Archive of films An Enemy to Die For / En fiende att dö för

Sweden / Norway / Germany / Poland
2012, 103 min

Section: Horizons
Year: 2012

Despite the threat of war, in the autumn of 1939 the Germans sent a scientific exhibition to Svalbard to find evidence supporting the theory of the existence of the Pangaea supercontinent. The international crew on the research vessel dig right into their work, but the growing political tension between their nations soon begins to influence the atmosphere on the boat.… In his stylish historical thriller, director Peter Dalle offers up a spectacle that avoids the genre’s usual black-and-white conceptions.


In 1912 German scientist Alfred Wegener devised a theory about the existence of a supercontinent, Pangaea, which eventually broke up into the continents we know today. Despite the caustic political situation, in the fall of 1939 the Germans launched a scientific expedition to Svalbard in search of evidence supporting Wegener’s theory. Their expedition had an international bent: in addition to the Germans, there are two Englishmen and a Swede; the captain of the research vessel hails from Norway and the crew is Russian. Although the geologists embark enthusiastically on their research mission, the growing political tension between their countries soon affects the atmosphere on the boat. The vessel becomes a confused battleground where even the neutral Swede must take a side. In his stylish historical thriller, screenwriter and director Peter Dalle offers up a show that avoids the genre’s usual black-and-white notions. This inventive movie, with implications applicable to today, is a follow-up of sorts to the director’s last film Illusive Tracks.

About the director

Peter Dalle (b. 1956, Stockholm) is a theater, television, and film director, actor, and writer. He graduated from the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, and established himself above all as a popular comedy actor. He began his filmmaking career in 1993 when he directed the comedy Drömkåken. The crazy comedy Yrrol followed in 1994. He has also directed for TV, including the series "Lorry” (1989), "Persons parfymeri” (1997), and "Jävla Kajsa” (1999). His credits also include a relationship comedy about a group of friends determined to spend Christmas together, Ogifta par – en film som skiljer sig (1997), and Illusive Tracks (Skenbart – en film om tåg, 2003), a historical film set in 1945. When making his movies, Dalle also takes on screenwriting and producing duties, and often acts.


The Match Factory
Domstrasse 60, 50668, Cologne
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About the film

Color, DCP
International premiere

Section: Horizons
Director: Peter Dalle
Screenplay: Peter Dalle
Dir. of Photography: Göran Hallberg
Music: Adam Nordén
Editor: Jon Endre Mørk
Producer: Patrick Ryborn
Production: Fladen Film
Cast: Tom Burke, Allan Corduner, Jeanette Hein, Sven Nordin, Axel Prahl, Rickard Ulfsäter
Contact: The Match Factory


Peter Dalle

Film Director

Patrick Ryborn


Thania Dimitrakopoulou

Sales Agent


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