Archive of films Grass / Pullipdeul

South Korea
2017, 66 min

Section: Another View
Year: 2018

The latest film by the veteran Korean director focuses on a small café where customers meet around the tables. Only one woman sits alone and watches the others. Situations in life constantly repeat themselves, yet life is never the same. Just like filmmaking, which itself is endless movement.


In his 26th picture Hong Sang-soo crystallizes themes that have always been close to him and that he has practically obsessed over for the past 20 years. His characters meet in cafés, restaurants, and bars where they analyze their relationships and lives in endless variations. Often self-deluded, they describe events from their own points of view irrespective of objective reality. The same holds true for Grass, in which a writer named Aerum (Kim Min-hee) sits in a small café observing and commenting upon the conversations of others, and even occasionally joining in. But is she a mere observer? Or is she in fact writing their stories, like the director himself?

Nikola Paggio

About the director

Hong Sang-soo (b. 1960, Seoul, South Korea). Selected filmography: The Day a Pig Fell into the Well (Dwaejiga umule pajin nal, 1996), Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors (Oh! Soo-jung, 2000), Woman Is the Future of Man (Yeojaneun namjaui miraeda, 2004), Tale of Cinema (Geuk jang jeon, 2005), Night and Day (Bam gua nat, 2008), Oki’s Movie (Ok-hi-eui yeonghwa, 2010), In Another Country (Dareun naraesuh, 2012), Yourself and Yours (Dangsin jasingwa dangsinui geot, 2016), The Day After (Geu-hu, 2017)


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About the film

Black & white, DCP

Section: Another View
Director: Hong Sang-soo
Screenplay: Hong Sang-soo
Dir. of Photography: Kim Hyungkoo
Music: Kim Mir
Editor: Son Yeonji
Producer: Jo Heeyoung
Production: Jeonwonsa Film Co.
Cast: Kim Minhee, Jung Jinyoung, Ki Joobong, Seo Younghwa, Kim Saebyuk, Ahn Jaehong, Gong Minjeung, Ahn Sunyoung, Shin Seokho, Kim Myoungsu, Lee Youyoung
Sales: Finecut Co., Ltd

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