KVIFF Eastern Promises Industry Days

KVIFF Eastern Promises Industry Days 2018 will take place
from Sunday, July 1 to Thursday, July 5.

Sunday 1 July

KVIFF TALK with Danish actress Trine Dyrholm

12 pm / Vodafone Lounge, Hotel Thermal

Host (EN): Danish festival programmer Louise H. Johansen

Trine Dyrholm is one of the most distinctive Danish actors today. Besides film and television, she has also appeared on stage as a theatre actress and a singer. Festival audiences will know her from Thomas Vinterberg’s The Celebration, the comedy In China They Eat Dogs, and the Oscar-nominated historical drama A Royal Affair. She is coming to Karlovy Vary to present the musical biopic Nico, 1988.

Writing original drama for HBO Europe

2 – 3 pm / Vodafone Lounge, Hotel Thermal

HBO Europe has been producing original drama in Central Europe since 2011, discovering and developing local writers to tell stories that have resonance in their country of origin, as well as an impact regionally and internationally. This hands-on approach has uncovered a new generation of television writers on acclaimed series like Burning Bush and Wasteland (Czech Republic), The Pack (Poland), Shadows (Romania) and Golden Life (Hungary).

Five writers from the region – Bogdan Mirică (Shadows), Kasia Tybinka and Piotr Szymanek (The Pack), Tereza Dusova (In Treatment 3) and Marjan Alčevski (Success) – and HBO Europe’s VP of Drama Development, Steve Matthews, give their insight into the HBO approach to scriptwriting, authoring quality TV drama, developing a story over several seasons, and what defines an HBO show.

How to win over Generation Z for European film?

2:30 – 4:30 pm / Industry Pool, Hotel Thermal

Industry and policy-makers have spent a generation agonising about how to encourage younger people to watch European films. Now a bigger challenge is emerging – how to attract a generation brought up in an age of vastly increased choices. Rethinking the approach, from policies to industry strategies.

The panel is organised by the LUX Film Prize of the European Parliament and Creative Europe Desk CZ – MEDIA, in partnership with the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.
Registration at media@kreativnievropa.cz.

New Creative Europe programme post 2020

5 – 5:45 pm / Industry Pool, Hotel Thermal

On 30 May 2018, the European Commission presented their proposal for the Creative Europe programme 2021-2027. What are the key elements? How will the industry and citizens benefit from it? The proposal is now in the hands of the European Parliament. Let your voices be heard.

The panel is organised by the LUX Film Prize of the European Parliament and Creative Europe Desk CZ – MEDIA, in partnership with the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.
Registration at media@kreativnievropa.cz.

Happy Hour with the Czech Film Fund: Meet the council members and support administrators

5 – 6 pm / Industry Pool, Hotel Thermal

Meet the fund’s council members and office representatives. Ask them about their film support strategy and their priorities when assessing applications. You can also ask the administrators of support schemes for advice on to how to fill in even the trickiest boxes in the forms. We’ll also be happy to explain the rules of support for international co-productions.

Czech film industry from the gender perspective

6 – 7 pm / Industry Pool, Hotel Thermal

European countries are dealing intensively now with issues of gender imbalance in the film industry, and are introducing new strategies, quotas, and rules to improve the situation. How is it going in the Czech Republic? Can the Czech film industry resolve the issue of minority representation of women on its own, or do we need regulations imposed from above? The panel is intended to open up a discussion that has been largely absent in the Czech Republic. Speakers: Jan Maxa (Czech TV), director Tereza Nvotová, Vratislav Šlajer (Producer’s Association), Marta Švecová Lamperová (FAMU, Fund) and producers Kamila Zlatušková and Julie Žáčková. (in Czech only)

Discover 2018 LUX Film Prize top ten films

7 – 8:30 pm / by invitation only

During the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, the European Parliament’s LUX Film Prize will unveil the ten films of its official selection for the 2018 award. On this occasion, the Audience Mention from the last year’s festival will be announced. Of the ten films in the Official Selection, three will be subtitled into the EU’s 24 official languages and travel across Europe during LUX Film Days.

The unveiling ceremony is organised by the LUX Film Prize in partnership with KVIFF.
More information at luxprize@ep.europa.eu.

Monday 2 July

Artificial intelligence and script analysis: Predicting commercial and critical success for European and independent film

10 – 10:45 am / Industry Pool, Hotel Thermal

Big data and artificial intelligence are impacting how entertainment is being made today and how it will be made in the future. Big players like Netflix and Amazon are using AI to programme their portfolio and create perfectly tailored entertainment. In this spotlight session, ScriptBook showcases a live demo of their platform for artificial intelligent script analysis and financial forecasting. They explain how AI can help industry stakeholders understand the science of audience satisfaction, which content correlates with financial performance and what resonates with audiences. Take a chance to learn how AI can equip you with a powerful tool to improve decision-making and select content which stands out both critically and commercially.

ScriptBook | Hard Science. Better Box Office

ScriptBook is an artificial intelligence company with a mission to assist producers, sales agents, distributors and financiers by providing automated screenplay analysis and box office forecasts. ScriptBook's intelligent solution guides stakeholders in filmed entertainment with automated, predictive decision support from script to screen.

Research studies show that 87% of films lose money while just 6.2% of films account for almost 80% of total profit. ScriptBook aims to revolutionize the business of storytelling through the art of artificial intelligence.
In 2018, ScriptBook received a Seal of Excellence, a quality label delivered by the European Commission to enterprises that are classified as highly innovative.


Nadira is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ScriptBook, a high-tech company that provides artificial intelligent screenplay analysis and forecasts the commercial and critical success of film and television projects from script to screen.
ScriptBook was conceived when Nadira wrote her Master’s thesis on using artificial intelligence to quantify story-parameters into a predictive model that would enable stakeholders in filmed entertainment to assess their projects objectively and avoid financial failure.
Nadira has been on a mission to unify A. I. with entertainment ever since.

KVIFF TALK on Baltic poetic documentaries

10:30 am / Cinema A

Host (EN): Latvian journalist and film historian Zane Balčus

The retrospective Reflections of Time: Baltic Poetic Documentaries offers a rare chance to see key documentary films by several generations of filmmakers. As part of the KVIFF TALK, we will be screening short films from the 1960s ’70s as the ’90s. The discussions will be attended by all the filmmakers: Ivars Seleckis, Mark Soosaar, Andres Sööt, Audrius Stonys and Laila Pakalniņa.

Works in Development – Feature Launch

11 am – 12:30 pm / Cinema Čas

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival has partnered closely with Trieste Film Festival, the When East Meets West platform and MIDPOINT script development program. Together they will showcase nine projects in development from the region of Central and Eastern Europe at this year‘s KVIFF. These selected projects will have gone through treatment in the Feature Launch program and will be ready for co-production.

One-on-one meetings will follow at 4pm Monday, 2 July and 10am Tuesday, 3 July.

Eastern European Brunch

12 – 1:30 pm / by invitation only

In honour of the 53rd International Karlovy Vary Film Festival, the FilmFestival Cottbus – Festival of Eastern European Cinema together with the connecting cottbus Award and the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH are hosting an Eastern European Brunch.

KVIFF TALK with directors Richard Linklater, David Zellner and Andrew Bujalski on the subject of the Austin Film Society

1:30 pm / Cogress Hall

Host (EN): American journalist Peter Debruge

This year’s festival pays homage to the Austin Film Society, a non-profit film organization founded in 1985 that today is one of the most important institutions of its kind in the USA. Coming to Karlovy Vary to discuss the role and successes of this unique organization are its founder and artistic director Richard Linklater who will be joined by film directors David Zellner and Andrew Bujalski.

Works in Progress

2 – 4 pm / Cinema Čas

Producers and directors from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the former Soviet Union and now also the Middle East will come to this event to introduce new films that will premiere after the Karlovy Vary IFF. The best project will receive an award of 100,000 Euro.

One-on-one meetings will follow at 4pm Monday, 2 July and 10am Tuesday, 3 July.

Presentation of regional film offices in the Czech Republic

4:30 – 5 pm / Industry Pool, Hotel Thermal

The Czech Film Commission has helped to set up film offices in most regions of the Czech Republic and cooperates closely with all of them. Where are they? What do they offer filmmakers? There will be a short presentation followed by a happy hour during which you can meet and talk to film office representatives. (in Czech only)

Happy Hour with Czech Film Fund: Meet the Czech Film Commission and regional film offices

5 – 6 pm / Industry Pool, Hotel Thermal

Come make new connections and find out what each region has to offer filmmakers. In Karlovy Vary this year you’ll have the opportunity to meet representatives of the Brno, Karlovy Vary, Usti, Jeseníky, Liberec, North Moravia and Silesia, and Pilsen regional film offices.

Possibilities of co-production between Israel and the Czech Republic

5:30 – 7 pm / Industry Pool, Hotel Thermal

Last year, the Czech Republic signed a bilateral co-production agreement with Israel. Come find out what opportunities for cooperation between the two countries await and meet Israeli producers - Marek Rozenbaum, Eyal Shiray, Chilik Michaeli, and Noemi Ben-Natah Schory will be presenting their current projects. The panel discussion will be hosted by Katriel Shory.

Tuesday 3 July

Eurimages Lab Project Award

11 am – 12:30 pm / Cinema Čas

The award will be given for the 3rd time at the Karlovy Vary IFF to the most promising film project made outside of the traditional frame of film-making. Eurimages wishes to invest in new forms of cinematographic expression that are often at the crossroads of other art forms. The presentations will be much appreciated by representatives of film festivals, art institutions, students of film as well as all film industry professionals.

Serial Killer - presentation of competition section

1 – 2:45 pm / Industry Pool, Hotel Thermal

New international TV festival Serial Killer presents best original TV series from Central and Eastern Europe from this year competition including several extraordinary titles from Western Europe and the key trends in contemporary TV drama. www.serialkiller.tv

Docs in Progress

2 – 3:30 pm / Cinema Čas

Producers and directors from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the former Soviet Union and the Middle East will come to this event to introduce new documentary films that will premiere after the Karlovy Vary IFF. The most promising project will receive an award of 5,000 Euro.

KVIFF TALK on the phenomenon of skateboarding in Czechoslovakia

3:30 pm / Cinema A

Host (CZ): director Šimon Šafránek

“Stick to the asphalt. Zipping through space. Skateboard!” Šimon Šafránek recently completed documentary portrait of the birth of skateboarding in communist Czechoslovakia King Skate and cult figures of the era’s skateboard scene such as Míra Bartoš,Petr Kotting, Petr Pletánek, Petr Karlíček, Vojta Kotek – will appear to share their “stories of broken bones and wild rides towards freedom amidst communism.” (Czech only)

Artisans in Focus panel and cocktail

4 – 6 pm / Terrace Thermal

While legendary film stars and great auteurs of global cinema are regularly celebrated, less heralded are the geniuses behind the camera. To honour the artisans of film and hear their voices, last year Variety launched a new, highly acclaimed event at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival: Artisans in Focus. This year we present its second edition, spotlighting the brilliant individuals who create the images and sounds that form the magic of movies. This panel of internationally recognized creative professionals, hosted by Variety and in partnership with Barrandov Studio and Czech Anglo Productions, will illuminate crafts such as cinematography, production and costume design, editing – and explore how artisans work with directors, producers and actors. Moderated by Variety's Peter Caranicas, the session will also survey the future of filmmaking as the digital revolution and advent of streaming transform the industry. Cinema professionals and serious fans alike will mark their calendars for this major KVIFF track targeting the fine art of collaboration in filmmaking.

Guests: Matthias Grunsky, Jonas Maksvytis and Jana Vlčková.

Happy Hour with Czech Film Fund: Meet the Czech Film Center

5 – 6 pm / Industry Pool, Hotel Thermal

The Czech Film Center raises awareness of Czech cinema worldwide by promoting and marketing Czech films and the local film industry. Join the representatives of this department of the Fund and learn more about contemporary Czech cinema, its recent successes abroad, the activities of the CFC, as well as what this department has to offer both to Czech producers and to the representatives of the international film industry.

Wednesday 4 July

KVIFF TALK of the film Touch Me Not: The politics of intimacy

3 – 4:30 pm / Congress Hall

Winner of the Golden Bear and of the Best First Feature at the Berlinale (2018), Touch Me Not by Adina Pintilie is a film-research about intimacy, an essential aspect of our humanity and yet a topic we find so difficult to talk about and surrounded by so many taboos, shame, guilt and blockages. "Touch Me Not is an invitation to dialogue. It aims to open up a space for self - reflection and transformation, where we are challenged to question our preconceived ideas about intimacy." (Adina Pintilie)
Through the controversy it raises, Touch Me Not reaches beyond the cinema and into the public debate forum, becoming, more than a film - a consciousness-raising experience. An essential contribution to this is the committed involvement of the key film's protagonists in a active direct dialogue with the audiences after the film screened on the sensitive topics the film tackles, such as personal boundaries, intimacy and disability, gender fluidity, beauty and bodies different than the norm, inner freedom, and so on. KVIFF offers you the rare chance to share your feelings and ideas with them in an open debate.
You can find more info about the film and the protagonists' inspirational experience and progressive worldviews in the TOUCH ME NOT press book. Host (EN): film director Adina Pintilie.

Before the discussion, you can watch the movie Touch Me Not at 1 pm.

KVIFF TALK on the documentary film Bufo Alvarius – The Underground Secret followed by the screening

5:30 pm / Cinema A

Host (EN): Ivana “IM Cyber” Česnek

A gripping audiovisual adventure and radical report on 5-MeO-DMT, the strongest psychedelic known to man – and on the Sonoran desert toad. The screening will be followed by a discussion attended by director Filip Záruba, dramaturge and producer Václav Dejčmar, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist Michael Vančura and the film’s expert advisor Ondřej Bahník.

Film will be shown in Czech version with English subtitles, the debate will be in Czech language.

Thursday 5 July

Fostering international development – open roundtables with TFL

10:30 am – 12:30 pm / Industry Pool, Hotel Thermal

What are the key elements to achieve successful development of a TV series or a feature film project? TorinoFilmLab is a year-round, international laboratory that supports emerging talents from all over the world through training, development, funding and distribution activities. Join TFL tutors and staff, who will moderate a series of open roundtables, and share your experience!

Lab booster

Moderator: Mercedes Fernandez

International laboratories have proved to be a great asset for the development of audiovisual projects. Launched ten years ago, TorinoFilmLab stands for a safe place for filmmakers, scriptwriters and producers to grow the stories of tomorrow together. With activities for feature film and TV series projects ranging from ideation to distribution and audience engagement, TFL offers a wide scope of opportunities to support emerging talents and encourage creativity.

When, why and how should you have a story editor step into the development process?

Moderator: Isabelle Fauvel

Full time job or punctual activity, for professionals of diverse profiles, story editing has been trending these last few years. What story editor profile fits your project? How do story editors find their place between the producer(s) and writer(s) of a project? What’s the best time to consider such collaboration? Let’s talk about it!

Inside story of scouting

Moderator: Francesco Giai Via

Each film project starts with an encounter, a conversation in which the many people called to make a film understand that they have a common ground on which to work together. From this perspective, scouting turns into a crucial moment that favours these encounters. This roundtable will explore the various modality in taking the utmost advantage of this activity, both in formal and informal ways.

The creative producer’s outlook

Moderator: Eilon Ratzkovsky

The creative producer plays a significant role in the film and TV industry today. The search for up-and-coming scriptwriters and directors leads to the need for an experienced producer that will not only finance the projects through different schemes but will also take an active part in the creative side of the production. We will discuss the different aspects of the role of the creative producer – from the script to the fine cut.

KVIFF TALK with Academy Award-winning director Barry Levinson

1:30 pm / Congress Hall

Host (EN): British Journalist Neil Young

At this year’s festival, screenwriter-producer-director Barry Levinson, who won an Academy Award for Rain Man, will accept the Crystal Globe for Outstanding Artistic Contribution to World Cinema. Barry Levinson will present his latest directorial effort at KVIFF, the HBO-produced drama Paterno, and will introduce Rain Man and the timeless satire Wag the Dog.

Gender-based filmmaking?

3 – 4 pm / Industry Pool, Hotel Thermal

Moderator: Matthieu Darras

The most recent events in the film industry have sparked the notion that there are too few women in the industry. Initiatives are multiplying, such as gender equality pledges, quantified targets, and new funds announced by European governments. Statistics support this: whereas 44% of film students are female, only one film out of five is directed by a woman in Europe. To what extent is this necessary and is it the right path? What do women filmmakers have to say?

KVIFF TALK with actor Jaromír Hanzlík

4 pm / Karlovy Vary Theatre

Host (CZ): journalist Veronika Bednářová

This year, the KVIFF President’s Award for Artistic Contribution to Czech Cinema will go to actor Jaromír Hanzlík, has been a constant presence in Czech theatre, film and television for many decades. One of his earliest film roles was as the young Michal in Antonín Máša and Jan Čuřík’s 1965 Searching, its screening will be followed by a discussion with Jaromír Hanzlík.


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