Archive of films Growroom / Pěstírna

Czech Republic
2017, 117 min

Section: Special Events
Year: 2017

Ondřej owes half a million crowns, and a three-month stint in an illegal underground cannabis growroom is the only way he’ll be able to pay back the money. All the same, he’s unaware that his sense of claustrophobia is going to be the least of his on-the-job problems. This first Czech internet thriller arouses feelings of both disgust and pleasure in viewers confronted with a vulgar and slimy world.


Cannabis is being cultivated and harvested in an illegal underground growroom by a group of five people who oversee its three-month cycle. During one of these rotations the chief grower suddenly dies. Ondřej meanwhile has no idea that his half-million-crown debt to a local hoodlum makes him a prime candidate for the newly vacated position. Disheartened by this turn of events, and despite other commitments that include a girlfriend, he has no choice but to join this bizarre confined crew of several Vietnamese and a beefy bodyguard in order to work off his debt. His sense of claustrophobia, however, is merely the start and least of his problems… Crafted by Andy Fehu, this first Czech internet thriller develops an original approach already defined in The Greedy Tiffany and other prior films. Via a specific brand of camp he resumes his portrayal of the slimy individuals who inhabit society’s nether regions. Somewhat subversively, Growroom evokes a sense of disgust yet also a degree of pleasure at the thought of spending time in this crude environment.

Hubert Poul

About the director

Andy Fehu (b. 1986) is an intriguing member of the new generation of Czech filmmakers. Although he didn’t make his feature debut The Greedy Tiffany until 2015, he worked on a series of shorts for a number of years, honing his inimitable creative style in the process. He developed original variations on found footage in Andy’s Film (2009) and later incorporated fantasy elements into Sea Urchin (2011). While his films might often be viewed as specific genre exercises, they ultimately defy rigid classification; through their unusual concept and unpolished form, they provide a fascinating commentary on the values and social aspects of certain echelons of society. In addition to his shorts and his foray into feature film direction he also helmed the series “Monte Carlo Used Car Dealership” (2016) for Stream internet TV, which was also behind the internet TV series “Growroom.”

Contacts, a.s.
Radlická 3294/10, 150 00, Praha 5
Czech Republic

About the film

Color, DCP

Section: Special Events
Director: Andy Fehu
Screenplay: Andy Fehu, Jakub Ševčík, Lukáš Venclík, Filip Brouk
Dir. of Photography: Jakub Ševčík
Music: Mojmír Měchura
Editor: Andy Fehu
Producer: Lukáš Záhoř, Milan Kuchynka, Filip Brouk, Filip Čermák
Production:, a.s., Company F s.r.o.
Coproduction: Filip Brouk
Cast: Vojtěch Johaník, Martin Hub, Karel Hung, Hany-Huong Thanh Duong, Martin Bao, Leoš Noha, Judit Bárdos
Contact:, a.s.


Andy Fehu

Film Director

Vojtěch Johaník


Martin Hub


Leoš Noha


Milan Kuchynka



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