Future Frames: Ten New Filmmakers To Follow 

  • All We Share Vše, co sdílíme / Allt vi delar
    Directed by: Jerry Carlsson
    Sweden, 2014, 25 min

    One day two arborists are hired to perform a seemingly ridiculous task: to cut down a perfectly healthy tree in a family’s backyard. What’s behind this urgent need to get rid of it as soon as possible? The answer to this question is hidden in the homeowners’ strange behavior and in their inability to talk about the real reason.

  • Bird Hearts Křehká srdce / Fuglehjerter
    Directed by: Halfdan Ullmann Tøndel
    Norway, 2015, 25 min

    Just prior to his birthday, 25-year-old Benjamin faces a plethora of internal doubts. He is unsure of the arrival of his younger, more successful brother, and even his girlfriend deepens his insecurity by relating the story of her most erotic encounter ever – and it wasn’t with him.… A sensitive movie about a small life crisis that anyone might go through as a birthday approaches.

  • The Border Hranice / Határ
    Directed by: Mátyás Szabó
    Hungary, 2014, 24 min

    For escaped prisoner Maydan freedom is limited to the small platform of a heavy handcar and to railroad tracks that lead who knows where. The young man is bound to his means of transport by a heavy chain, nevertheless he loses neither hope nor his sense of humor. The film’s inventive pictorial treatment emphasizes the claustrophobia of captivity.

  • Everything Will Be Okay Všechno dobře dopadne / Alles wird gut
    Directed by: Patrick Vollrath
    Austria, Germany, 2015, 30 min

    It’s Friday and eight-year-old Lea is impatiently waiting for her daddy. As is common in many divorced families, he is to pick her up for the weekend. But her father is acting strangely and however hard he tries to hide his nervousness Lea soon realizes that there is something funny going on.…

  • Green Line Zelená vlna / Zelená vlna
    Directed by: Martina Buchelová
    Slovak Republic, 2014, 12 min

    In the whirlwind of everyday cares there’s no time to think about nonsense. Looking after her son and elderly father so exhausts the woman that it’s difficult for her to squeeze a bit of fantasy into her daily routine. But isn’t it a shame to exclude something from her life that brings color into the drabness of the every day? All she has to do is listen to what her father and son say and start to believe that unusual things sometimes simply happen.

  • The Offer Nabídka / L’ offre
    Directed by: Moïra Pitteloud
    Switzerland, 2014, 14 min

    What was originally an interesting offer to work for the intelligence service ends up raising many questions for a young man with Algerian-Swiss roots. Is it his abilities or his origins that make him a suitable candidate for the job? The Offer represents a small-scale attempt to cogently characterize certain issues about life in a multicultural society.

  • Peacock Furiant / Furiant
    Directed by: Ondřej Hudeček
    Czech Republic, 2015, 26 min

    The childhood and youth of Ladislav Stroupežnický, legend of Czech realism, as told in three chapters that we may or may not have come across in our literature textbooks. Accented with its own brand of humor and formal playfulness, the filmmakers claim it’s got it all: suspense, humor, violence, hope, emotion, nudity, sex, and even a happy ending.

  • Perdition County Místo věčného zatracení / Perdition County
    Directed by: Raphaël Crombez
    Belgium, 2014, 25 min

    A timeless place reminiscent of years long past. A barren landscape and a group whose exclusive stock-in-trade is violence and death. Although a member, it seems that Desmond still holds on to something of his humanity. Will he be able to turn perdition into redemption?

  • Skunky Dog Skunky Dog / Skunky Dog
    Directed by: James Fitzgerald
    Ireland, 2014, 25 min

    Nineteen-year-old Flick lives in harmony with a routine of days without work, whose rhythm is determined by the opening time of the local bar. From his father he inherited an inclination for the bottle, and change hardly seems on the horizon, given that it’s not what he’s looking for. Skunky Dog is a bleak tale with touches of low-key humor.

  • Washingtonia Washingtonia / Washingtonia
    Directed by: Konstantina Kotzamani
    Greece, 2014, 24 min

    The mysterious term Washingtonia masks multiple meanings: it’s the name of the only palm tree not devoured by the red beetle, an alternate name for Athens, and the oppressive sadness brought on by the summer heat. But it is also an unusual film that, in the rhythm of a giraffe’s beating heart, combines beauty, sorrow, nostalgia, a longing for love, and an undetermined feeling of pain.


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