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Midnight Screenings

  • 4C7 3/7 23:59 Čas Cinema
    619 5/7 22:30 Grand Hall
    9C7 8/7 23:59 Čas Cinema
    Baby Driver Baby Driver
    Directed by: Edgar Wright
    USA, 2017, 115min.

    His name is Baby and he’s a young and exceptionally talented getaway driver for a criminal gang. Pedal to the metal, music cranked up on his headphones, and flashing lights in the rear-view mirror. Just one last job and Baby can make a fresh start. Assuming, that is, the big boss doesn’t have any other plans for him…

  • 1C7 30/6 23:59 Čas Cinema
    429 3/7 23:59 Small Hall
    7C7 6/7 23:59 Čas Cinema
    A Dark Song A Dark Song
    Directed by: Liam Gavin
    Ireland / United Kingdom, 2016, 99min.

    Two strangers meet in an old house in order to undergo an occult ritual that no one has tried for centuries. In their utter isolation, which must be maintained for months, they become aware that their strengths and even their very lives are hanging by a thread. This minimalist movie makes use of a carefully constructed atmosphere to really get under your skin.

  • 2C7 1/7 23:59 Čas Cinema
    529 4/7 23:59 Small Hall
    729 6/7 23:59 Small Hall
    Double Date Double Date
    Directed by: Benjamin Barfoot
    United Kingdom, 2017, 90min.

    Sisters Kitty and Lulu are happy to get picked up at a bar and spend the night with a couple of guys at their old house. Yet they’re still virgins and they have no intention of losing anything. Indeed, they’re holding onto their virginity for another purpose and their nighttime visitors will need theirs too – all the better if they’re dead! But their plans have failed to take into account an adorable and harmless virgin named Jim…

  • 229 1/7 23:59 Small Hall
    6C7 5/7 23:59 Čas Cinema
    8C7 7/7 23:59 Čas Cinema
    Meatball Machine Kodoku Kodoku: Mîtobôru mashin
    Directed by: Yoshihiro Nishimura
    Japan, 2017, 108min.

    A fifty-year-old debt collector learns that he has cancer and only three months to live. But then there are those pesky aliens, who might shorten the time even more by turning him into a cyborg, and he’s not the only one. The ensuing battle – a regular cyborg melee – generates myriad prolapsed entrails and buckets of blood. According to the director of this comedic splatter flick, four tons of the (fake) red stuff were spilled.

  • 329 2/7 23:59 Small Hall
    629 5/7 23:59 Small Hall
    929 8/7 23:59 Small Hall
    Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D
    Directed by: James Cameron
    USA / France, 1991, 130min.

    Los Angeles, 2029. Artificial intelligence has nearly wiped out humanity in a nuclear holocaust. The machines send a humanoid robot back in time to 1995 to kill John Connor, the indefatigable leader of the human resistance. The resistance must place its last hopes in an older terminator model, the T-800, in order to save young Connor. For the first time presented in 3D in this brand new remastered version.

  • 3C7 2/7 23:59 Čas Cinema
    5C7 4/7 23:59 Čas Cinema
    829 7/7 23:59 Small Hall
    47 Meters Down 47 Meters Down
    Directed by: Johannes Roberts
    United Kingdom, 2016, 87min.

    Watching sharks from an underwater cage is a guaranteed once-in-a-lifetime experience. Especially for two sisters enjoying the beaches of Mexico who have never gone deep sea diving before. But when the chain snaps, the two women cascade headlong into the deep, where the ocean predators are just waiting to turn them into their next meal.


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