Future Frames: Ten New Filmmakers To Follow 

The 51st Karlovy Vary IFF is presenting the second edition of its programme Future Frames: Ten New Filmmakers To Follow, organised in association with European Film Promotion. From the nominations put forward by EFP member organisations, the KVIFF programme team has selected ten directors this year whose work has great potential for the future. Over two days young filmmakers will personally introduce their movies to festival audiences and film professionals and, at the same time, they will have the opportunity to meet leading experts from the motion picture industry. Future Frames opens the door to the world of professional film, giving emerging talents the chance to make important contacts for the preparation of further projects.


The directors whose pictures were selected for last year’s Future Frames have already scored their first successes. The drama Everything Will Be Okay (Alles wird gut) by German filmmaker Patrick Vollrath won a Student Academy Award and an Oscar nomination for Best Short Film. After its world premiere at Karlovy Vary, director Ondřej Hudeček’s Peacock (Furiant) was included in the programme of the Toronto festival and took Best Director at Sundance.

The successes enjoyed by Future Frames participants at KVIFF 50 prove that this new festival programme is becoming an important platform for filmmakers whose names we ought to keep in mind at this early stage in their careers, and we wish similar success to the ten directors taking part in the programme this year as well.

Karlovy Vary IFF

  • Diorama Dioráma / Diorama
    Directed by: Clemens Pichler
    Germany, 2015, 28 min

    Just like when viewing a diorama, this picture blurs the line between reality and its mere imitation. Kolja and Rocio broke up and an attempt to reconstruct their relationship quickly changes into a surreal journey through memories that provoke visions of what might have been.… Fulfilling the desire for true love, however, is harder than it seems.

  • Elephant Skin Hroší kůže / Elefanthud
    Directed by: Rebecca Figenschau
    Norway, 2015, 25 min

    After a tough breakup, Johanna takes her young son to the home where she grew up, hoping for a chance to start over. Just the two of them and the rituals they share. But then her father unexpectedly turns up, and he has completely different ideas about life and raising children. Johanna is thus forced to wage yet another battle – for the right to be considered an adult.

  • Father Otec / Mama
    Directed by: Davit Pirtskhalava
    Georgia, 2015, 25 min

    The father of 19-year-old Lado and his younger brother has been gone a very long time. A brief meeting brings no catharsis, merely opening old wounds and setting in motion a chain of events that pushes Lado back into the ways of crime. Father is a movie about the ability to grow up during a single, seemingly short night.

  • Flower of a Thousand Colours Květina tisíce barev / Flor de Mil Colores
    Directed by: Karen Vázquez Guadarrama
    Belgium, 2015, 23 min

    Bolivia, 4,897 meters above sea level. A mother of six heads for the mines every day in order to keep the family afloat. Although the region in which she lives has come under the sway of demon alcohol and ever-present hopelessness, Emiliana doesn’t complain about her lot. Flower of a Thousand Colours is a subtle portrait of a resilient woman who refuses to submit to the harsh conditions of reality, determined to fight it with patient resolve.

  • Forest of Echoes Les ozvěn / Wald der Echos
    Directed by: Luz Olivares Capelle
    Austria, 2016, 30 min

    Christina loses her friends while playing a game in the woods. When she goes to look for them she finds the bodies of three drowned girls. Sometime later (or perhaps earlier?) the three girls are playing by the water and they find the body of Christina, drowned. Trying to describe Forest of Echoes is futile; it must be experienced. The admixture of childlike imagination, death, and the timelessness of summer tempt us into the woods, where the dead and the living are one.

  • Francis Francis / Francis
    Directed by: Ahmed Abdullahi
    Sweden, 2015, 30 min

    For nine wage laborers, the Swedish forest becomes a trap. Working conditions are less than ideal and the money they earn can’t even pay for a ticket home to Africa. Francis has had enough of this lousy treatment, and he tries to solve the situation in any way he can – even at the cost of losing his personal honor and the friendship of his fellow Africans.

  • Julian Julian / Julian
    Directed by: Julia Furer
    Switzerland, 2015, 20 min

    The prospect of the approaching end often leads us to look back on our lives. In director Julia Furer’s emotion-packed documentary, harpsichord maker Julian has exactly two months left, during which time he must make his last instrument. But he must also come to terms with the past and admit to himself that you can’t seal yourself off behind the walls of a workshop to keep the world at bay.

  • A Night in Tokoriki Noc v Tokoriki / O noapte în Tokoriki
    Directed by: Roxana Stroe
    Romania, 2016, 18 min

    Geanina is celebrating her birthday and there is no indication that anything is about to fundamentally disrupt this evening with her boyfriend, family, and friends. Disco hits function as the soundtrack, while also providing commentary on the little love tragedy playing out at the Disco Tokoriki celebration.

  • Tenants Nájemnice / Lokatorki
    Directed by: Klara Kochańska
    Poland, 2015, 30 min

    Thirtysomething Justine buys an apartment at auction but she is thwarted from moving in by the previous tenant, who has no interest in giving up her abode so easily. Tenants presents a sometimes frosty contemplation of the line between the right to exist and common compassion, which can be just as fragile as the glass doors separating the entryway from the rest of the apartment.

  • Tourism! Turistika! / Turizam!
    Directed by: Tonći Gaćina
    Croatia, 2016, 51 min

    Early summer on the Adriatic coast is humming with preparations for the tourist season, their precision reminiscent of the tuning of engines before the start of a Formula 1 race. Tonći Gaćina’s carefully composed documentary turns a merciless eye on an assembly line whose end product is a happy tourist.


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