Archive of films Redemption / Geula

2018, 100 min

Section: Official Selection - Competition
Year: 2018

Being able to care for a gravely ill daughter is of the utmost importance to a loving father. The treatment which is to give the child a new chance at life is something the poorly paid widower simply can’t afford. The idea to start performing again with a rock band from his early days, however, sees the devout man confronting not only those around him but – above all – himself as well.


Seven-year-old Geula is everything to Menachem, a member of the Orthodox Jewish community. However, his daughter needs medical treatment which the poorly paid widower simply can’t afford. One possibility of raising the money is to persuade friends from his rock ’n’ roll past to re-form the rock band he fronted in his early days. Yet years have passed since that time and not only has his life completely changed but so have the ambitions of each of his long-time friends. After an absence of five years Joseph Madmony and Boaz Y. Yacov return to the Karlovy Vary festival with a story about unconditional parental love, the strength of male friendship, and the importance of inner integrity. An understated, gentle, and concise film that conveys the finest of emotions and draws its characters with a meticulous hand.

Sandra Hezinová

About the director

Joseph Madmony (b. 1967, Jerusalem, Israel). Selected filmography: The Barbecue People (Ha-Mangalistim (2003), Restoration (Boker Tov, Adon Fidelman, 2011), A Place in Heaven (Makom Be-Gan Eden, 2013), Redemption (Geula, 2018)

Boaz Yehonatan Yacov (b. 1969, Cape Town, South Africa). Redemption (Geula, 2018)


Transfax Films
3 Yagia Kapayim Street, 67778, Tel Aviv
Tel: +972 368 712 02
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Press kit

About the film

Color, DCP
World premiere

Section: Official Selection - Competition
Director: Joseph Madmony, Boaz Yehonatan Yacov
Screenplay: Joseph Madmony, Boaz Yehonatan Yacov, Erez Kav El
Dir. of Photography: Boaz Yehonatan Yacov
Music: Assaf Talmudi
Editor: Ayala Bengad
Art Director: Yoav Sinai
Producer: Marek Rozenbaum, Michael Rozenbaum, Jonathan Rozenbaum
Production: Transfax Films Production
Cast: Moshe Folkenflik, Emily Granin, Yonatan Galila, Sivan Shtivi, Shahar Even-Tzur, Avigayil Atara Koevary
Contact: Transfax Films


Joseph Madmony

Film Director

Marek Rozenbaum

Producer, Film Institution Rep.

Moshe Folkenflik


Emily Granin


Jonathan Rozenbaum



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