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Midnight Screenings

  • 4C8 2/7 23:59 Čas Cinema
    928 7/7 23:59 Small Hall
    Big Trouble in Little China Big Trouble in Little China
    Directed by: John Carpenter
    USA, 1986, 99min.

    Never take a guy’s wheels. Ripped-off truck driver Jack Burton sets out for Little China in order to do battle against the aged Chinese demon Lo Pan and rescue two green-eyed beauties. And, actually, save the world to boot. All in a day’s work.

  • 328 1/7 23:59 Small Hall
    828 6/7 23:59 Small Hall
    Bloodsport Bloodsport
    Directed by: Newt Arnold
    USA, 1988, 92min.

    At least once in his life, every boy has wanted to learn a martial art, and whoever denies this claim has never seen Bloodsport. The hero is Frank Dux, who has been training his whole life for just one thing – to battle to victory in an arena where boys become men.

  • 1C8 29/6 23:59 Čas Cinema
    628 4/7 23:59 Small Hall
    Highlander Highlander
    Directed by: Russell Mulcahy
    United Kingdom / USA, 1986, 116min.

    They come from the dawn of time, quietly traversing the centuries. They live among us, fighting and falling in love. Connor MacLeod, immortal, was born in the Scottish Highlands in the 16th century. Only another immortal can kill him. He and his challenger are battling their way to a final encounter. In the end only one can remain.

  • 128 29/6 23:59 Small Hall
    3C8 1/7 23:59 Čas Cinema
    528 3/7 23:59 Small Hall
    7C8 5/7 23:59 Čas Cinema
    Mandy Mandy
    Directed by: Panos Cosmatos
    United Kingdom / Belgium, 2018, 121min.

    What happens when a religious sect and its demonic, tripping motorcycle gang take away the one thing you love? Simple, you forge a giant ax and set out on a bloody trail of revenge. Nicolas Cage unexpectedly returns as a lone avenger in the psychedelic ride of the year.

  • 2C8 30/6 23:59 Čas Cinema
    428 2/7 23:59 Small Hall
    6C8 4/7 23:59 Čas Cinema
    8C8 6/7 23:59 Čas Cinema
    One Cut of the Dead Camera wo Tomeru na!
    Directed by: Shinichiro Ueda
    Japan, 2017, 96min.

    A crazy horror comedy about the fact that shooting a zombie movie in one take is harder than you think. Especially when the actors are drunk. Or when they become real zombies. A flick about the pitfalls of the craft of filmmaking that shows what it’s really like to tear someone a new one.

  • 5C8 3/7 23:59 Čas Cinema
    9C8 7/7 23:59 Čas Cinema
    Predator Predator
    Directed by: John McTiernan
    USA, 1987, 107min.

    “I ain’t got time to bleed.” A military commando team, hastily called up on a rescue mission to the Val Verde jungle, is made up of the toughest guys on the planet. Too bad, though, because their adversary is not of this world, and the cosmic carnivore has chosen Earth as its hunting ground.…


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