Innovative Examples of Film Distribution in Europe
Showcase by Creative Europe - MEDIA

Monday 3 July, 12–1:30pm / Industry Pool, Hotel Thermal

Creative Europe’s MEDIA sub-programme works to improve the visibility and discoverability of European audiovisual works on VOD services. As a follow-up to the previous three years of support for the development of new online distribution platforms, the focus is now on innovative strategies for distribution and promotion, including audience development initiatives. This showcase will present a selection of innovative MEDIA-supported projects covering various types of audiovisual works: Walk this Way, European Cinema & VOD Initiative, KineDok, and SUBurbia.


Vincent Lucassen, president of IPEDA, head of WILDart Film, member of the team at Under the Milky Way

Philipp Hoffmann, founder and managing director of Rushlake Media, representing the German partner project Kino on Demand

Kristýna Genttnerová, KineDok coordinator at the Institute of Documentary Film

Eva Križková, Filmtopia distribution company

Dániel Deák, head of Daazo

Walk this Way
Presented by Vincent Lucassen

This project is a collaborative, concrete, and transparent solution for how EU copyright holders can benefit from new digital forms of distribution. It allows for ongoing experimentation and develops sustainable innovative business models in order to promote the EU film industry’s competitiveness. WtW manages the pan-European release of a large catalogue of films on the most prominent VOD platforms in Europe. The project consists of three parts – acquisition, sales and promotion.

European Cinema & VOD Initiative
Presented by Philipp Hoffmann

European Cinema & VOD Initiative is a pan-European network of digital distribution and marketing/PR companies which enables cinemas to offer their local audiences a personal, handpicked selection of films as Video on Demand for home viewing via the cinema’s very own online screening room embedded on its website. We believe cinemas play a significant role in unlocking independent films and documentaries for a loyal and well-targeted audience.

Presented by Kristýna Genttnerová and Eva Križková

KineDok is an alternative distribution platform of contemporary creative documentaries with a large network of alternative venues, an established social media presence, and feasible outreach and campaign strategies. KineDok’s live event-based screenings are accompanied by discussions with documentary filmmakers and other experts. In all KineDok regions (8 European countries), the venues range from established cultural community spots in large cities to small towns and villages, all run by local promoters. – The European Short Film Centre
Presented by Dániel Deák is a Hungary-based international online distribution platform that presents and highlights short and first feature films. In order to support its online distribution activities, Daazo also published a printed magazine and organises several events aimed at attracting professionals and general audiences, so that they may discover its niche content. The platform’s editorial policy reflects important European values: varied and colourful content, a diverse audience, and films by young talents.

Presented by Vincent Lucassen

Subtitles the easy way. SUBurbia is a start-up that focuses on multi-lingual subtitle packages for movies. This pilot project explores innovative solutions and working methods for both subtitles and for getting European films exposure on VOD services. The Working (Sub) Titles, SUBurbia and projects were implemented as part of an initiative by the European Parliament and after a selection process organized by the European Commission.

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