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Pitch & Feedback Experts

Laufey Gudjónsdóttir Laufey Gudjónsdóttir

She was appointed founding director of the Icelandic Film Centre in 2003. After studying film theory at the University of Copenhagen, she began her career in 1985 in acquisitions and sales at Iceland’s National TV channel. In 1995, she was recruited by Channel 3, a private TV channel, to develop its programming division. In 1999, she returned to RÚV as programme director. She has been a consultant for the Icelandic ministry of culture, a board member of numerous arts and media bodies, and has represented Iceland in a variety of European cultural organizations.

Icelandic Film Centre is a publicly funded institute that supports the production and promotion of Icelandic films (feature films, shorts, documentaries, TV fiction), and generally enhances Iceland’s film culture.

Tine Klint Tine Klint

She joined Zentropa in 1999 where she quickly became a part of the Trust Film Sales team until she was headhunted by Nordisk Film in 2006 to lead their international sales department. In 2008, the two sales companies merged and Tine Klint continued as Head of Business Development for TrustNordisk, until she left the company in September 2009 and started LevelK. Tine Klint worked with worldwide sales – all rights and TV distribution including new media and VOD platforms, PR & marketing, administration, financials, business support and development. Furthermore, Tine Klint has been invited as an expert and lectured at international seminars about international arthouse distribution and distribution of family films worldwide.

LevelK is a sales and distribution company that represents international production companies and manages the distribution rights for films and TV productions worldwide. Innovative cross-platform distribution and marketing are crucial parts of LevelK’s on-going strategies.

Riina Sildos Riina Sildos

In 2003, she established Amrion Productions and is active in development and production of high quality feature films and documentaries for local and international cinema and TV markets. Her productions include 4 documentaries and 8 feature films.

As the former Head of Estonian Film Foundation, Riina Sildos has extensive knowledge and experience in international financing and marketing and is one of the most recognized professionals in Baltic film industry. She is a national representative of Estonia at EAVE and a member of ACE and EFA. Riina is also the head of international co-production market Baltic Event and B’EST training program.

Amrion is a production company founded by Riina Sildos in 2003 to produce high quality feature films and documentaries for local and international cinema and TV markets. The main aim is to make international co-productions with young promising talents and already acclaimed directors.

European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs (EAVE) is one of the leading producers’ training programmes in Europe, with a unique network of over 1,400 producers. Working with a worldwide network of partners,we are involved in programmes for producers in Europe, Russia, Latin America, the Arab world, Asia, Africa and Russia.

Mira Staleva Mira Staleva

In the last 20 years, she has been involved in different areas of audiovisual world. She started working with Sofia International Film Festival since the very beginning and she is a deputy director of the festival and the head of Sofia Meetings, a co-production market in the frame of the festival. She is also active as producer, distributor and involved in exhibition and consulting.

Art Fest is a production, distribution and exhibition company. It runs Sofia IFF – the biggest film festival in Bulgaria accredited by FIAPF. Since 2004, the Sofia Meetings co-production market, designed for 1st, 2nd and 3rd feature film projects, has been a significant part of the festival.

Guillaume de Seille Guillaume de Seille

A graduate of civil engineering studies. After two awarded short-films as writer/director, he worked for ten years for Canal+ in the cinema department (presales of French and European films). He was commissioning editor for a couple of years within the short film department of Canal+ and artistic producer for French public broadcaster France 2. He is an independent producer since 2000, he produced or co-produced more than thirty non-French feature art-house films invited to various major festivals and theatrically released in France. He is 1998 EAVE graduate, member of EFA, Asia-Pacific Screen Academy, Cesar Academy and SPI in France.

Paris-based Arizona Productions is led by Guillaume de Seille to mainly produce art-house feature films directed by non-French emerging talents. Currently, Arizona Productions co-produced Russian film Zoology by Ivan I. Tverdovsky and I, Olga Hepnarova by Tomas Weinreb & Petr Kazda (CZ, SK, FR, PL).

Case Closed
Ad acta

Case Closed

Countries: Czech Republic, France, Slovak Republic
Directed by: David Kořínek, Zuzana Blochová, Marek Meduna, Luděk Rathouský, Jiří Franta
Scriptwriter: Rafani
Producer: Miloš Lochman / moloko film
Estimated budget: 950,000 EUR
Release date: March 2019
Principal photography: August – September 2018

Film synopsis

Inspector Vilém Lebeda and retired writer Viktor Dyk play an imaginary game, as Lebeda investigates the unsolved murder of a young woman thirty years earlier, as well as petty crime in their neighborhood, with Dyk as his suspect. In the course of the game, they both find that their bond runs deeper than they thought. Both seem to anticipate every step the other will make, both have a plan to win. Their game represents the struggle of good and evil, in which anyone can win. In this ambiguity lies the true meaning of the game we play with the viewer – portraying a sense of ambivalence and loss inspired by a crime that has long since lapsed, unpunished and unsolved.

Author’s statement

Detective stories can be understood as a kind of symptoms of modernity. Their popularity increases during periods when times are uncertain, not so much in terms of material deprivation, but rather in the sense of extinction of existing metaphors and narratives. Exact work of the investigator then shows that even in a world without the great stories you can find some sense. Crime is revealed and the culprits end up in jail. In our film the facts will be collected into a whole, but there is always a part missing, there is always something beyond the frame of the story. The catharsis is being postponed. Disappointment is becoming the punch line. Dizziness of the asymmetry between the amount of loose interpretation and the absence of a single solution becomes the very essence of cinematic storytelling. This loss of sense is reflected on both sides – the audience level and also in the motivations of single protagonists. ​

Rafani (artist collective), Scriptwriters/ Directors

Company profile

moloko film is an independent production company based in Prague, Czech Republic; but also operating in Kyiv, Ukraine. We develop, produce and co-produce our own projects, mostly feature films and documentaries. moloko film produced The Way Out directed by Petr Vaclav, which was premiered in Cannes 2014 ACID Selection and won 7 Czech Lion Awards including best picture. Another production of moloko film – Kolka Cool, directed by Juris Poskus, won The Main Prize – Best Film at St. Petersburg International Film Festival in 2012.

Contact / Presenters

moloko film
U Vorlíků 367/3, 160 00, Praha 6, Czech Republic
Email: milk@molokofilm.com
www www.molokofilm.com

David Kořínek | Film Director
Email: davidkorinek@me.com
Mobile: +420 604 836 415

Miloš Lochman | Film Producer
Email: milos@molokofilm.com
Mobile: +420 603 477 707

Get Together

Get Together

Countries: Czech Republic, Slovak Republic
Directed by: Tomáš Pavlíček
Scriptwriter: Tomáš Pavlíček, Lucie Bokšteflová
Producer: Jakub Mahler / MasterFilm, Tomáš Michálek / MasterFilm
Estimated budget: 800,000 EUR
Release date: March 2018
Principal photography: November 2017
Support: State Cinematography Fund Czech Republic

Film synopsis

Misty autumn. A man and his wife are about to sell their family cottage. The wife is not sure about the sale and thinks the family should at least spend one last night in the house. Her husband doesn't like that idea. While Grandma hates the cottage, Grandpa doesn't really take notice of reality anymore. Daughter lives in Germany with her German boyfriend and Son was recently left by his girlfriend. But Mother insists, so in the morning of the All Souls Day, the family departs for the cottage. The tensions within the family grow. When they wake up in the morning they find out Grandpa has disappeared. It is not clear whether there will be any sale taking place at all.

Author’s statement

Get Together is a bittersweet comedy about a family, which is about to sell their country house. During the last night at the cottage, where the children, their parents and even the grandparents grew up, all the family members review their perspectives towards the sale and also towards each other. They are going to find out that staying together is a very painful experience. By asking very personal questions, they want to help each other, but instead, they become hurtful... Suddenly, the humour appears! While trying to do one thing, the family ends up doing the complete opposite. While trying to get together, they are becoming separated. And while running away, they are getting closer and closer to each other. Also, when a family is together, magical things can happen! Get Together is a comedy about a difficult life and about a peaceful death.

Tomáš Pavlíček, Co-writer/Director

Company profile

MasterFilm is a Prague based independent production company founded in 2011 focusing on auteur audiovisual art of high ambitions and potential of international outreach and European co-production. We are interested in projects seeking new approaches to audiovisual art and our goal is to provide production conditions that do not lead to creative compromises. We produce features of established authors such as Jan Němec, but we put emphasis on finding and developing young talents such as Tomáš Pavlíček.

Contact / Presenters

Šumavská 13, 120 00, Prague 2, Czech Republic
Email: tomas@masterfilm.cz
www www.masterfilm.cz

Tomáš Pavlíček | Film Director
Email: tompavlicek@centrum.cz
Mobile: +420 732 578 416

Jakub Mahler | Film Producer
Email: jakub@masterfilm.cz
Mobile: +420 732 670 027

Tomáš Michálek | Film Producer
Email: tomas@masterfilm.cz
Mobile: +420 602 630 466

Hornet in a Bottle
Sršeň v láhvi

Hornet in a Bottle

Countries: Czech Republic
Directed by: Vít Zapletal
Scriptwriter: Vít Zapletal, Radim Valak
Producer: Mikuláš Novotný / Background Films, Radim Procházka / Background Films
Estimated budget: 1,200,000 EUR
Release date: 2019
Principal photography: 2018
Support: State Cinematography Fund Czech Republic

Film synopsis

ČSSR (Czechoslovak Socialist Republic), 1972. Jan and Zdeněk, two young men without a future decide to emigrate. To avoid being conscripted, Jan takes shelter in a psychiatric clinic whilst Zdeněk is meant to complete their preparations. During a surprisingly long confinement Jan is confronted by the fates of his fellow patients and reappraises his own situation. Zdeněk’s plan fails but he wants to flee at any cost. On their way to the border Jan tries to dissuade him from his tragic course of action but can he go against his free will?

Author’s statement

Script came to life with the aim of retaining as much historical authenticity as possible, as well as capturing the mood at the beginning of the normalisation process but with the intention of expressing more universal ideas. The original theme of freedom, where we fused the environment of the “loony-bin” and “totalitarianism,” developed in time and after circling around concepts such as fear, hatred, hope, justice and idiotic behaviour (in the sense of the original meaning of the word from the Greek “idiótés” – an individual only looking after his own interests and ignoring the needs of the community) it concerns above all a story of extricating oneself from the malignant embrace of a feeling of a total lack of perspectives and hopelessness, which is, of course, a problem for many people even today. The rhythm of the story’s passage is totally subjugated to Jan´s actual frame of mind and that is why you don’t see here a classically built plot.

Vít Zapletal, Scriptwriter/Director

Company profile

Background Films is a company where the most significant up-and-coming producers co-operate with ones of established reputation. Radim Procházka is a leading Czech film and TV producer. His critically acclaimed production Long Live the Family! by Robert Sedláček had its international premiere at BFI London FF in 2012. His younger colleagues, Mikuláš Novotný and Klára Žaloudková, have gained an extensive experience, being responsible for a number of both Czech and international productions. Recently, they produced comedy Journey to Rome directed by Tomasz Mielnik which was made in Czech-Polish co-production and premiered at Karlovy Vary IFF in 2015.

Contact / Presenters

Background Films
Kubelíkova 22, 130 05, Praha 3, Czech Republic
Email: info@backgroundfilms.cz
www www.backgroundfilms.cz

Vít Zapletal | Film Director
Email: vitexvitex@seznam.cz
Mobile: +420 720 531 545

Mikuláš Novotný | Film Producer
Email: novotny@backgroundfilms.cz
Mobile: +420 777 910 290

Radim Procházka | Film Producer
Email: prochazka@backgroundfilms.cz
Mobile: +420 603 862 161

The Message

The Message

Countries: Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Poland
Directed by: Peter Bebjak
Scriptwriter: Jozef Paštéka
Producer: Rastislav Šesták / D.N.A. (SK)
Estimated budget: 2,895,000 EUR
Release date: 2019
Principal photography: September 2017
Support: Slovak Audiovisual Fund

Film synopsis

On April 7, 1944, Alfred Wetzler accomplished something inconceivable – together with his friend, he escaped from the highly-guarded camp of death Auschwitz-Birkenau. Following an exhausting and perilous journey, they reached Slovakia, where, thanks to his photographic memory, they compiled a report about the genocide of the “inferior races,” a 40-page document featuring a first-hand account of the industrial murdering, a list of victims and a detailed plan of the camp, which later became known as the infamous “Vrba-Wetzler Report”. The report finally reached the Allies and influenced the course of the WW2, as it was the first report to be considered credible.

Author’s statement

The Wetzler – Vrba story is a story of monumental heroism. Our aim is to create a film about their day-to-day life, which at times may have also included understatement, occasional light humour, but it was also full of cruelty, atrocity, violence. We do not want to explicitly show it, we want to include it in the story, as its organic part, like breathing, without having to pointlessly exploit the “attraction of terror”. The chapter depicting their time in the 82 hour hideout can be seen through the parallel of the dialogues underground and a stream of images from above (scenes from the camp, countryside – silent), as if there were two different timelines, the slow time of the buried and the fast time of the living (Einstein’s relativity). The daily routine needs to also affect the performances – we must feel that we are watching a genuine record from the concentration camp. The “reality show” in which none of us would want to partake.

Peter Bebjak, Film Director.

Company profile

D.N.A. was established in 2001. Receiving valuable experience in television and commercial production, the company also produced arthouse short films, which received critical acclaim. Since 2007, the company produces artistically challenging feature films and has established strong relationships with young filmmaking talents. With director Peter Bebjak, the company produced a melodrama Apricot Island (2011), the first Slovak horror Evil (2012) and a psychological drama The Cleaner (2015), all of which were presented at international film festivals world-wide. The company also produced the debut and second film of director Róbert Šveda – Demons (2007) and Angels (2012). 

Contact / Presenters

Šancová 100, 831 04, Bratislava, Slovakia
Email: dna@dnaproduction.sk
www www.dnaproduction.sk

Peter Bebjak | Film Director
Email: pb@dnaproduction.sk
Mobile: +421 905 205 018

Rastislav Šesták | Film Producer
Email: rs@dnaproduction.sk
Mobile: +421 905 946 692

Natália Rau Guzikiewiczová | Line Producer
Email: natalia@dnaproduction.sk
Mobile: +421 905 928 969

Summer with Bernard
Leto s Bernardom

Summer with Bernard

Countries: Slovak Republic, Germany, Czech Republic
Directed by: Martina Saková
Scriptwriter: Silke Schulz, Martina Saková
Producer: Katarína Krnáčová / SiLVERaRT (SK)
Estimated budget: 750,000 EUR
Release date: 2018
Principal photography: Summer 2017
Co-production markets: The Financing Forum for Kids Content 2016 (SE), Sources2 2016 (DE)
Support: Slovak Audiovisual Fund, Kuratorium junger deutscher Film

Film synopsis

Eleven-year-old Jonas is excited to be spending the summer holidays at his grandpa’s place. Grandpa Bernard (57) is a great guy, game for everything – someone you can not only have fun with but also fish with – in places where fishing is prohibited. But this time he doesn’t seem to be his old self anymore. Since he lost his job, he has started drinking. It won’t be easy to get his old grandpa back.

Author’s statement

The economic situation in small East-European towns challenges the lives of many people. Social tension and alcoholism are among the most common problems and alcoholism is still not socially banned until its final stages. On this background we decided to tell a humorous story of a courageous boy who tackles his problems with creativity and cleverness.​ 

Martina Saková, Film Director

Company profile

SiLVERaRT is a film production company based in Bratislava, Slovakia, run by producer Katarína Krnáčova, EAVE 2015 graduate. Current slate includes a children comedy Summer with Bernard, a road movie Stand Up and a TV drama series in development. Focusing on feature debut directors with strong visual content, the ambition is to establish the company as a reliable and sustainable partner on the international co-production platform. 

Contact / Presenters

Tichá 4, 811 02, Bratislava, Slovakia
Email: katarina@silverartfilm.sk
www www.silverartfilm.sk

Reichenbergerstr.125, 10999, Berlin, Germany
Email: martin@projector23.de
www www.projector23.de

Martina Saková | Film Director, Scriptwriter
Email: tina@projector23.de
Mobile: +491 608 549 990

Katarína Krnáčová | Film Producer
Email: katarina@silverartfilm.sk
Mobile: +421 905 384 615


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