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People Next Door

  • 2N3 1/7 13:00 Národní dům Cinema
    3K1 2/7 09:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    655 5/7 17:00 Cinema B
    831 7/7 08:30 Congress Hall
    Blind Blind
    Directed by: Eskil Vogt
    Norway / Netherlands, 2014, 96min.

    A lithe, quicksilver portrait of a woman whose loss of sight only serves to sharpen her creative imagination. This standout directorial debut feature for screenwriter Eskil Vogt retains many of the literate, self-reflexive touches he brought to his collaborations with helmer Joachim Trier while finding its own alternately droll, sexy, heartbreaking rhythms.

  • 1D6 30/6 21:30 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    527 4/7 21:30 Small Hall
    922 8/7 12:30 Small Hall
    Blind Loves Slepé lásky
    Directed by: Juraj Lehotský
    Slovak Republic, 2008, 77min.

    Compiled from four stories illustrating just how rich their world is, the film explores the different forms of love experienced by the visually impaired – a world that is very often much brighter and more colorful than our own.

  • 2N1 1/7 10:00 Národní dům Cinema
    8K6 7/7 20:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    Imagine Imagine
    Directed by: Andrzej Jakimowski
    Poland / France / Portugal / United Kingdom, 2012, 105min.

    Sight-impaired instructor Ian arrives at a renowned boarding school to acquaint a group of similarly disabled students with the techniques of spatial orientation. The group is soon well-attuned to his unorthodox teaching methods; however, their increasing desire to learn more about their surroundings brings with it a painful discovery. A poetic film about the boundless imagination that awakens from a world of perpetual darkness.

  • 5D1 4/7 09:30 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    9D1 8/7 09:30 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    Scent of a Woman Scent of a Woman
    Directed by: Martin Brest
    USA, 1992, 157min.

    Al Pacino took on the renowned role played by Vittorio Gassman in this American remake of Italy’s Profumo di donna, and he won an Academy Award for his efforts. The original comedy shifts closer to a psychological drama, and while the love of a devoted beauty won't save blind Lt. Col. Slade from bitter loneliness, as it did Italian Capt. Faust, concern for someone who is wrestling with an oppressive moral decision does the trick.

  • 122 30/6 12:30 Small Hall
    524 4/7 18:30 Small Hall
    927 8/7 21:30 Small Hall
    The Unseen Nespatřené
    Directed by: Miroslav Janek
    Czech Republic, 1996, 53min.

    A report from the world of visually impaired children attending the Jaroslav Ježek school in Prague who have taken up photography as a hobby. Their photographs help create new bridges between the two islands of our world: between the seen and the unseen.

  • 1H4 30/6 16:30 Husovka Theatre
    2N6 1/7 22:00 Národní dům Cinema
    4N6 3/7 22:00 Národní dům Cinema
    7K6 6/7 20:00 Drahomíra Cinema
    The Way He Looks Hoje eu quero voltar sozinho
    Directed by: Daniel Ribeiro
    Brazil, 2014, 96min.

    Leo is now fifteen and would like to live his own life. But since he’s blind, everyone around him is constantly trying to provide unasked-for assistance. His routine days are suddenly altered by the arrival of a new classmate – and by the intense feelings he has for the boy. Tenderness and spontaneity are the common denominators in an emotionally charged picture of first love and self-discovery.

  • 1N3 30/6 13:00 Národní dům Cinema
    453 3/7 11:30 Cinema B
    6H3 5/7 13:30 Husovka Theatre
    What They Don’t Talk About When They Talk About Love Yang tidak dibicarakan ketika membicarakan cinta
    Directed by: Mouly Surya
    Indonesia, 2013, 104min.

    A delicate Indonesian film about love that introduces us to a group of blind kids; they may not have a clear vision of the future but that doesn’t mean they don’t dream – on the contrary. This poetic work captures moments we might otherwise tend to overlook, and it demonstrates that the loss of one sense doesn’t necessarily mean we forfeit a colourful view of the world.


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