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  • Arrival Arrival
    Directed by: Denis Villeneuve
    USA, 2016, 116min.

    When several giant ships of unknown origin appear at over a dozen locations on Earth, top teams of scientists set out to study them. The American team is headed by physicist Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner) and linguist Louise Banks (Amy Adams), who join forces in order to show that the extraterrestrial visitors are a threat to mankind only if we fail to communicate with them. One of the most original science fiction movies of recent years, Arrival cemented director Denis Villeneuve’s position as one the most closely watched directors working today.

  • 125 30/6 19:45 Small Hall
    138 30/6 20:00 Congress Hall
    816 7/7 19:00 Grand Hall
    The Big Sick The Big Sick
    Directed by: Michael Showalter
    USA, 2017, 119min.

    Kumail’s parents would rather see their son as a lawyer married to one of the Pakistani girls they keep trying to fix him up with. But Kumail drives a taxi, performs stand-up at a small club in Chicago, and is dating a young American woman called Emily. The question of whether to honour tradition or listen to his heart seriously complicates his life.

  • 313 2/7 14:00 Grand Hall
    5P4 4/7 19:00 Pupp Cinema
    8N5 7/7 19:00 Národní dům Cinema
    A Ghost Story A A Ghost Story
    Directed by: David Lowery
    USA, 2016, 93min.

    Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara star in a unique film meditation on love, coping with the loss of a loved one, and an ethereal denizen of the house who ranges across the centuries. The most original movie at this year’s Sundance festival comes from the creators of the lyrical crime romance Ain’t Them Bodies Saints (KVIFF 2013).

  • 224 1/7 18:30 Small Hall
    834 7/7 16:00 Congress Hall
    Growroom Pěstírna
    Directed by: Andy Fehu
    Czech Republic, 2017, 117min.

    Ondřej owes half a million crowns, and a three-month stint in an illegal underground cannabis growroom is the only way he’ll be able to pay back the money. All the same, he’s unaware that his sense of claustrophobia is going to be the least of his on-the-job problems. This first Czech internet thriller arouses feelings of both disgust and pleasure in viewers confronted with a vulgar and slimy world.

  • 212 1/7 11:30 Grand Hall
    3C4 2/7 15:30 Čas Cinema
    712 6/7 11:30 Grand Hall
    I Am Heath Ledger I Am Heath Ledger
    Directed by: Derik Murray, Adrian Buitenhuis
    Canada, 2017, 91min.

    The charismatic actor appearing in the iconic role of the Joker left us before he was able to completely fulfil his creative potential. Nine years after the star’s tragic death comes a documentary portrait which doesn’t merely focus on Ledger, it also conveys his perception of the world through his own personal archives.

  • 7D4 6/7 16:00 Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre
    Who Wants to Kill Jessie? Kdo chce zabít Jessii?
    Directed by: Václav Vorlíček
    Czechoslovakia, 1966, 81min.

    Superheroes from Kája Saudek’s comic-book illustrations come to life in a comedy that still charms audiences fifty years after it first hit the big screen, not only for its bizarre theme, but also for the remarkable ideas coming from the director’s chair. Quips aimed at state bureaucracy and bovine-brained policemen never entirely lose their currency; moreover, the film can also be taken as an original critique of scientific arrogance.

  • 814 7/7 15:00 Grand Hall
    9N5 8/7 19:00 Národní dům Cinema
    Wind River Wind River
    Directed by: Taylor Sheridan
    USA, 2016, 111min.

    Game tracker Cory Lambert is out in the desolate snowy tundra of Wyoming when he discovers the body of a Native American woman. The investigation is led by newly qualified FBI agent Jane Banner, who asks Cory to help her get to the bottom of the mysterious death… A masterful directorial debut from successful screenwriter Taylor Sheridan (Sicario and Hell or High Water), in which Jeremy Renner in the role of Cory gives one of the most complex performances in recent times.


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