 2011 revolution approaches, Cairo is becoming more and more dangerous. The movie, which betrays a predilection for the noir tradition, won at Sundance.

  • 312 2/7 11:30 Grand Hall
    5N1 4/7 10:00 Národní dům Cinema
    7P4 6/7 19:00 Pupp Cinema
    The Other Side of Hope Toivon tuolla puolen
    Directed by: Aki Kaurismäki
    Finland / Germany, 2017, 98min.

    A forlorn Syrian refugee and a morose door-to-door shirt salesman form a rather odd couple, but their interaction sends a melancholy yet optimistic message about the strength of solidarity. And fans of the distinctive Finnish director won’t be disappointed: there’ll be plenty of laconic humor, subtly humorous gags, and his inimitable set design.

  • 2L1 1/7 10:30 Lazne III Cinema
    5C4 4/7 15:30 Čas Cinema
    6N4 5/7 16:00 Národní dům Cinema
    933 8/7 13:00 Congress Hall
    Quit Staring at My Plate Ne gledaj mi u pijat
    Directed by: Hana Jušić
    Croatia / Denmark, 2016, 105min.

    After her despotic father has a stroke Marijana suddenly finds herself head of the family. Her new status gives her the opportunity to taste the kind of freedom she has never known before. But with it comes a burden of a different kind that is surprisingly more difficult to bear. Drawing on the distinctive atmosphere of the Balkans, this social drama about the inner strength of an initially submissive woman was awarded at the Venice IFF.

  • 1N6 30/6 22:00 Národní dům Cinema
    3L5 2/7 22:30 Lazne III Cinema
    5P3 4/7 16:00 Pupp Cinema
    811 7/7 09:00 Grand Hall
    Their Finest Their Finest
    Directed by: Lone Scherfig
    United Kingdom, 2016, 117min.

    While Britain is being heavily bombed, women have to take up roles normally assigned exclusively to men. Thanks to her refined sense of dialogue, Catrin is given the task of working on a screenplay for a film which requires authenticity and optimism to raise the spirits of British women contributing to the war effort. A star-studded, period romance about filmmakers and the desire to inspire.

  • 2K4 1/7 14:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    451 3/7 09:00 Cinema B
    6H5 5/7 19:30 Husovka Theatre
    9C4 8/7 15:30 Čas Cinema
    The Untamed La región salvaje
    Directed by: Amat Escalante
    Mexico / Denmark / France / Germany / Norway / Switzerland, 2016, 100min.

    Working mother Alejandra lives an unsatisfied life with her two sons and brutish husband Angel. She receives support from her brother Fabian, but he, like her husband, holds onto a secret. The arrival of mysterious Veronica turns the siblings’ lives inside out and uncovers the desires their limited existence prevented them from exploring till now.

  • 1P4 30/6 19:00 Pupp Cinema
    3C5 2/7 18:30 Čas Cinema
    6N6 5/7 22:00 Národní dům Cinema
    856 7/7 20:00 Cinema B
    Untitled Untitled
    Directed by: Michael Glawogger, Monika Willi
    Austria / Germany, 2017, 107min.

    Michael Glawogger never returned from a planned trip around the world, and the material he shot had to be completed by his editor Monika Willi. The result is a visually powerful work that uses images of waste, decay, and death to show the all-pervading energy of life. The picture is accompanied by Glawogger’s poetic commentary.

  • 4C3 3/7 12:30 Čas Cinema
    7N3 6/7 13:00 Národní dům Cinema
    Western Western
    Directed by: Valeska Grisebach
    Germany / Bulgaria / Austria, 2017, 119min.

    This year at Cannes, the producers of the hit Toni Erdmann introduced the long-awaited third film by renowned German director Valeska Grisebach. Her picture unfolds in the Bulgarian-Greek border region in a community of German construction workers, foreigners in a no man’s land whose conflicts with the local community, according to the rules of the genre, seem to be inevitable – the movie is titled Western after all.

  • 1P5 30/6 22:00 Pupp Cinema
    311 2/7 09:00 Grand Hall
    7N5 6/7 19:00 Národní dům Cinema
    Whitney. “Can I Be Me” Whitney. “Can I Be Me”
    Directed by: Nick Broomfield, Rudi Dolezal
    USA / United Kingdom, 2017, 105min.

    This comprehensive biographical documentary details the meteoric rise and dramatic fall of Whitney Houston via numerous testimonies from people in the pop icon’s close circle and also through a series of previously unpublished video recordings.

  • 1L4 30/6 19:30 Lazne III Cinema
    355 2/7 17:00 Cinema B
    7N4 6/7 16:00 Národní dům Cinema
    A Woman’s Life Une vie
    Directed by: Stéphane Brizé
    France / Belgium, 2016, 119min.

    Normandy 1819. Educated in a convent, young adult Jeanne is happy to marry a country nobleman, but when things go south she is unable to properly respond to his brutality and infidelity. Her disenchantment gradually transforms into the loss of illusion, but even as she grows older Jeanne fails to learn to fight. Stéphane Brizé’s excellent adaptation of the Guy de Maupassant novel competed last year at Venice, winning a FIPRESCI Prize.

Another View

  • 1C3 30/6 12:30 Čas Cinema
    4K1 3/7 09:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    739 6/7 22:00 Congress Hall
    April’s Daughter Las hijas de Abril
    Directed by: Michel Franco
    Mexico, 2017, 103min.

    Mexican director, screenwriter and producer Michel Franco has four writer-director feature films and four presentations at Cannes to his name, and this year saw him revisiting the French Riviera with a precisely structured tale of the complex relationship between two half-sisters and their mother. Assailing the audience with its masterful build-up of tension, this familiar domestic drama setup won the Jury Prize in Un Certain Regard.

  • 156 30/6 20:00 Cinema B
    351 2/7 09:00 Cinema B
    5H2 4/7 10:30 Husovka Theatre
    9C6 8/7 21:30 Čas Cinema
    Araby Arábia
    Directed by: Affonso Uchôa, João Dumans
    Brazil, 2017, 96min.

    A picture of contemporary, industrial Brazil rises out of the main character’s journal entries – without the stereotypes of favelas and crime. On his travels to farms, construction projects, and factories, Cristiano represents the poorest, who have decided to work day after day, to go from town to town, taciturn, proud, and resilient.

  • 2K3 1/7 11:30 Drahomíra Cinema
    422 3/7 12:30 Small Hall
    9C2 8/7 10:00 Čas Cinema
    Austerlitz Austerlitz
    Directed by: Sergei Loznitsa
    Germany, 2016, 94min.

    Hordes of people make their way towards entrance gates crowned with the notorious slogan Arbeit macht frei. Why do they visit places that bear such appalling vestiges of the past? This documentary, examining cultural memory in today’s world, has featured at various major IFFs since its premiere at Venice.

  • 1N1 30/6 10:00 Národní dům Cinema
    3N5 2/7 19:00 Národní dům Cinema
    6K7 5/7 22:30 Drahomíra Cinema
    9K7 8/7 22:30 Drahomíra Cinema
    Axolotl Overkill Axolotl Overkill
    Directed by: Helene Hegemann
    Germany, 2017, 94min.

    Although just 16, Mifti is already well aware of her electrifying appeal. It’s not just her provocative sexuality, but an assertive disposition that places her in the company of older people who are no strangers to a bohemian lifestyle and parties that last for days. A sexual relationship with an older woman and closer intimacy with a beautiful actress only add to the confusion in the heroine’s head.

  • 123 30/6 15:30 Small Hall
    255 1/7 17:00 Cinema B
    5H5 4/7 19:30 Husovka Theatre
    8C6 7/7 21:30 Čas Cinema
    Centaur Centaur
    Directed by: Aktan Arym Kubat
    Kyrgyzstan / France / Germany / Netherlands / Japan, 2017, 89min.

    The only thing that disturbs Centaur’s deeply happy, if imperfect, family life is his pressing need to secretly liberate racehorses. But misfortune comes from his desire to take a stand against human greed for a subjugated animal that gives humans wings. This visually polished updating of the Don Quixote story premiered at the Berlinale.

  • 1K6 30/6 20:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    2N4 1/7 16:00 Národní dům Cinema
    5H4 4/7 16:30 Husovka Theatre
    737 6/7 19:00 Congress Hall
    City of the Sun Mzis qalaqi
    Directed by: Rati Oneli
    Georgia / USA / Qatar / Netherlands, 2017, 104min.

    A cinematic vanitas about a dying town in Georgia, a formerly vibrant centre of industry where the monotonous sound of the manganese mines has been replaced by a silence rarely interrupted. The film’s crystal-clear style, in which each shot is given the length it needs, seeks out the photogenic side of decay and explores the specific nature of the lost souls that continue to live here.

  • 1K7 30/6 22:30 Drahomíra Cinema
    3N6 2/7 22:00 Národní dům Cinema
    654 5/7 14:00 Cinema B
    7L5 6/7 22:30 Lazne III Cinema
    La familia La familia
    Directed by: Gustavo Rondón Córdova
    Venezuela / Chile / Norway, 2017, 82min.

    Andrés, the single father of 12-year-old Pedro, has to break his back just to ensure the mere basics for his son. On the outskirts of Caracas, people live from one moment to the next and any mistake is immediately punished. This deeply realistic story takes us into the ruthless environment of the Venezuelan capital, which – at a time when the country suffers immense social problems, hyperinflation, and a shortage of food – takes on an increasingly more savage character.

  • 2L5 1/7 22:30 Lazne III Cinema
    5P5 4/7 22:00 Pupp Cinema
    8D4 7/7 16:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    Freak Show Freak Show
    Directed by: Trudie Styler
    USA, 2017, 91min.

    Billy Bloom never felt he was like other people, but if there’s something his classmates don’t like, it’s the fact that his fashion choices range between David Bowie and Lady Gaga at their most psychedelic. Billy’s response to bullying is simple: an even thicker layer of glitter and a stubborn determination to fight for his uniqueness.

  • 233 1/7 13:00 Congress Hall
    827 7/7 21:30 Small Hall
    Jeannette, the Childhood of Joan of Arc Jeannette, l’enfance de Jeanne d’Arc
    Directed by: Bruno Dumont
    France, 2017, 115min.

    Bruno Dumont is back! After the intensely subversive comedy Li’l Quinquin and the whacky Slack Bay, his quarry this time is a musical you could call anything you want, but just not classical. Eight-year-old Jeannette has a profound love of God, she tends a flock of sheep, and yet only history is aware that, in a few years’ time, she will become the iconic Joan of Arc.

  • 257 1/7 22:30 Cinema B
    4K4 3/7 14:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    639 5/7 22:00 Congress Hall
    8K7 7/7 22:30 Drahomíra Cinema
    Kingdoms Reinos
    Directed by: Pelayo Lira
    Chile, 2017, 79min.

    A romance without romanticism. Alejandro is in his first year at university; Sofia is finishing her dissertation. With a cool, detached realism and sense for detail, Kingdoms exposes the anatomy of a university love affair. Besides the romantic storyline, which does not shy away from explicit erotic scenes, the film also engages in a subtle generational study.

  • 1N5 30/6 19:00 Národní dům Cinema
    353 2/7 11:30 Cinema B
    734 6/7 16:00 Congress Hall
    The Last of Us Akher Wahed Fina
    Directed by: Ala Eddine Slim
    Tunisia / Qatar / United Arab Emirates / Lebanon, 2016, 94min.

    The movie, which makes do without dialogue, deftly alternates between film poem, topical movie critique, and existential allegory or myth. On his way through Tunis to Europe, N is ripped off by human smugglers, but sheer determination gets him in a boat on the sea and then to a mysterious forest where he must find his destiny.

  • 4P4 3/7 19:00 Pupp Cinema
    513 4/7 14:00 Grand Hall
    9N6 8/7 22:00 Národní dům Cinema
    Menashe Menashe
    Directed by: Joshua Z Weinstein
    USA / Israel, 2017, 81min.

    Likeable loser Menashe, a widower employed at a kosher supermarket who lives in Brooklyn’s rule-based community of ultra-Orthodox Jews, is trying to gain the right to raise his own son. This gentle, deeply-human drama graced with humorous moments was a hit at this year’s Sundance.

  • 2H6 1/7 22:30 Husovka Theatre
    539 4/7 22:00 Congress Hall
    857 7/7 22:30 Cinema B
    The Misandrists The Misandrists
    Directed by: Bruce LaBruce
    Germany, 2017, 91min.

    A feminist terrorist cell is plotting a revolution. But the rigid order of the women living at a remote convent school is endangered by the arrival of a young man who accepts refuge from one of the girls. Provocateur Bruce LaBruce has returned with a radical utopian vision of the world that combines a B-movie esthetic with leftist ideals.

  • 4N2 3/7 12:30 Národní dům Cinema
    838 7/7 20:00 Congress Hall
    9D5 8/7 18:30 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    The Nothing Factory A fábrica de nada
    Directed by: Pedro Pinho
    Portugal, 2017, 176min.

    One day, workers at an elevator factory receive an unpleasant surprise: at night someone has taken away all the equipment and materials, so it’s impossible to continue production. The struggle for existence is on – not only via sophisticated negotiating tactics but also with the help of singing, dancing, and vaguely idealistic leftist theories.

  • 2P2 1/7 13:00 Pupp Cinema
    4H3 3/7 13:30 Husovka Theatre
    555 4/7 17:00 Cinema B
    7C6 6/7 21:30 Čas Cinema
    Los Perros Los perros
    Directed by: Marcela Said
    France / Chile, 2017, 94min.

    Contemporary Chilean cinema is present at every major festival, and things were no different this year at Cannes where Marcela Said’s second movie played Critics’ Week. This disturbing psycho-romance with political overtones brings together pampered fortysomething Marina and Juan, a former army officer troubled by a dark past (starring Antonia Zegers and Alfredo Castro from The Club).

  • 1L1 30/6 10:30 Lazne III Cinema
    3H5 2/7 19:30 Husovka Theatre
    7C5 6/7 18:30 Čas Cinema
    833 7/7 13:00 Congress Hall
    POOLSIDEMAN Pûrusaido man
    Directed by: Hirobumi Watanabe
    Japan, 2016, 117min.

    Yusuke Mizuhara is a taciturn lifeguard living out his monotonous life in a suburb north of Tokyo between home and a forgotten pool. What’s behind the impenetrable façade of a young man confronted daily by reports of the tragedies plaguing different parts of the world? A formally ambitious, geometrically precise film about certain unexplained thought processes associated with the Japanese mentality.

  • 253 1/7 11:30 Cinema B
    4N5 3/7 19:00 Národní dům Cinema
    6L1 5/7 10:30 Lazne III Cinema
    9L1 8/7 10:30 Lazne III Cinema
    Quality Time Quality Time
    Directed by: Daan Bakker
    Netherlands / Norway, 2017, 85min.

    Five men, five stories. Although stylistically very different, the stories are connected through the director’s ability to incisively yet charitably comment on the situation of his feckless thirtysomething characters. It isn’t always easy to finally start living your own life – a UFO can stand in the way, or even just a bucket of urine hidden in a bedroom. But sometimes a time machine can be helpful, maybe.

  • 134 30/6 16:00 Congress Hall
    356 2/7 20:00 Cinema B
    5K7 4/7 22:30 Drahomíra Cinema
    7K7 6/7 22:30 Drahomíra Cinema
    Requiem for Mrs. J. Rekvijem za gospođu J.
    Directed by: Bojan Vuletić
    Serbia / Bulgaria / Macedonia / Russia / France, 2017, 94min.

    There are some countries where it isn’t easy to get even simple things done. All the more vexing, then, is when you decide to commit suicide and only have a few days to get your affairs in order, and neither task goes according to plan. This sarcastic peek into the Kafkaesque soul of restructured Serbia made its mark at this year’s Berlinale.

  • 1K4 30/6 14:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    437 3/7 19:00 Congress Hall
    6C6 5/7 21:30 Čas Cinema
    957 8/7 22:30 Cinema B
    Stockholm My Love Stockholm My Love
    Directed by: Mark Cousins
    Sweden / United Kingdom, 2016, 88min.

    This multilayered metropolitan symphony is, at once, a music film, a love letter to the city, an intimate study of grief, and an urbanistic essay. Architect Alva (Neneh Cherry) doesn’t make it to her class, instead choosing to stroll through the city while her contemplation of her surroundings mingles with her own memories of the most traumatic experience of her life.

  • 2K1 1/7 09:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    354 2/7 14:00 Cinema B
    753 6/7 11:30 Cinema B
    9D4 8/7 16:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    White Sun Seto Surya
    Directed by: Deepak Rauniyar
    Nepal / USA / Qatar / Netherlands, 2016, 89min.

    A partisan named Chandra who fought against monarchy and dictatorship returns home years later to a Nepalese mountain village to bury his father. But he arrives in the middle of a traditional burial ceremony, and after a conflict he is forced to complete the process merely with the help of two children. Perhaps their journey signifies more than mere submission to the bygone ways Chandra fought against, but also hope for a brighter future for a country at a crossroads.


  • 2L2 1/7 13:30 Lazne III Cinema
    4K6 3/7 20:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    6C2 5/7 10:00 Čas Cinema
    956 8/7 20:00 Cinema B
    Ascent Ascent
    Directed by: Fiona Tan
    Netherlands / Japan, 2016, 80min.

    In this noteworthy and visually striking picture, a multimedia artist takes up the history and memories that form our internal essence and fill our souls. Walking a line between documentary and feature in her experimental movie, the director once again goes beyond the boundaries of cinema, pushing it into new territory.

  • 3K3 2/7 11:30 Drahomíra Cinema
    554 4/7 14:00 Cinema B
    8H5 7/7 19:30 Husovka Theatre
    This film will be screened with films: Extrapolate, FUDDY DUDDY, keep that dream burning, Urth, Impassenger, The Lost Object, What Happens to the Mountain
    Burning Mountains That Spew Flame Montañas arditens que vomitan fuego
    Directed by: Samuel M. Delgado, Helena Girón
    Spain, 2016, 14min.

    The black rock of a volcanic island hides the murky depths of a cave complex. The enchanting magic of the place exists out of time and geographical location, yet the heart of the island quietly whispers a testimony of local history and mythology.

  • 3K3 2/7 11:30 Drahomíra Cinema
    554 4/7 14:00 Cinema B
    8H5 7/7 19:30 Husovka Theatre
    This film will be screened with films: FUDDY DUDDY, keep that dream burning, Urth, Impassenger, The Lost Object, Burning Mountains That Spew Flame, What Happens to the Mountain
    Extrapolate Extrapolate
    Directed by: Johan Rijpma
    Netherlands / Japan, 2016, 2min.

    A shot of a real hand changes into a drawn image that develops and extrapolates outside the set boundaries of a grid and outside clearly established points. Experimenting with the transformation of the image – deformation occurs irregularly but, at the same time, submits to a clearly established system.

  • 3K3 2/7 11:30 Drahomíra Cinema
    554 4/7 14:00 Cinema B
    8H5 7/7 19:30 Husovka Theatre
    This film will be screened with films: Extrapolate, keep that dream burning, Urth, Impassenger, The Lost Object, Burning Mountains That Spew Flame, What Happens to the Mountain
    Directed by: Siegfried A. Fruhauf
    Austria, 2016, 5min.

    Is the image we see on screen in thrall to order or is it an eruption of visual chaos? Siegfried A. Fruhauf presents a volatile and frenetically-changing painting of a grid of squares that fill the image space at different angles and in varying sizes and quantities. The result is a compelling, almost physical experience.

  • 2K6 1/7 20:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    4C1 3/7 09:30 Čas Cinema
    7H3 6/7 13:30 Husovka Theatre
    Have You Seen My Movie? Have You Seen My Movie?
    Directed by: Paul Anton Smith
    United Kingdom, 2016, 136min.

    This fascinating and original compilation picture is a true delicacy for film gourmets. The debuting director brings together clips from more than 1,000 scenes that take place inside a movie theater, thereby creating an original tribute to the seventh muse.

  • 3K3 2/7 11:30 Drahomíra Cinema
    554 4/7 14:00 Cinema B
    8H5 7/7 19:30 Husovka Theatre
    This film will be screened with films: Extrapolate, FUDDY DUDDY, keep that dream burning, Urth, The Lost Object, Burning Mountains That Spew Flame, What Happens to the Mountain
    Impassenger Impassenger
    Directed by: Ben Pointeker
    Austria, 2017, 6min.

    A cinematic poem shrouded in shadow and mist revealing an inner world, an inward dream landscape of anxiety, alienation, isolation, and desire. Entrancing poetry relies on a delicate grasp but it’s impossible to resist its inner magic.

  • 3K3 2/7 11:30 Drahomíra Cinema
    554 4/7 14:00 Cinema B
    8H5 7/7 19:30 Husovka Theatre
    This film will be screened with films: Extrapolate, FUDDY DUDDY, Urth, Impassenger, The Lost Object, Burning Mountains That Spew Flame, What Happens to the Mountain
    keep that dream burning keep that dream burning
    Directed by: Rainer Kohlberger
    Austria / Germany, 2017, 8min.

    The black-and-white particles that constitute digital image noise – what sets them dancing? The rhythm of chaos or perhaps a secret algorithm? They are the means to give form to shapes, objects, and systems until they all dissolve back into a tumultuous expanse of particles. Or perhaps this isn’t the case? keep that dream burning reveals the elusiveness of our modern world’s digital esthetics.

  • 3K3 2/7 11:30 Drahomíra Cinema
    554 4/7 14:00 Cinema B
    8H5 7/7 19:30 Husovka Theatre
    This film will be screened with films: Extrapolate, FUDDY DUDDY, keep that dream burning, Urth, Impassenger, Burning Mountains That Spew Flame, What Happens to the Mountain
    The Lost Object The Lost Object
    Directed by: Sebastian Diaz Morales
    Netherlands, 2017, 13min.

    This fascinating experimental short deconstructs the fiction of cinema, but it also exposes the indivisibility of simulation and reality. The visually impressive work comments on the ideological basis of the film camera and artistic depiction, pointing to its existence and to the very act of creating a movie in a truly intriguing way.

  • 1H5 30/6 19:30 Husovka Theatre
    6C3 5/7 12:30 Čas Cinema
    7H6 6/7 22:30 Husovka Theatre
    somniloquies somniloquies
    Directed by: Verena Paravel, Lucien Castaing-Taylor
    France / USA, 2016, 75min.

    Hundreds of audio recordings of Dion McGregor, a renowned sleeper who dreamt out loud at length and with remarkable coherence, were used as the basis of a fascinating excursion into the human subconscious where wild orgies play out, the practical details of a dwarf city are attended to, and strange scientific experiments are analyzed.

  • 1D4 30/6 16:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    4D2 3/7 10:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    8C2 7/7 10:00 Čas Cinema
    Spira Mirabilis Spira mirabilis
    Directed by: Massimo D'Anolfi, Martina Parenti
    Italy / Switzerland, 2016, 121min.

    A Japanese scientist studies the miniature and immortal Benjamin Button jellyfish. At the other end of the world, unceasing repairs are carried out on the Milan Duomo. In the United States a Lakota community fights to preserve its culture. In a captivating visual essay composed of fragments shot across the world, the creators contemplate the nature of immortality.

  • 3K3 2/7 11:30 Drahomíra Cinema
    554 4/7 14:00 Cinema B
    8H5 7/7 19:30 Husovka Theatre
    This film will be screened with films: Extrapolate, FUDDY DUDDY, keep that dream burning, Impassenger, The Lost Object, Burning Mountains That Spew Flame, What Happens to the Mountain
    Urth Urth
    Directed by: Ben Rivers
    United Kingdom, 2016, 19min.

    The Biosphere 2 complex in the Arizona desert is the largest artificially operated ecosystem in the world, established to research the sustainability of life on and off Earth. In his film, Ben Rivers submits an engaging study of utopian visions that vainly attempt to create an ideal world, but he also explores the relationship of the individual to an artificial environment and his or her role in the future of humanity.

  • 3K3 2/7 11:30 Drahomíra Cinema
    554 4/7 14:00 Cinema B
    8H5 7/7 19:30 Husovka Theatre
    This film will be screened with films: Extrapolate, FUDDY DUDDY, keep that dream burning, Urth, Impassenger, The Lost Object, Burning Mountains That Spew Flame
    What Happens to the Mountain What Happens to the Mountain
    Directed by: Christin Turner
    USA, 2016, 12min.

    A lone driver on a long journey to the unknown travels through the American landscape as night is falling. But with the approaching monolith of Devils Tower, his perception of the passing horizon warps into an almost hallucinogenic vision of the afterlife called forth by the mysterious spirit of the mountain. The film pays tribute to a sacred landscape while constructing a meditation on one’s own death.

  • 228 1/7 22:00 Small Hall
    535 4/7 17:00 Congress Hall
    7H4 6/7 16:30 Husovka Theatre
    Woman and the Glacier Moteris ir Ledynas
    Directed by: Audrius Stonys
    Lithuania / Estonia, 2016, 56min.

    This uncommon documentary portrait takes us to the Kazakh part of the Tian Shan mountains where a small glaciological station stands at the base of the Tuiuksu glacier, altitude 3,500 meters. Here, in a land of silence untroubled by historical events, lives a loner scientist who has dedicated her life to monitoring the climatic pulse of the planet.

  • 1H3 30/6 13:30 Husovka Theatre
    6H6 5/7 22:30 Husovka Theatre
    9H6 8/7 22:30 Husovka Theatre
    World Without End (No Reported Incidents) World Without End (No Reported Incidents)
    Directed by: Jem Cohen
    USA / United Kingdom, 2016, 57min.

    Film poet Jem Cohen has been known for decades for his perceptive portrayals of various parts of the world. This time his hour-long film investigates life in the British coastal town of Southend-on-Sea – a place whose rhythm is affected by the unceasing ebb and flow of the tides. Objects reflected in windows, the inhabitants’ seemingly banal monologues, obscure and empty corners, and houses emanating the magic of the past – all these bespeak ordinariness but also the uniqueness of human beings.

Future Frames: Ten New Filmmakers To Follow

  • 523 4/7 15:30 Small Hall
    9L4 8/7 19:30 Lazne III Cinema
    This film will be screened with films: Waiting for Ana, Atlantis, 2003
    After the Reunion Luokkakokouksen jälkeen
    Directed by: Kirsikka Saari
    Finland, 2016, 14min.

    Fifty-year-old Saila doesn’t wake up after a class reunion in the most comfortable position. A long-forgotten former classmate is in bed with her, and despite the fact that he’s enjoying their morning together, she’d rather suppress the entire situation. While toned with humor and tenderness, the encounter after so many years also reveals disappointment and a hangover of moral dimensions.

  • 424 3/7 18:30 Small Hall
    8L5 7/7 22:30 Lazne III Cinema
    This film will be screened with films: Bones for Otto
    Atelier Atelier
    Directed by: Elsa María Jakobsdóttir
    Denmark, 2017, 30min.

    Like a modern utopia, an unusually beautiful structure surrounded by the wilds of nature serves as the location for an encounter between two women. One seeks peace and relaxation, the other is creating an acoustic installation that intrudes upon the motionless calm. Frustration over this unplanned-for cohabitation grows and the differences between dream and reality begin to blur.

  • 523 4/7 15:30 Small Hall
    9L4 8/7 19:30 Lazne III Cinema
    This film will be screened with films: Waiting for Ana, After the Reunion
    Atlantis, 2003 Atlantída, 2003
    Directed by: Michal Blaško
    Slovak Republic / Czech Republic, 2017, 30min.

    A young Ukrainian couple plan their getaway to Germany. It’s 2003, four years before Slovakia integrates into the Schengen Area. The Slovak-Ukrainian border is controlled by smugglers and human traffickers – Martin and Denisija have no idea of the traps that await them. They only have each other but they are willing to sacrifice much to fulfill their dream.

  • 424 3/7 18:30 Small Hall
    8L5 7/7 22:30 Lazne III Cinema
    This film will be screened with films: Atelier
    Bones for Otto Oase pentru Otto
    Directed by: Matei Lucaci-Grunberg
    Romania, 2016, 29min.

    Two women plying the world’s oldest profession meet on a deserted road. Their employment motivations and experience, however, differ greatly. One knows the street inside out, the other is just discovering the secrets of professional prostitution. This lightly comic film presents women we often notice but rarely understand.

  • 536 4/7 18:30 Congress Hall
    9L5 8/7 22:30 Lazne III Cinema
    This film will be screened with films: Ljubljana – München 15:27
    Greetings From Kropsdam In Kropsdam Is Iedereen Gelukkig
    Directed by: Joren Molter
    Netherlands, 2016, 23min.

    Lammert lives in a village by the name of Kropsdam. Lammert raises pigeons and his best friend is Frieda. He doesn’t have much else, and as long as he avoids the misfortune of getting mixed up with a company that builds wind turbines, then everybody likes him just fine. And then no one does. Kropsdam doesn’t forgive and the inhabitants know how to make that abundantly clear.

  • 423 3/7 15:30 Small Hall
    8L4 7/7 19:30 Lazne III Cinema
    This film will be screened with films: Seven Awkward Sex Scenes. Part One, Schoolyard Blues
    Imprisoned Vězení
    Directed by: Damián Vondrášek
    Czech Republic, 2016, 27min.

    An offer of a job as a prison educator could help unemployed teacher Jakub resolve a difficult family situation. His father-in-law exacerbates his already low self-confidence, and the man most certainly imagined a different kind of son-in-law. The claustrophobic feelings Jakub experiences at the prison, however, lead him to a single question: Does he want to control others the rest of his life or be controlled by them?

  • 536 4/7 18:30 Congress Hall
    9L5 8/7 22:30 Lazne III Cinema
    This film will be screened with films: Greetings From Kropsdam
    Ljubljana – München 15:27 Ljubljana – München 15:27
    Directed by: Katarina Morano
    Slovenia, 2016, 42min.

    Mala and Jure live in Ljubljana. They see their present existence as temporary. They’ll forget about work and their apartment when the longed-for moment arrives: the day they leave Slovenia and set out for Germany to find “something better.” But Mala is expecting a baby and it looks like it’s time to start realizing that the temporary may be permanent.

  • 423 3/7 15:30 Small Hall
    8L4 7/7 19:30 Lazne III Cinema
    This film will be screened with films: Schoolyard Blues, Imprisoned
    Seven Awkward Sex Scenes. Part One Septiņas neveikla seksa reizes. Pirmā daļa
    Directed by: Liene Linde
    Latvia, 2016, 26min.

    A young filmmaker struggles to defend a film about her own life. Director Liene Linde plays a director who struggles for the right to shoot a film, screen it before an audience, and not back down even one inch concerning what she wants to express. Employing humor and understanding, she comments on the lives of contemporary young women, but also on the challenges of making a movie.

  • 423 3/7 15:30 Small Hall
    8L4 7/7 19:30 Lazne III Cinema
    This film will be screened with films: Seven Awkward Sex Scenes. Part One, Imprisoned
    Schoolyard Blues Skolstartssorg
    Directed by: Maria Eriksson
    Sweden, 2016, 17min.

    The first day of school is generally a happy occasion full of expectation, but little John experiences it somewhat differently. His 11-year-old brother Mika unexpectedly turns up to help him with the challenges he’ll have to face in the coming years. They have a different kind of family, and Mika does everything he can to prevent it from affecting his little brother.

  • 523 4/7 15:30 Small Hall
    9L4 8/7 19:30 Lazne III Cinema
    This film will be screened with films: After the Reunion, Atlantis, 2003
    Waiting for Ana Anas molodinshi
    Directed by: Giorgi Mukhadze
    Georgia, 2016, 16min.

    Their mother’s death becomes the grim pretext for estranged siblings to reunite. Ana and Niko are having trouble reconnecting, and words just seem to get in the way. Then something seemingly insignificant from the past helps them break down the barrier dividing them, and they remember how it was when each other’s presence brought them joy.

Future Frames’ Mentor: Denis Côté

  • 1D5 30/6 18:30 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    421 3/7 09:30 Small Hall
    622 5/7 12:30 Small Hall
    Drifting States Les états nordiques
    Directed by: Denis Côté
    Canada, 2005, 91min.

    Christian is in his early thirties and his solitary life is wrapped up in his mother, who is lying in a coma in a Montreal hospital. It's more an act of despair than selfishness that propels him one day to turn off her life-support machine, allowing him to try cautiously to begin a new existence in the far north of Canada.

  • 337 2/7 19:00 Congress Hall
    626 5/7 21:00 Small Hall
    The Most Important Thing: Love L’ important c'est d’aimer
    Directed by: Andrzej Żuławski
    France / Italy / Germany, 1975, 109min.

    Romy Schneider appears in the role of the beautiful Nadine, torn between her love for two men, a part which brought her a César for Best Actress. The cast also boasted other major stars of the day – Fabio Testi played the lover, and singer Jacques Dutronc took on the role of the husband. Andrzej Żuławski came out with an expressive melodrama filled with passion, tears, all manner of violence, and lightning twists.

Variety Critics’ Choice

  • 251 1/7 09:00 Cinema B
    3C6 2/7 21:30 Čas Cinema
    6L4 5/7 19:30 Lazne III Cinema
    9H3 8/7 13:30 Husovka Theatre
    Animals Tiere
    Directed by: Greg Zglinski
    Switzerland / Austria / Poland, 2017, 95min.

    Director Greg Zglinski’s espresso-dark humor and icy formal precision may nod to such experts as David Lynch and Lars von Trier, but Animals gleefully cultivates its very own kind of crazy in this unhinged adult fairy tale about a bourgeois Viennese couple attempting a restorative Alpine getaway.

  • 151 30/6 09:00 Cinema B
    3L1 2/7 10:30 Lazne III Cinema
    5H3 4/7 13:30 Husovka Theatre
    932 8/7 10:30 Congress Hall
    Columbus Columbus
    Directed by: Kogonada
    USA, 2017, 104min.

    In this unconventional, hypnotically paced American drama, set amid the modernist structures of Columbus, Indiana, critic-turned-director Kogonada is less interested in romance than in the characters’ overlapping and divergent worldviews and dreams, based on culture, environment and upbringing.

  • 2P1 1/7 10:00 Pupp Cinema
    8N1 7/7 10:00 Národní dům Cinema
    The Distinguished Citizen El ciudadano ilustre
    Directed by: Mariano Cohn, Gastón Duprat
    Spain / Argentina, 2016, 117min.

    Five years after winning the Nobel prize, novelist Daniel Mantovani (Oscar Martínez) gets an invitation to receive an award from his hometown. It’s been 40 years since he’s been back, despite using the city as the setting for all his stories, and his return provides both humor and poignant insights.

  • 1C6 30/6 21:30 Čas Cinema
    2K5 1/7 17:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    4K7 3/7 22:30 Drahomíra Cinema
    8N3 7/7 13:00 Národní dům Cinema
    God’s Own Country God’s Own Country
    Directed by: Francis Lee
    United Kingdom, 2017, 104min.

    Skipping some of the more predictable clichés we’ve come to expect from the coming-out drama, Francis Lee’s sexy, thoughtful, hopeful film — about romance between an English farmboy and a Romanian migrant worker — advances a pro-immigration subtext that couldn’t be more timely in Brexit-era Britain.

  • 1N4 30/6 16:00 Národní dům Cinema
    5L1 4/7 10:30 Lazne III Cinema
    9L2 8/7 13:30 Lazne III Cinema
    Heal the Living Réparer les vivants
    Directed by: Katell Quillévéré
    France / Belgium, 2016, 104min.

    What sounds like a routine episode of “ER” is complicated with rare depths of personal and sensual detail in French director Katell Quillévéré’s sublimely compassionate, heart-crushing heart-transplant ensemble, which boasts beautifully pitched performances from Tahar Rahim and Emmanuelle Seigner.

  • 1L5 30/6 22:30 Lazne III Cinema
    4H6 3/7 22:30 Husovka Theatre
    7N6 6/7 22:00 Národní dům Cinema
    Hounds of Love Hounds of Love
    Directed by: Ben Young
    Australia, 2016, 108min.

    An outwardly normal suburban couple who abduct, torture and murder schoolgirls must face their funny games in this genre-bending Australian thriller. Brave audiences will be rewarded, if that’s the word, with a harrowing ride that morphs from sharp horror to probing character study and back again.

  • 2C2 1/7 10:00 Čas Cinema
    5H6 4/7 22:30 Husovka Theatre
    931 8/7 08:30 Congress Hall
    Lost in Paris Paris pieds nus
    Directed by: Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon
    France / Belgium, 2016, 82min.

    In this wonderfully inventive outing from burlesque comedians Dominique Abel and Fiona Gordon, she plays a shy librarian looking all over Paris for her missing Aunt Martha (the final role of Amour star Emmanuelle Riva), while he plays a harmless hobo who pops up practically everywhere she goes.

  • 2H2 1/7 10:30 Husovka Theatre
    4H4 3/7 16:30 Husovka Theatre
    733 6/7 13:00 Congress Hall
    8C4 7/7 15:30 Čas Cinema
    Merry Christmas Mr. Mo Merry Christmas Mr. Mo
    Directed by: Lim Dae-hyung
    South Korea, 2016, 101min.

    A droll comic drama filmed in glorious widescreen black-and-white, this lovely tale follows a terminally ill barber (Gi Ju-bong) whose dying wish is to make a short film directed by his distant son. The offbeat crowd-pleaser will move many viewers to tears by the time Mr. Mo’s task is completed.

  • 237 1/7 19:00 Congress Hall
    3C2 2/7 10:00 Čas Cinema
    6L5 5/7 22:30 Lazne III Cinema
    851 7/7 09:00 Cinema B
    Strawberry Days Jordgubbslandet
    Directed by: Wiktor Ericsson
    Sweden, 2016, 93min.

    Every summer, Polish workers come to the Swedish countryside to pick strawberries, trying to keep as low a profile as possible. But this year is different as one of the foreign fruit-pickers’ kids is old enough to take an interest in the host family’s daughter, complicating the entire arrangement.

  • 3K6 2/7 20:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    556 4/7 20:00 Cinema B
    9H1 8/7 10:00 Husovka Theatre
    Those Who Make Revolutions Halfway Only Dig Their Own Graves Ceux qui font les révolutions à moitié n’ont fait que se creuser un tombeau
    Directed by: Mathieu Denis, Simon Lavoie
    Canada, 2016, 183min.

    Inspired by the student demonstrations that sparked 2012’s Maple Spring, co-directors Mathieu Denis and Simon Lavoie apply the language of radical cinema to a tense, mournful and profoundly ambivalent portrait of four far-left activists who commit acts of vandalism and terror against the system.

Midnight Screenings

  • 4C7 3/7 23:59 Čas Cinema
    619 5/7 22:30 Grand Hall
    9C7 8/7 23:59 Čas Cinema
    Baby Driver Baby Driver
    Directed by: Edgar Wright
    USA, 2017, 115min.

    His name is Baby and he’s a young and exceptionally talented getaway driver for a criminal gang. Pedal to the metal, music cranked up on his headphones, and flashing lights in the rear-view mirror. Just one last job and Baby can make a fresh start. Assuming, that is, the big boss doesn’t have any other plans for him…

  • 1C7 30/6 23:59 Čas Cinema
    429 3/7 23:59 Small Hall
    7C7 6/7 23:59 Čas Cinema
    A Dark Song A Dark Song
    Directed by: Liam Gavin
    Ireland / United Kingdom, 2016, 99min.

    Two strangers meet in an old house in order to undergo an occult ritual that no one has tried for centuries. In their utter isolation, which must be maintained for months, they become aware that their strengths and even their very lives are hanging by a thread. This minimalist movie makes use of a carefully constructed atmosphere to really get under your skin.

  • 2C7 1/7 23:59 Čas Cinema
    529 4/7 23:59 Small Hall
    729 6/7 23:59 Small Hall
    Double Date Double Date
    Directed by: Benjamin Barfoot
    United Kingdom, 2017, 90min.

    Sisters Kitty and Lulu are happy to get picked up at a bar and spend the night with a couple of guys at their old house. Yet they’re still virgins and they have no intention of losing anything. Indeed, they’re holding onto their virginity for another purpose and their nighttime visitors will need theirs too – all the better if they’re dead! But their plans have failed to take into account an adorable and harmless virgin named Jim…

  • 229 1/7 23:59 Small Hall
    6C7 5/7 23:59 Čas Cinema
    8C7 7/7 23:59 Čas Cinema
    Meatball Machine Kodoku Kodoku: Mîtobôru mashin
    Directed by: Yoshihiro Nishimura
    Japan, 2017, 108min.

    A fifty-year-old debt collector learns that he has cancer and only three months to live. But then there are those pesky aliens, who might shorten the time even more by turning him into a cyborg, and he’s not the only one. The ensuing battle – a regular cyborg melee – generates myriad prolapsed entrails and buckets of blood. According to the director of this comedic splatter flick, four tons of the (fake) red stuff were spilled.

  • 329 2/7 23:59 Small Hall
    629 5/7 23:59 Small Hall
    929 8/7 23:59 Small Hall
    Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D
    Directed by: James Cameron
    USA / France, 1991, 130min.

    Los Angeles, 2029. Artificial intelligence has nearly wiped out humanity in a nuclear holocaust. The machines send a humanoid robot back in time to 1995 to kill John Connor, the indefatigable leader of the human resistance. The resistance must place its last hopes in an older terminator model, the T-800, in order to save young Connor. For the first time presented in 3D in this brand new remastered version.

  • 3C7 2/7 23:59 Čas Cinema
    5C7 4/7 23:59 Čas Cinema
    829 7/7 23:59 Small Hall
    47 Meters Down 47 Meters Down
    Directed by: Johannes Roberts
    United Kingdom, 2016, 87min.

    Watching sharks from an underwater cage is a guaranteed once-in-a-lifetime experience. Especially for two sisters enjoying the beaches of Mexico who have never gone deep sea diving before. But when the chain snaps, the two women cascade headlong into the deep, where the ocean predators are just waiting to turn them into their next meal.

Czech Films 2016–2017

  • 256 1/7 20:00 Cinema B
    5C3 4/7 12:30 Čas Cinema
    8H6 7/7 22:30 Husovka Theatre
    This film will be screened with films: The End, How Close to It I Am
    Black Cake Černý dort
    Directed by: Johana Švarcová
    Czech Republic, 2016, 25min.

    A family celebration is once again reduced to small talk and stock phrases, but one member may find the strength to defy routine and open up a family secret. In Johana Švarcová’s black-humoured drama there is someone, however, who intends to preserve the congenial atmosphere at all costs.

  • 154 30/6 14:00 Cinema B
    3H4 2/7 16:30 Husovka Theatre
    623 5/7 15:30 Small Hall
    Cervena Červená
    Directed by: Olga Sommerová
    Czech Republic / Slovak Republic, 2017, 83min.

    She had to face the cruel blows of 20th century history, yet she wouldn’t allow herself to be broken, and she went on to conquer the world with her talent. Olga Sommerová’s documentary profile focuses on another major Czech figure – the legendary opera singer Soňa Červená, who created a hundred roles on stages scattered across five continents.

  • 256 1/7 20:00 Cinema B
    5C3 4/7 12:30 Čas Cinema
    8H6 7/7 22:30 Husovka Theatre
    This film will be screened with films: Black Cake, How Close to It I Am
    The End 3. poločas
    Directed by: Jiří Volek
    Czech Republic, 2016, 27min.

    Thirty-year-old Mára does as much for his family as he possibly can. During the day he labours in a factory, and then afterwards goes off to continue working on the family home. However, the lives of Mára and his family are continually invaded by his irresponsible brother-in-law, Pája, a football hooligan. But then Mára begins to develop a perilous liking for the latter’s wild, carefree world…

  • 1H6 30/6 22:30 Husovka Theatre
    4C6 3/7 21:30 Čas Cinema
    754 6/7 14:00 Cinema B
    Filthy Špina
    Directed by: Tereza Nvotová
    Czech Republic / Slovak Republic, 2017, 88min.

    “Isn’t it partly her fault?” Variations on this dangerous question are put to the heroine of this drama, who has been raped by her teacher. Seventeen-year-old Lena ends up in a psychiatric hospital, but the insensitive staff cause her to withdraw into herself. Tereza Nvotová’s film tells us there are some demons that can’t just be shaken off.

  • 153 30/6 11:30 Cinema B
    4H2 3/7 10:30 Husovka Theatre
    637 5/7 19:00 Congress Hall
    The Good Plumber Instalatér z Tuchlovic
    Directed by: Tomáš Vorel
    Czech Republic, 2016, 84min.

    Plumber Luboš can repair anything, but attempting any meaningful social interaction with the inhabitants of the village of Tuchlovice is but a pipe dream. And he’s a burden on his despairing mother, who wants her forty-year-old son to settle down as soon as possible. In his comedy, director Tomáš Vorel once again focuses on the microcosm that is the Czech village.

  • 2C4 1/7 15:30 Čas Cinema
    357 2/7 22:30 Cinema B
    7L4 6/7 19:30 Lazne III Cinema
    Green Horse Rustlers Zloději zelených koní
    Directed by: Dan Wlodarczyk
    Czech Republic, 2016, 90min.

    If you know where to look for them you can quickly be rolling in clover. But you can’t be afraid to get a little dirty. The reference here is to moldavite, a semiprecious stone buried underground where two diggers are itching to get at it – each for their own very different reasons… An adventure drama by Dan Wlodarczyk in which Southern Bohemia is transformed into a small-scale Wild West.

  • 256 1/7 20:00 Cinema B
    5C3 4/7 12:30 Čas Cinema
    8H6 7/7 22:30 Husovka Theatre
    This film will be screened with films: Black Cake, The End
    How Close to It I Am Jak blízko tomu jsem
    Directed by: Václav Hrzina
    Czech Republic, 2016, 34min.

    Work, friends, home. What constitutes mind-numbing routine for some people is, for 26-year-old Petr, an opportunity to contemplate the everyday life around him. In Václav Hrzina’s film this young man will perhaps never say what he really wants but, occasionally, in the silence, you can hear what he’s thinking.

  • 155 30/6 17:00 Cinema B
    4P3 3/7 16:00 Pupp Cinema
    7H2 6/7 10:30 Husovka Theatre
    Ice Mother Bába z ledu
    Directed by: Bohdan Sláma
    Czech Republic / Slovak Republic / France, 2017, 106min.

    Is there an age limit to changing your life? And once you decide to go ahead with it, will your nearest and dearest try to dissuade you? In Bohdan Sláma’s new tragicomedy a sixty-year-old widow finally manages to shake off the influence of her selfish sons in order to begin a new life with a hardy nonconformist. But any kind of change is going to cost something.

  • 2H4 1/7 16:30 Husovka Theatre
    5N5 4/7 19:00 Národní dům Cinema
    853 7/7 11:30 Cinema B
    Little Harbour Piata loď
    Directed by: Iveta Grófová
    Slovak Republic / Czech Republic, 2017, 85min.

    Under somewhat unusual circumstances, ten-year-old Jarka finds herself a new family when she starts taking care of two abandoned babies. She enlists the help of Kristián, a boy of similar age, to help her prepare baby food in a dirty garden shed. In this poetic film, the children are thus finally able to create the home they never had themselves. But how long will this idyll last?

  • 2C3 1/7 12:30 Čas Cinema
    651 5/7 09:00 Cinema B
    8H2 7/7 10:30 Husovka Theatre
    The Oddsockeaters Lichožrouti
    Directed by: Galina Miklínová
    Czech Republic / Slovak Republic / Croatia, 2016, 83min.

    “Never take the entire pair!” is the mantra of the Oddsockeaters, the creatures responsible for our socks just disappearing into thin air, leaving us with a pile of odd socks. Based on the bestselling book series, this animated-cum-gangster movie set in contemporary Prague draws on the tradition of Czech films for children.

  • 3C3 2/7 12:30 Čas Cinema
    6H2 5/7 10:30 Husovka Theatre
    855 7/7 17:00 Cinema B
    Out Out
    Directed by: György Kristóf
    Slovak Republic / Hungary / Czech Republic, 2017, 88min.

    Now in his 50s, when Agoston loses his job he goes out to find another. His journey, punctuated by a variety of bizarre encounters, leads him to the Baltic Sea – appropriate considering that his greatest dream is to catch a big fish. The film by Slovak director György Kristóf, shot as a Czech coproduction, was selected for the Cannes festival’s second-seeded competition, Un Certain Regard.

  • 3P4 2/7 19:00 Pupp Cinema
    657 5/7 22:30 Cinema B
    8H4 7/7 16:30 Husovka Theatre
    A Prominent Patient Masaryk
    Directed by: Julius Ševčík
    Czech Republic / Slovak Republic, 2016, 114min.

    Diplomat Jan Masaryk had to confront both his inner demons and major historical events whose severe consequences he tried to overturn in London just before the signing of the Munich Agreement. Employing two different timelines, director Julius Ševčík tells the story of a man who felt betrayed on too many fronts. A Prominent Patient was the recipient of twelve Czech Lions.

  • 254 1/7 14:00 Cinema B
    4L4 3/7 19:30 Lazne III Cinema
    8P4 7/7 19:00 Pupp Cinema
    Spoor Pokot
    Directed by: Agnieszka Holland
    Poland / Germany / Czech Republic / Sweden / Slovak Republic, 2017, 128min.

    The desolate Czech-Polish border region becomes a blood-stained battleground in a stand-off between animal-lover Janina Duszejko and a group of callous gamekeepers. Mysterious disappearances and bizarre deaths, however, might convince the local community that Nature can’t be abused indefinitely. Agnieszka Holland’s film successfully defies all genre classifications.

Tribute to Kenji Mizoguchi

  • 5D3 4/7 13:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    9D7 8/7 22:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    The Downfall of Osen Orizuru Osen
    Directed by: Kenji Mizoguchi
    Japan, 1934, 78min.

    A maid named Osen prostitutes herself to support messenger Sokichi’s education. In later life he’s a prosperous doctor who has forgotten his benefactor, until one night on a rain-swept station platform… This deeply poignant love-tragedy has the richly expressive visuals of a late silent movie and a daringly convoluted flashback structure.

  • 521 4/7 09:30 Small Hall
    9D3 8/7 13:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    Kenji Mizoguchi: The Life of a Film Director Aru eiga-kantoku no shogai
    Directed by: Kaneto Shindo
    Japan, 1975, 132min.

    This documentary (shot over two years) recounts the master’s life and career across some 36 interviews with actors, producers and crew members from the films. It describes the trajectory of Mizoguchi’s long career clearly and accurately, and provides a lot of anecdotal testimony about his aims and working methods.

  • 2D3 1/7 13:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    821 7/7 09:30 Small Hall
    The Life of Oharu Saikaku ichidai onna
    Directed by: Kenji Mizoguchi
    Japan, 1952, 137min.

    A 17th-century story cycle unified into the tale of Oharu’s decline from lady-in-waiting to common prostitute. The film balances sympathy for Oharu with a broader, Buddhist perspective, which sees sexual pleasures and social injustices alike as aspects of the evanescent material world. The stately pace and exquisitely controlled images and sounds won Mizoguchi a Venice prize, launching his reputation in the West.

  • 2D6 1/7 21:30 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    7D6 6/7 21:30 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    Miss Oyu Oyû-sama
    Directed by: Kenji Mizoguchi
    Japan, 1951, 95min.

    Oyu is a young widow with a child, flattered by attention from Shinnosuke but unable to marry him because social propriety dictates that she should remain faithful to her late husband. So Shinnosuke seeks out and marries Oyu’s sister Oshizu instead and the three begin living together. The scandalous ménage à trois of Tanizaki’s celebrated novel Ashikari brings a certain wit to its account of the emotional manoeuvring between the three main characters.

  • 221 1/7 09:30 Small Hall
    7D2 6/7 10:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    My Love Has Been Burning Waga koi wa moenu
    Directed by: Kenji Mizoguchi
    Japan, 1949, 84min.

    Inspired by the autobiography of Kageyama Hideko, a late 19th-century feminist pioneer, the picture follows a young woman who rebels against her parents and begins to work for a fledgling political party in Tokyo. There are scenes of astonishing violence but the film’s real power lies in its political analysis and fiery performances.

  • 3H3 2/7 13:30 Husovka Theatre
    8N6 7/7 22:00 Národní dům Cinema
    New Tales of the Taira Clan Shin Heike monogatari
    Directed by: Kenji Mizoguchi
    Japan, 1955, 108min.

    A young samurai rises to power in the 12th-century struggles between land-owning nobles and the Buddhist clergy – only to be undone by his own arrogance and vanity. The control of colour and design (scrupulously researched, as usual) and vivid performances from a large ensemble cast make sense of the complicated historiography.

  • 1D2 30/6 10:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    6D2 5/7 10:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    Osaka Elegy Naniwa ereji
    Directed by: Kenji Mizoguchi
    Japan, 1936, 71min.

    Ayako, a company telephone operator, needs to cover her father’s drinking bills and her brother’s school fees, although neither thanks her for her efforts. She pins her hopes on eloping with her fiancé. The film marked the start of a lifelong collaboration with screenwriter Yoda Yoshikata and made Mizoguchi the most famous director in Japan.

  • 3D2 2/7 10:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    7D3 6/7 13:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    Sansho, the Bailiff Sanshô dayû
    Directed by: Kenji Mizoguchi
    Japan, 1954, 125min.

    The wife, son and daughter of an exiled provincial governor are seized by slave traders. The mother Tamaki is sent to Sado Island, while the children are indentured in a work camp run by the cruel bailiff Sansho. The son Zushio submits to the harsh regime, but his sister Anju refuses; when they reach adolescence, she succeeds in persuading him to escape. But righting past wrongs proves severely challenging.

  • 4D6 3/7 21:30 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    921 8/7 09:30 Small Hall
    Street of Shame Akasen chitai
    Directed by: Kenji Mizoguchi
    Japan, 1956, 85min.

    In a series of interwoven storylines, the film explores the lives of the women who work in a brothel, from the mother who’s trying to support her child and sick husband and the man-eater who’s looking for a rich husband, to the young novice who’s terrified by the prospect of selling herself. The film’s up-to-date sociology is underlined by the electronic score from modernist composer Mayuzumi Toshiro, providing a tonality that’s new in Mizoguchi’s work.

  • 1D3 30/6 13:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    6N3 5/7 13:00 Národní dům Cinema
    The Tale of the Late Chrysanthemums Zangiku monogatari
    Directed by: Kenji Mizoguchi
    Japan, 1939, 142min.

    Kikunosuke is expelled from the Onoe family of kabuki stars and only the maid Otoku supports him while he joins a traveling theatre group. But by the time he’s ready to return to Osaka, she has sacrificed her own health… Based on fact, the story is a sublime meditation on artistry and the space between performance and life.

  • 411 3/7 09:00 Grand Hall
    9N4 8/7 16:00 Národní dům Cinema
    Tales of the Moon and the Rain Ugetsu monogatari
    Directed by: Kenji Mizoguchi
    Japan, 1953, 96min.

    Rural potters Genjuro and Tobei set off to Kyoto to sell their wares, unaware that their village has been sacked by marauding samurai. Heading home, their paths diverge and, as events take their course, both men receive salutary shocks. Simple human values come up against transient follies and vanities, to supremely moving effect.

30 Years of the European Film Academy

  • 512 4/7 11:30 Grand Hall
    924 8/7 18:30 Small Hall
    Land and Freedom Land and Freedom
    Directed by: Ken Loach
    United Kingdom / Spain / Germany / Italy / France, 1995, 110min.

    Ken Loach always chooses an arduous path in his effort to honestly arrive at the truest understanding. His view of the bloody conflict between Republican and Francoist forces is far from the traditional and simplistic notion of the Spanish Civil War, and his hero, a young British Communist named David fighting as a volunteer for the Republicans, loses many an illusion.

  • 511 4/7 09:00 Grand Hall
    8P5 7/7 22:00 Pupp Cinema
    Oh Boy Oh Boy
    Directed by: Jan Ole Gerster
    Germany, 2012, 88min.

    Young Niko gains experience left and right but he doesn’t seem to know what to do with it. He wants to be alone, or at least to be silent, but people keep asking him things. And so while contemporary Berlin pulsates around him, the young man wrestles with recklessness because it might lead to the premature end of his journey.

  • 413 3/7 14:00 Grand Hall
    8D6 7/7 21:30 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    923 8/7 15:30 Small Hall
    Sweet Sixteen Sweet Sixteen
    Directed by: Ken Loach
    United Kingdom / Germany / Spain, 2002, 106min.

    Adolescent Liam, whose dream of a family and a better life edges him towards a downward spiral of crime, is the extreme version of the majority of Loach’s heroes – the vehicle through which he points to the malignant consequences of poverty and society’s indifference to the socially deprived. Paul Laverty, the director’s regular scripter since his collaboration on the film, won Best Screenplay at Cannes in 2002.

  • 4N1 3/7 10:00 Národní dům Cinema
    8N4 7/7 16:00 Národní dům Cinema
    Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios
    Directed by: Pedro Almodóvar
    Spain, 1988, 88min.

    As she doggedly searches for her inconstant lover, protagonist Pepa serves as the common thread linking absurd situations with insights into the bizarre lives of numerous characters. The film successfully passes for a madcap comedy, but the women here are connected by something else – emotional turmoil and loneliness.

People Next Door

  • 2N3 1/7 13:00 Národní dům Cinema
    3K1 2/7 09:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    655 5/7 17:00 Cinema B
    831 7/7 08:30 Congress Hall
    Blind Blind
    Directed by: Eskil Vogt
    Norway / Netherlands, 2014, 96min.

    A lithe, quicksilver portrait of a woman whose loss of sight only serves to sharpen her creative imagination. This standout directorial debut feature for screenwriter Eskil Vogt retains many of the literate, self-reflexive touches he brought to his collaborations with helmer Joachim Trier while finding its own alternately droll, sexy, heartbreaking rhythms.

  • 1D6 30/6 21:30 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    527 4/7 21:30 Small Hall
    922 8/7 12:30 Small Hall
    Blind Loves Slepé lásky
    Directed by: Juraj Lehotský
    Slovak Republic, 2008, 77min.

    Compiled from four stories illustrating just how rich their world is, the film explores the different forms of love experienced by the visually impaired – a world that is very often much brighter and more colorful than our own.

  • 2N1 1/7 10:00 Národní dům Cinema
    8K6 7/7 20:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    Imagine Imagine
    Directed by: Andrzej Jakimowski
    Poland / France / Portugal / United Kingdom, 2012, 105min.

    Sight-impaired instructor Ian arrives at a renowned boarding school to acquaint a group of similarly disabled students with the techniques of spatial orientation. The group is soon well-attuned to his unorthodox teaching methods; however, their increasing desire to learn more about their surroundings brings with it a painful discovery. A poetic film about the boundless imagination that awakens from a world of perpetual darkness.

  • 5D1 4/7 09:30 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    9D1 8/7 09:30 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    Scent of a Woman Scent of a Woman
    Directed by: Martin Brest
    USA, 1992, 157min.

    Al Pacino took on the renowned role played by Vittorio Gassman in this American remake of Italy’s Profumo di donna, and he won an Academy Award for his efforts. The original comedy shifts closer to a psychological drama, and while the love of a devoted beauty won't save blind Lt. Col. Slade from bitter loneliness, as it did Italian Capt. Faust, concern for someone who is wrestling with an oppressive moral decision does the trick.

  • 122 30/6 12:30 Small Hall
    524 4/7 18:30 Small Hall
    927 8/7 21:30 Small Hall
    The Unseen Nespatřené
    Directed by: Miroslav Janek
    Czech Republic, 1996, 53min.

    A report from the world of visually impaired children attending the Jaroslav Ježek school in Prague who have taken up photography as a hobby. Their photographs help create new bridges between the two islands of our world: between the seen and the unseen.

  • 1H4 30/6 16:30 Husovka Theatre
    2N6 1/7 22:00 Národní dům Cinema
    4N6 3/7 22:00 Národní dům Cinema
    7K6 6/7 20:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    The Way He Looks Hoje eu quero voltar sozinho
    Directed by: Daniel Ribeiro
    Brazil, 2014, 96min.

    Leo is now fifteen and would like to live his own life. But since he’s blind, everyone around him is constantly trying to provide unasked-for assistance. His routine days are suddenly altered by the arrival of a new classmate – and by the intense feelings he has for the boy. Tenderness and spontaneity are the common denominators in an emotionally charged picture of first love and self-discovery.

  • 1N3 30/6 13:00 Národní dům Cinema
    453 3/7 11:30 Cinema B
    6H3 5/7 13:30 Husovka Theatre
    What They Don’t Talk About When They Talk About Love Yang tidak dibicarakan ketika membicarakan cinta
    Directed by: Mouly Surya
    Indonesia, 2013, 104min.

    A delicate Indonesian film about love that introduces us to a group of blind kids; they may not have a clear vision of the future but that doesn’t mean they don’t dream – on the contrary. This poetic work captures moments we might otherwise tend to overlook, and it demonstrates that the loss of one sense doesn’t necessarily mean we forfeit a colourful view of the world.

Six Close Encounters

  • 426 3/7 21:00 Small Hall
    9C5 8/7 18:30 Čas Cinema
    The Blue Lagoon The Blue Lagoon
    Directed by: Randal Kleiser
    USA, 1980, 104min.

    The film I’ve chosen to show is The Blue Lagoon. I have seen this more times than I can count (though most of those times I was still in high school). What makes me come back to it isn’t only its romantic vision of an earthly paradise, but how it is also a metaphorical paradise, where young people learn about and experience love without any rules or restrictions from any larger society. It is naïve and pure by design — a rarity in cinema.

    Boyd van Hoeij

  • 522 4/7 12:30 Small Hall
    8D3 7/7 13:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    The Mirror Zerkalo
    Directed by: Andrey Tarkovsky
    USSR, 1975, 108min.

    My first proper teaching post, in 2001, was in Prague. I would frequent the screening room of a tatty little video rental store on Dlouhá Street to watch old movies. I saw Tarkovsky’s Mirror there one winter afternoon, discovering the most intuitive, poetic sequences ever made. The sincerely spiritual might be out of fashion, but Tarkovsky’s fierce commitment to his creative vision rests on the kind of integrity cinema must never lose.

    Carmen Gray

  • 2P3 1/7 16:00 Pupp Cinema
    812 7/7 11:30 Grand Hall
    The Searchers The Searchers
    Directed by: John Ford
    USA, 1956, 114min.

    When I was just 15, I fell in love with classic Hollywood films. Most films that “experts” said were great struck me as such, too, but one did not: The Searchers. At the time, I found Ford’s film slow and confusing and Wayne´s character repugnant. From reading everything I could find about the film, watching it over and over again, something remarkable happened: I came to love The Searchers. I now think it’s as beautiful, layered and powerful as any film ever made in America.

    Scott Feinberg

  • 327 2/7 21:30 Small Hall
    727 6/7 21:30 Small Hall
    A Short Film about Killing Krótki film o zabijaniu
    Directed by: Krzysztof Kieślowski
    Poland, 1987, 85min.

    Why Krzysztof Kieślowski? Because I miss him a lot. He was a unique artist who told us so much about the world and about ourselves. I chose A Short Film about Killing, which can be summarised in just one sentence: a twenty-year-old man murders a taxi driver, and is convicted and hanged.  It is a story about a world where evil is commonplace. All the more reason to bring this film to the audience’s attention once again. As a powerful warning.

    Barbara Hollender

  • 222 1/7 12:30 Small Hall
    6D6 5/7 21:30 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    The Spirit of the Beehive El espíritu de la colmena
    Directed by: Víctor Erice
    Spain, 1973, 97min.

    My love for The Spirit of the Beehive has been constant since my first year of university in Johannesburg, when it was shown to me on VHS by my film-obsessed Spanish teacher. Víctor Erice's shimmering, amber-lit masterpiece is cinema’s most poetic study of childhood imagination, how it is moulded and how it in turn moulds us forever… Bringing it to Karlovy Vary is akin to sharing a dream space.

    Guy Lodge

  • 3D3 2/7 13:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    722 6/7 12:30 Small Hall
    WR: Mysteries of the Organism W.R. – Misterije organizma
    Directed by: Dušan Makavejev
    Yugoslavia / Germany, 1971, 84min.

    Around 1971, while walking down Oxford Street, we passed by the Mecca of London’s art houses at the time, the Academy Cinema, which was showing something called The Mysteries of the Organism. All of a sudden, cinema took a new dimension in our eyes; it was fresh, impertinent, joyously radical, a melting pot of documentary, archive footage and pure fiction, an exploration of Wilhelm Reich’s theories on sexual energies. There is no better proof that movies weren’t just about telling stories – they could take you much further…

    Dan Fainaru, Edna Fainaru

Out of the Past

  • 131 30/6 08:30 Congress Hall
    3H2 2/7 10:30 Husovka Theatre
    633 5/7 13:00 Congress Hall
    8H3 7/7 13:30 Husovka Theatre
    Andrzej Wajda: Let’s Shoot! Andrzej Wajda: Róbmy zdjęcie!
    Directed by: Marcin Sauter, Maciej Cuske, Thierry Paladino, Piotr Stasik
    Poland, 2009, 54min.

    The documentary captures the two-month working process of 81-year-old Andrzej Wajda while shooting exteriors for Katyn, a film that reflects the tragedy of his own family. More than just a close-up look at his masterful management of a massive shoot, the eloquent fragments compose a portrait of this exceptional creator, winner of an Academy Honorary Award in 2000.

  • 2N5 1/7 19:00 Národní dům Cinema
    711 6/7 09:00 Grand Hall
    Ashes and Diamonds Popiół i diament
    Directed by: Andrzej Wajda
    Poland, 1958, 105min.

    Maciej, protagonist of the war drama Ashes and Diamonds, is the prototype of Wajda’s tragic hero, exposed to the harsh forces of his day and brought to ruin. Through costuming and his work with his powerful lead actor Zbigniew Cybulski, the director aligned Maciej with the young 1950s generation of revolt, thereby catapulting the hero to the status of a national icon.

  • 321 2/7 09:30 Small Hall
    822 7/7 12:30 Small Hall
    This film will be screened with films: Love and the Zeppelin, The Forester’s Song, Revenge, Metamorpheus, There Was Once a Miller on the River, The Face, The Miner’s Rose, Prince Měděnec’s Secret Chamber
    The Badly-Drawn Hen Špatně namalovaná slepice
    Directed by: Jiří Brdečka
    Czechoslovakia, 1963, 14min.

    Brdečka’s best-known animated piece is based on an original idea by Miloš Macourek and won the Grand Prix at the prestigious Annecy International Animated Film Festival. The simple plot unfolds during a school art lesson, during which a young boy’s vivid imagination confronts the “realism” required by his stuffy teacher. With its ironic tone, the piece sees the filmmakers clearly espousing free thought in defiance of rigid conservatism.

  • 1H2 30/6 10:30 Husovka Theatre
    5C2 4/7 10:00 Čas Cinema
    8L1 7/7 10:30 Lazne III Cinema
    David Lynch: The Art Life David Lynch: The Art Life
    Directed by: Jon Nguyen, Rick Barnes, Olivia Neergaard-Holm
    USA / Denmark, 2016, 93min.

    David Lynch – perhaps everyone knows the director, but can they say the same about David Lynch the painter, sculptor, and musician? And can these roles be somehow separated? Just this once the standard bearer of postmodern cinematography leaves the door closed on his bizarre fictional worlds, admitting us instead to his own private realm, which he introduces through personal memories dedicated to his youngest daughter.

  • 6D3 5/7 13:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    9L3 8/7 16:30 Lazne III Cinema
    Don Gio Don Gio
    Directed by: Michal Caban, Šimon Caban
    Czechoslovakia, 1992, 90min.

    The characters in this unconventional musical horror flick by the Caban brothers find themselves reflecting upon what truly defines art. Their personal stories, however, also spill over into the narrative of Mozart’s famous opera Don Giovanni. This unclassifiable cinematic form, influenced by a video-clip aesthetic, was one of the most remarkable audiovisual projects to come out of the nineties.

  • 321 2/7 09:30 Small Hall
    822 7/7 12:30 Small Hall
    This film will be screened with films: Love and the Zeppelin, The Badly-Drawn Hen, The Forester’s Song, Revenge, Metamorpheus, There Was Once a Miller on the River, The Miner’s Rose, Prince Měděnec’s Secret Chamber
    The Face Tvář
    Directed by: Jiří Brdečka
    Czechoslovakia, 1973, 3min.

    An experimental study in black and white tracing the stages of human life through the transformation of a man’s face. Both Jiří Anderle’s masterful drawings and Jiří Kolafa’s music help to create the various ideas and associations underlying the work.

  • 321 2/7 09:30 Small Hall
    822 7/7 12:30 Small Hall
    This film will be screened with films: Love and the Zeppelin, The Badly-Drawn Hen, Revenge, Metamorpheus, There Was Once a Miller on the River, The Face, The Miner’s Rose, Prince Měděnec’s Secret Chamber
    The Forester’s Song Do lesíčka na čekanou
    Directed by: Jiří Brdečka
    Czechoslovakia, 1966, 10min.

    A film featuring minimalist animation, inspired not only by the well-known tragic folk ballad but, above all, by the artistic style of self-taught naivist painter František Braun, who worked with Jiří Trnka. Here Brdečka conveys his poetic sense of kitsch, blended with a melancholy irony.

  • 1K2 30/6 10:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    552 4/7 10:00 Cinema B
    952 8/7 10:00 Cinema B
    A Journey Through French Cinema Voyage à travers le cinéma français
    Directed by: Bertrand Tavernier
    France, 2016, 190min.

    In French cinema, the proverbial trees that block the forest from view bear the name the Nouvelle vague. This film, an original distillation from the inexhaustible arsenal of images and forms that hides the forest (i.e. classic French film), was created by a director who always differed from his colleagues in the extent to which he immersed himself in the history of the art form – Bertrand Tavernier.

  • 2D2 1/7 10:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    621 5/7 09:30 Small Hall
    8D5 7/7 18:30 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    Lemonade Joe Limonádový Joe aneb Koňská opera
    Directed by: Oldřich Lipský
    Czechoslovakia, 1964, 95min.

    This brilliant parody of the classic Western, which apparently had master of the genre John Ford rolling in the aisles, is unique among Czech comedies. Others of its type usually disappear together with their film-viewing generation, while Lemonade Joe enchants audiences today just as it did back then. You can bet your bottom dollar you won’t find a single minute without an original idea, witty rejoinder, or ingenious special effect.

  • 321 2/7 09:30 Small Hall
    822 7/7 12:30 Small Hall
    This film will be screened with films: The Badly-Drawn Hen, The Forester’s Song, Revenge, Metamorpheus, There Was Once a Miller on the River, The Face, The Miner’s Rose, Prince Měděnec’s Secret Chamber
    Love and the Zeppelin Vzducholoď a láska
    Directed by: Jiří Brdečka
    Czechoslovakia, 1948, 9min.

    Via a fin-de-siècle tale of ill-fated love that ultimately prevails, this film reflects the nostalgic interest Jiří Brdečka and designer Kamil Lhoták had in both obsolete technology and the golden age of slapstick comedy. Brdečka’s recurring theme of a couple in love makes its first appearance in the film.

  • 321 2/7 09:30 Small Hall
    822 7/7 12:30 Small Hall
    This film will be screened with films: Love and the Zeppelin, The Badly-Drawn Hen, The Forester’s Song, Revenge, There Was Once a Miller on the River, The Face, The Miner’s Rose, Prince Měděnec’s Secret Chamber
    Metamorpheus Metamorfeus
    Directed by: Jiří Brdečka
    Czechoslovakia, 1969, 13min.

    Another Brdečka masterpiece, this film is based on the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, which the author used as a parable for the immortality of culture and art. In the context of the occupation of Czechoslovakia the previous year, the work’s underlying message is clear. Visually, the film is inspired by the Pompeii frescos and, from a literary perspective, by Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

  • 321 2/7 09:30 Small Hall
    822 7/7 12:30 Small Hall
    This film will be screened with films: Love and the Zeppelin, The Badly-Drawn Hen, The Forester’s Song, Revenge, Metamorpheus, There Was Once a Miller on the River, The Face, Prince Měděnec’s Secret Chamber
    The Miner’s Rose Horníkova růže
    Directed by: Jiří Brdečka
    Czechoslovakia, 1974, 12min.

    Adapting a 1930s song, Brdečka presents a ballad of true love between a miner and his sweetheart in a tale that ends in tragedy. This first collaboration between the filmmaker and the distinctive artist Jitka Walterová is an authentic tribute to proletarian poetry, but without the period lip service paid to contemporary ideology.

  • 321 2/7 09:30 Small Hall
    822 7/7 12:30 Small Hall
    This film will be screened with films: Love and the Zeppelin, The Badly-Drawn Hen, The Forester’s Song, Revenge, Metamorpheus, There Was Once a Miller on the River, The Face, The Miner’s Rose
    Prince Měděnec’s Secret Chamber Třináctá komnata prince Měděnce
    Directed by: Jiří Brdečka
    Czechoslovakia, 1980, 9min.

    A fairy-tale grotesque for adults about a voracious prince and a fragile princess. In order to be able to marry his beloved, the young man pretends to live only on the fragrance of flowers while, in reality, he gorges himself on food in his secret chamber… Jiří Brdečka’s last animated film.

  • 321 2/7 09:30 Small Hall
    822 7/7 12:30 Small Hall
    This film will be screened with films: Love and the Zeppelin, The Badly-Drawn Hen, The Forester’s Song, Metamorpheus, There Was Once a Miller on the River, The Face, The Miner’s Rose, Prince Měděnec’s Secret Chamber
    Revenge Pomsta
    Directed by: Jiří Brdečka
    Czechoslovakia, 1968, 14min.

    An animated Gothic tale based on Gérard de Nerval’s short story about a young man crossed in love, who asks the wizard Gonin for help and suffers the consequences. The film has its share of black humour and a certain surrealist edge. Designer Miroslav Štěpánek took his inspiration from 17th-century engravings and the work of Jacques Callot.

  • 213 1/7 14:00 Grand Hall
    5L4 4/7 19:30 Lazne III Cinema
    7L1 6/7 10:30 Lazne III Cinema
    The Shop on Main Street Obchod na korze
    Directed by: Ján Kadár, Elmar Kloss
    Czechoslovakia, 1965, 125min.

    In an era when Slovakia was a newfangled fascist satellite, the protagonist of this Academy Award-winning drama, shown here for the first time in its brand new restored version, accepts an offer to Aryanize a piece of Jewish property. The decision is immoral and the price is steep regardless of excuses. Are ordinary people really always powerless? That’s at least what Tono says to soothe his smarting conscience. The digitized print of The Shop on Main Street came about in cooperation with the Czech Film Foundation and the State Film Fund, Karlovy Vary IFF, UPP (Universal Production Partners), Elmar Klos (heir of the director), and Ivan Šlapeta (Cinematographer), with financial support from the Ministry of Culture.

  • 4D3 3/7 13:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    The Sins of Love Hříchy lásky
    Directed by: Karel Lamač
    Czechoslovakia, 1929, 70min.

    The dramatic story of a successful rural actor whose life is destroyed by a theater engagement in the big city and by an overpowering love for his much younger wife, also an actor. As the film is silent, there was no problem casting international stars: The four main roles were given to a Czech, an Italian, a German, and a Frenchman.

  • 132 30/6 10:30 Congress Hall
    333 2/7 13:00 Congress Hall
    6H4 5/7 16:30 Husovka Theatre
    954 8/7 14:00 Cinema B
    This film will be screened with films: 76 Minutes and 15 Seconds with Abbas Kiarostami
    Take Me Home Take Me Home
    Directed by: Abbas Kiarostami
    Iran, 2016, 16min.

    An errant soccer ball, deserted back stairways dilapidated by time, and a few animal observers – these are the unusual protagonists of a breathtakingly composed visual study, an unforgettable Iranian filmmaker’s enchanting farewell to the silver screen. The film will be screened together with the documentary 76 Minutes and 15 Seconds with Abbas Kiarostami.

  • 321 2/7 09:30 Small Hall
    822 7/7 12:30 Small Hall
    This film will be screened with films: Love and the Zeppelin, The Badly-Drawn Hen, The Forester’s Song, Revenge, Metamorpheus, The Face, The Miner’s Rose, Prince Měděnec’s Secret Chamber
    There Was Once a Miller on the River Jsouc na řece mlynář jeden
    Directed by: Jiří Brdečka
    Czechoslovakia, 1971, 11min.

    Inspired by an old broadside ballad, Jiří Brdečka brings us a woeful tale of a veteran returning home who is accidentally killed by his own parents. Combining Eva Švankmajerová’s paintings with cutout animation, special effects, and even a live actor, the filmmaker once again brings into play his fondness for naive folk kitsch.

  • 132 30/6 10:30 Congress Hall
    333 2/7 13:00 Congress Hall
    6H4 5/7 16:30 Husovka Theatre
    954 8/7 14:00 Cinema B
    This film will be screened with films: Take Me Home
    76 Minutes and 15 Seconds with Abbas Kiarostami 76 Minutes and 15 Seconds with Abbas Kiarostami
    Directed by: Seifollah Samadian
    Iran, 2016, 76min.

    After his departure from this world, a titan of modern film became the protagonist of a deeply personal and harmonious portrait compiled by his friend and colleague. This poetic collection of moments of creative ecstasy and joie de vivre presents Kiarostami with a heightened sense of immediacy that forgoes commentary and secondhand memories.

  • 2C6 1/7 21:30 Čas Cinema
    51A 4/7 23:00 Grand Hall
    8D2 7/7 10:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    78/52 78/52
    Directed by: Alexandre O. Philippe
    USA, 2017, 91min.

    The endlessly fascinating shower scene (i.e. murder) in Hitchcock’s Psycho took a week to shoot. Thus each and every shot of the most chilling joke in film history has its place, and the sophisticated puzzle it presents is worth decoding. Thanks to the enthusiastic creators of this documentary collage, film analysis has never before been this entertaining or engaging.

Prague Short Film Festival Presents

  • 1C4 30/6 15:30 Čas Cinema
    3H6 2/7 22:30 Husovka Theatre
    5N4 4/7 16:00 Národní dům Cinema
    7H5 6/7 19:30 Husovka Theatre
    This film will be screened with films: Who’s Who in Mycology, In the Year of the Monkey, Red Light, Chasse Royale
    Dadyaa: The Woodpeckers of Rotha Dadyaa
    Directed by: Bibhusan Basnet, Pooja Gurung
    Nepal / France, 2016, 16min.

    An elderly couple in a small, deserted Nepalese village. After everyone has gone, what are left but memories?

  • 1C4 30/6 15:30 Čas Cinema
    3H6 2/7 22:30 Husovka Theatre
    5N4 4/7 16:00 Národní dům Cinema
    7H5 6/7 19:30 Husovka Theatre
    This film will be screened with films: Who’s Who in Mycology, In the Year of the Monkey, Red Light, Dadyaa: The Woodpeckers of Rotha
    Chasse Royale Chasse Royale
    Directed by: Lise Akoka, Romane Gueret
    France, 2016, 28min.

    Thirteen-year-old Angélique and her siblings live in the suburbs of Valenciennes. At school one day she is told of a casting call for a part in a movie.

  • 1C4 30/6 15:30 Čas Cinema
    3H6 2/7 22:30 Husovka Theatre
    5N4 4/7 16:00 Národní dům Cinema
    7H5 6/7 19:30 Husovka Theatre
    This film will be screened with films: Who’s Who in Mycology, Red Light, Dadyaa: The Woodpeckers of Rotha, Chasse Royale
    In the Year of the Monkey Prenjak
    Directed by: Wregas Bhanuteja
    Indonesia, 2016, 13min.

    Lunch break in a small storage facility. A table with a plastic tablecloth, two chairs, she, he, and a box of matches. The rules are simple – 10,000 rupees per match.

  • 1C4 30/6 15:30 Čas Cinema
    3H6 2/7 22:30 Husovka Theatre
    5N4 4/7 16:00 Národní dům Cinema
    7H5 6/7 19:30 Husovka Theatre
    This film will be screened with films: Who’s Who in Mycology, In the Year of the Monkey, Dadyaa: The Woodpeckers of Rotha, Chasse Royale
    Red Light Na cherveno
    Directed by: Toma Waszarow
    Bulgaria / Croatia, 2016, 21min.

    In a godforsaken town somewhere in Bulgaria, a bus stops at a red light at the only crossroads in sight. Minutes pass by and there is no sign of green. But the bus driver refuses to go while the signal is red. The fact that the traffic light is obviously out of order is of no consequence.

  • 1C4 30/6 15:30 Čas Cinema
    3H6 2/7 22:30 Husovka Theatre
    5N4 4/7 16:00 Národní dům Cinema
    7H5 6/7 19:30 Husovka Theatre
    This film will be screened with films: In the Year of the Monkey, Red Light, Dadyaa: The Woodpeckers of Rotha, Chasse Royale
    Who’s Who in Mycology Kdo je kdo v mykologii
    Directed by: Marie Dvořáková
    Czech Republic / USA, 2016, 15min.

    A young trombone player spends an adventurous night trying to open an impossible bottle of wine. A girl who’s fast asleep, a crooked bookcase, and some mold get in the way, turning his world upside down. When the night is over he is forced to perform the ultimate act of courage.


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