Archive of films Indian and the Nurse / Indián a sestřička

Czech Republic
2006, 90 min

Section: East of the West - Competition
Year: 2006

A story of love which was never meant to be. Two different worlds intersect and the lovers find themselves caught between the people around them, their families, their friends and also their own doubts. This love drama is the feature-length debut of documentarist Dan Wlodarczyk.


Two different worlds intersect when two young people from a small South Bohemian town fall in love. František works in a sawmill and is drawn towards a community of “white Indians”. Marie, a modern Romany girl, works as a nurse in the local hospital. Her entire family are looking forward to the day she marries the successful Romany businessman Martin. Except that, one evening, Marie meets František at a beer stand and she betrays her “tribe”. Their relationship not only has to face various banal prejudices and aversions, but it also demonstrates the strength of atavistic “tribal” solidarity, whether within the Romany community, the alternative league of “white Indians” or the majority society. The lovers find themselves caught between the people around them, their families and their friends, and also their own doubts. Can a relationship like this have a happy ending? This love drama is the feature debut of documentarist Dan Wlodarczyk, whose work until now has chiefly focused on the theme of minorities.

About the director

Dan Wlodarczyk (b. 1967, České Budějovice) studied at Charles University’s Philosophical Faculty, and then at FAMU, Dept. of Documentary Film. As a director he has made 11 documentary films, two medium-length features, 13 music clips and over 50 commercials. His documentaries focus in particular on minorities and social sub-cultures, such as anarchists, skinheads, graffiti artists, monks etc. Documentaries (selection): Blind Man’s Buff (Hra na slepou bábu, 1989), Angels and Guardians (1990), King Danube’s Last Journey (Poslední jízda krále Dunaje, 1992), Grass (Tráva, 1993), The Novices (Novicové, 1994), Bulldog Boys (1996), Indonesia (Indonésie, 1998), Jumping Well and Jumping Mad (Skáču dobře, skáču rád, 2003). Indian and the Nurse is his feature-length debut.


Cineart TV Prague s.r.o.
Jankovcova 8D, 170 00, Praha 7
Czech Republic
Tel: +420 777 220 364

Česká televize
Kavčí Hory, 140 70, Praha 4
Czech Republic
Tel: +420 261 131 111

Czech Television - Telexport
Kavčí hory, 140 70, Praha 4
Czech Republic
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About the film

Color, 35 mm
International premiere

Section: East of the West - Competition
Director: Dan Wlodarczyk
Screenplay: Jan Stehlík
Dir. of Photography: Alexander Šurkala
Music: Dušan Neuwerth, Jiří Hradil
Editor: Marek Opatrný
Producer: Viktor Schwarcz
Production: Cineart TV Prague s.r.o.
Cast: Tomáš Masopust, Denisa Demeterová, Petr Lněnička, Rozita Mertová, Koloman Baláž, Mirek Kotlár, Tatiana Pauhofová
Contact: Cineart TV Prague s.r.o., Česká televize, Czech Television - Telexport, Bontonfilm, a.s.
Distributor: Bontonfilm, a.s.


Dan Wlodarczyk

Film Director, Film Director

Viktor Schwarcz


Alexander Šurkala

Director of Photography

Tomáš Masopust

Actor, Actor

Denisa Demeterová


Petra Štovíková

Festival Organizer, TV Representative

Jitka Procházková

Festival Organizer, TV Representative

Kristián Suda


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