News KVIFF at Your Cinema 2023/24: KVIFF Group introduces season tickets to Czech cinemas

Published: October 27, 2023| 09:34 AM

Pre-premieres of upcoming films, introductory talks with guest speakers, a red carpet, and a festival atmosphere. All this awaits audiences at the 43 cinemas from throughout the Czech Republic that are participating in the unique project titled KVIFF at Your Cinema 2023/24. Moviegoers can enjoy a special evening one Wednesday a month from October 2023 to June 2024 – one event shared across all 43 cinemas at the same time. This season’s program features the pre-premieres of distinctive works of international cinema that have met the strict criteria of positive critical reviews and audience success.

The season starts on 18 October 2023 with the winner of the Golden Palm at Cannes, Anatomy of a Fall. Audiences can also look forward to The Taste of Things and Napoleon, and before Christmas we present the renewed premiere of Love Actually. We are also in the talks for a spring screening of Dune: Part Two. Since 19 September 2023, we have offered discount subscriptions for the entire 2023/24 season of KVIFF at Your Cinema. Tickets can also be purchased for individual screenings, but only a few days before each showing and only for cinemas not yet filled up by subscribers. For more information, see

In 2023/24, the exceptional project KVIFF at Your Cinema will function in the form of a “film season” – a series of ten pre-premieres of premium films, always at a predetermined time on a predetermined Wednesday. In 2023, KVIFF at Your Cinema will present four films; the rest of the season’s program will be announced by the end of the year. The organizers have forged ties with several distributors, including CinemArt, Falcon, Aerofilms, and Vertical Entertainment, thanks to which audiences can expect maximum quality and an attractive selection of films. The goal of KVIFF at Your Cinema is to promote high-quality films while encouraging people to visit their local cinemas. For screening dates and a list of cinemas, see the KVIFF at Your Cinema website.

Schedule of the 2023 autumn film season:

  • 18 Oct.   8pm    Anatomy of a Fall, dir. Justine Triet, France, 2023
  • 1 Nov.     8pm    The Taste of Things, dir. Anh Hung Tran, France, 2023
  • 22 Nov.   8pm    Napoleon, dir. Ridley Scott, UK, 2023
  • 13 Dec.   8pm    Love Actually, dir. Richard Curtis, UK, USA, France 2003 

As a bonus, each screening will feature a red carpet at all 43 cinemas, plus an official introductory talk held live in one cinema and streamed to all the others throughout the country. Selected films will be followed by a live interactive conversation with the filmmakers. “Our goal is to offer audiences a series of extraordinary experiences, to deepen their relationship to quality cinema, and to encourage them to go to the movies more frequently in all parts of the Czech Republic,” says the Karlovy Vary Film Festival’s executive director Kryštof Mucha. And KVIFF’s artistic director Karel Och adds: “The selection of films straddles the line between audience-friendly art film and the best and smartest that the mainstream has to offer. We were quite ambitious when putting together our program, and we are glad that our cooperation with distributors such as Falcon, CinemArt, Aerofilms, and Vertical Entertainment allows us to present long-anticipated titles such as director Ridley Scott’s Napoleon starring Joaquin Phoenix or the recent Cannes-winning Anatomy of a Fall.” 

Season tickets

Audiences can purchase discounted subscriptions for the entire 2023/24 season of KVIFF at Your Cinema, meaning the kind of season tickets they might know from their local theater or classical music performances. Two benefits are the reduced price and the pre-announced screening dates that make it easy to plan one’s movie-going visits. For all ten films, subscribers pay as if for just seven, making three screenings essentially free. This way, you don’t lose money if you happen to miss one movie. What is more, since tickets are transferrable you can give your subscription tickets to friends or family. Any seats not sold to subscription holders are made available at full price a few days before the screening.

A map and listing of all 43 cinemas participating in KVIFF at Your Cinema is available at this link where you can choose which cinema to visit, click on its website, and purchase your subscription. “We hope that this new approach will remove several hurdles that keep people from going to the movies more often,” says general director of the Bio Central cinema in Hradec Králové, adding that “audiences get fixed dates for the entire year, a great program that they can trust, and an added bonus in the form of the special atmosphere. And the cinema gets its usual share of the ticket price. It’s going to be a great event for cinemas outside Prague.” 

Your space for film

KVIFF at Your Cinema 2023/24 is a social event that, unlike regular visits to the movies, can be planned far in advance. Even the busiest parents, employees, business owners, senior citizens, or students can mark the dates in their calendar ten months in advance and thus make sure they are free to go to the movies that day. In return, KVIFF at Your Cinema promises an exclusive experience during which everything will be taken care of for them: a great selection of films, a red carpet in front of the cinema, an introductory talk, and invited filmmakers and stars. So all you have to do is… enjoy your evening. 


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