RULES FOR VISITORS – 56th Annual Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, 2022

Welcome to the 56th Annual Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (“KVIFF”). We would like KVIFF to be a pleasant experience for you and all other visitors. To this end, we hereby request that you agree to and accept the rules for visitors set out below. The primary purpose of these rules is to ensure security and fire safety, as well as to protect people’s health and property on festival grounds. For the purposes of these rules for visitors, the festival grounds (“grounds”) shall mean all public spaces where the festival cinemas are located, where services related to KVIFF are provided and arranged, and where accompanying events are held, as well as all other premises that are labelled as the premises of KVIFF organizers and partners.

KVIFF visitors are obliged to behave on the grounds in a way that does not pose a danger to the safety, health, and property of third parties or to the equipment and facilities located on the grounds. KVIFF visitors are also obliged to observe the instructions and orders of the organizer’s staff and other persons authorized by the organizer, as well as the instructions and orders of emergency services, the Karlovy Vary Municipal Police, and employees of fire rescue, medical, and security services.

Visitors to KVIFF are required to observe all safety and health regulations related to the current epidemiological situation and further instructions of the organizer. It is also important that all event participants observe personal hygiene rules and that they act responsibly and safely at the event site.

KVIFF visitors are prohibited from:

  • Smoking in all indoor spaces on the festival grounds, unless indicated otherwise
  • Entering the festival grounds under the influence of alcohol or other narcotics, psychotropic substances, or other substances with psychoactive effects
  • Bringing any animals into indoor spaces on the festival grounds, except for assistance dogs for the people with disabilities
  • Using mobile phones or any recording devices during any screening or event at KVIFF (further only “event”)
  • Disturbing any event by talking loudly or acting in a way that goes against good manners
  • Using emergency exits intended exclusively for evacuation
  • Using speech that is at variance with good morals, especially vulgar, violent, or racist expressions
  • Bringing weapons of any kind onto the grounds, including any items that can be used as weapons to cut, stab, or strike
  • Bringing explosive, combustible, toxic, or corrosive substances or any other harmful substances or poisons onto the festival grounds
  • Setting off or launching any fireworks on the grounds or starting fires
  • Bringing materials onto the grounds that promote organizations or persons that are not official KVIFF partners or organizers
  • Bringing onto the grounds any materials promoting a political party or movement, or any other political materials
  • Destroying or damaging any equipment or furnishings located on the grounds, including defacing them with writing, stickers, or spray paint
  • Intentionally damaging security or firefighting equipment or water and electricity distribution systems
  • Making any audio or visual recordings for any other than private purposes without the organizer’s prior written consent
  • Attending an event if under the age limit stipulated by the producer or distributor of the audiovisual work. For this purpose, visitors are obliged to present documentation proving that they comply with age restrictions if asked to do so by the organizer or authorized staff.

Liability for damage:

  • Visitors enter and use the grounds at their own risk and are obliged to act in a way that will not pose a threat to anyone’s health or property, even their own. The organizer shall not assume liability for any harm to health or property caused by one visitor to another regardless of whether such harm was intentional or unintentional.
  • Visitors are obliged to store their personal property in those locations designated by the organizer. The organizer shall not be liable for any lost items not stored in designated areas. Items stored outside designated areas may be removed by the organizers or authorized persons; such items will be handled in line with generally valid legal regulations.
  • The organizer is authorized to seize from visitors those items that caused harm to the organizer’s or any third person’s health or property.

The regulations set out in these Rules for Visitors may be supplemented by additional rules pertaining to individual events organized on the grounds. Visitors are obliged to allow the organizer or other authorized persons (especially security services) to check compliance with the Rules for Visitors. Visitors who break any of the rules set out herein will be asked by the organizer or other authorized persons to leave the grounds or certain parts of the grounds. Visitors are obliged to vacate the grounds if asked to do so by the organizer or a person authorized by the organizer. The festival grounds are monitored.

By attending the 56th Karlovy Vary IFF and entering any area where the festival is being organized, each visitor expresses his or her consent to the recording and unlimited use of his or her image and the audio, visual, and/or audiovisual recording of any expressions of a personal nature for the purpose of the standard documentation and promotion of the Karlovy Vary IFF and for the needs of the organizer’s cooperation with partners and supporters of the Karlovy Vary IFF, including fulfilling obligations to them. The permission is granted to the organizer of the Karlovy Vary IFF as well as to other members of the KVIFF Group. For more information, see

Prague, 9 March 2022

Organizer of KVIFF: Film Servis Festival Karlovy Vary, a.s., registered office: Panská 892/1, 110 00, Prague 1, ID: 25694545, company registered in the Commercial Register:
Prague Municipal Court, Section B, Insert 5552


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