Forum of Independents - Competition 

  • The Ark in the Mirage Archa přízraků / Shinkiro no fune
    Directed by: Yasutomo Chikuma
    Japan, 2015, 99 min

    A gang of young hoodlums preys on vulnerable elderly people, isolating them in undignified circumstances and stealing the bulk of their retirement money. But after the arrival of a new mark, played by renowned Japanese dancer Min Tanaka, one of the thugs begins to question his conscience and sets out to explore his past and discover who he really is.

  • Beyond Here Za tím / Outre ici
    Directed by: Hugo Bousquet
    Belgium, 2015, 72 min

    A desolate mountainous region, a young couple exhausted from a long journey, an abandoned house discovered by chance, and finally the arrival of a mysterious stranger speaking an unfamiliar language – the director defly employs these ingredients to create suspense in a psychological drama compressed by time and space.

  • David David / David
    Directed by: Jan Těšitel
    Czech Republic, 2015, 80 min

    At age 20, David is increasingly aware of how his mental illness influences his parents’ behavior. So one evening he decides to run away to Prague where, alone, he has to face numerous tricky situations – as well as his own thoughts. This courageous and moody debut is crowned with a fine lead performance from Patrik Holubář.

  • Le dep Večerka / Le dep
    Directed by: Sonia Bonspille Boileau
    Canada, 2015, 77 min

    One night Lydia is attacked as she’s preparing to close her father’s store, and in the next few hours she is forced to make a number of life-altering decisions. In her powerful psychological drama, the director demonstrates her sensitivity in depicting the world of the Innu community as well as the inner emotions of the young protagonist.

  • Guerrilla Gerila / Gerilla
    Directed by: Anders Hazelius
    Sweden, 2015, 74 min

    Young Adam has lost his girlfriend (the mother of his child) but he’d like to win her back. In order to banish his feelings of emptiness, he agrees to help with a controversial project. A love story set in Stockholm during the filming of a feminist movie.

  • Hopefuls Adepti / Aspirantes
    Directed by: Ives Rosenfeld
    Brazil, 2015, 75 min

    This debut by a talented Brazilian filmmaker offers a sensitive rendering and sincere initiation study of a lonely hero (still almost a boy with the nickname Junior) whose dream of becoming the star of an elite football team is jeopardized under the weight of circumstances.

  • Princess Princezna / Princess
    Directed by: Tali Shalom Ezer
    Israel, 2014, 92 min

    Puberty is giving 12-year-old Adar a rough ride. A fascinating chamber piece in which debuting Tali Shalom-Ezer deftly transforms a playful dream into a provocative, even devastating nightmare.

  • Shadow Behind the Moon Stíny ve skrytu Měsíce / Anino sa likod ng buwan
    Directed by: Jun Robles Lana
    Philippines, 2015, 120 min

    The armed conflict between the Philippine military and the communist resistance at the beginning of the 1990s forms the backdrop to this study of three individuals who, for different reasons, are trying to resolve an untenable situation. The film makes sophisticated use of the narration to encourage contemplation of the dignity, morality, and also the manipulation of people trapped in tough circumstances.

  • Tangerine Transdarinka / Tangerine
    Directed by: Sean Baker
    USA, 2014, 88 min

    Sin-Dee is back and she’s mad as hell. During the month she was gone (read: in prison) she found out her boyfriend was stepping out on her – and with a “normal” girl to boot. And Sin-Dee, a girl with a capital G (and with something that hints at her past life as a man), isn’t about to put up with that. Violence, love, and friendship – all this in a comedy shot on an iPhone 5.

  • Viaje Cesta / Viaje
    Directed by: Paz Fábrega
    Costa Rica, 2015, 71 min

    San Jose, Costa Rica, the present. Pedro (30) and Luciana (29) meet at a party. Although there’s no fatal attraction, there’s a hint that something is happening between them. What follows is an impulsive decision to travel together to the base of the Rincon de la vieja volcano in the northwest of the country. Forget about past traumas, this unassuming romance focuses on the importance and singularity of the here and now.

  • Violator Rozrušení / Violator
    Directed by: Dodo Dayao
    Philippines, 2014, 101 min

    A typhoon is slowly approaching Manila. And in the swelter that accompanies the storm something ominous is hiding which awakens suicidal tendencies and other inexplicable urges in the city’s inhabitants. This surprisingly self-assured and mature directorial debut is a sophisticated portrait of a society into which evil has come a-creeping.

  • The Violators Rebelky / The Violators
    Directed by: Helen Walsh
    United Kingdom, 2015, 100 min

    The protagonists of this visually commanding picture are two girls who come from different social backgrounds. Shelly, who lives alone with her brothers, and financially carefree Rachel are connected via emotional alienation. Their mutual encounter proves to be a milestone in their lives – with one emerging reborn, the other scarred.


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